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  1. This certainly looks cool.
  2. kiwiak

    [1.3.1] Docking camera (KURS) (14.feb.18)

    This is best thing ever I remember using lazor cam when it still worked and this one actually has included docking aligment indicator functionality. God work? Only thing that it misses is lack and white filter.
  3. Will it have exploding airlock?
  4. I wonder if launching orion directly from KSC will leave launchpad intact
  5. kiwiak

    [WIP] Inline Ballutes

    Im definetly using this one on my Jool mission..
  6. kiwiak

    [1.4] SpaceY Expanded, v1.5 (2018-04-02)

    So, no its tme for 7m parts? Ahh these times when 3,5m engines from KW seemed overpowered
  7. kiwiak

    [1.2] Karibou Expedition Rover [0.3.0]

    Cool, new part pack from USI, downloading right away.
  8. Wow, didnt know that MKS had some alternative. Keep up good wark.
  9. Now these are handy parts. Keep up the good work. Also, interstate jettison able tank is good idea, no more hydrogen tanks sticking awkwardly from interplanetary ships waiting to be jettisoned Are these going to be two separate parts? Chassis and tank?
  10. kiwiak

    [1.05] KerbolBattles Parts Pack [1/2/16]

    Great IVA man! I like capsules that have something bigger than tiny viewport.
  11. I really like 3 kerbal lander can and big landing legs.. These gonna be usefull.