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    Take on Mars

    Hi all, Space has sucked me deep into it's trap! I just bought KSP and am so excited and having so much fun in Space that I suddenly pay attention to space sims. Has anyone trade Take on Mars (currently on Steam for $12) it looks really good too. I know it's not a sandbox like KSP, but it does look very appealing to me. Any thoughts on the game?
  2. lyko


    New Kerbal here! Spending my first hours in space. Just realized that I've sent my Kerbals up in space without any engines! Floating away, I guess . This game is so cool, I'm really happy I decided to go for the Steam sale. I've played the demo before but it honestly doesn't represantate the current game state anymore. It's so much better than the demo! **would trust someone who sends you in space with no knowledge about rocket science other than what he learned on Youtube?** Cheers!
  3. I'm playing the full version right now and MAN is it better than the demo was! I'm glad to have bought during sale!
  4. Thanks for all the great information. . . . I bought it . Just soon enough to get it on sale. Can't wait to get home to start my adventures!
  5. Hi all, I played the Demo for a few hours and I really like the concept of the game. What I'm concerned about is the long time motivation. What plans are in place (patches, features etc.) to keep it interesting? Sure, it will take a while to land on all planets, but isn't it always the same? Build a rocket, fly to the planet and land. Will there be any "shared universe" where multiple players play in the same universe? Will we be able to research new parts?Will there be challanges against others (e.g. who will get to plant XY the fastest? Are there any in-game rewards I can get? These are j
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