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  1. Thanks a lot. Your work is very impressive and inspiring. And I love the idea of the ex-marine brother Great work on this one !
  2. My latest SSTO and the only one I use now. It was inspired by Exothermos's Ardent SSTO (kudos to him) and is the result of all I learnt about the making of a SSTO plane
  3. I really like the shape of this craft, it look stealthy and elegant. Really nice work Tembaco
  4. Here is my contribution to the thread : 7 kerbals SSTO, 43.537kg (wet mass), 169 parts and is able to reach an orbit of ~120 000 km. It's the latest model of a long list of crashed and failed tests (actually it's more than the fifteenth model but I lost the count). It already has four successful flight to the KSS One station. Don't pay attention to the fuel value on the first picture. For this flight I tried a longer ascent profile but in the end it didn't has any advantage over the ascent profile I usually use. Usually I end up with a little more fuel left in the tank. Hope you like it ! Ori
  5. Thanks ! Oh yes the 10 character lenght, I'll have to get use to it. Anyways thanks again
  6. Hello there ! I play KSP since 0.20 after I tried the demo and the same day bought the game. No need to say that I really really enjoy this game, keep up the good works devs ! I have been browsing the forum for a while now and learned a lot from all the post i read and I finally decided to register. I thought I would join the community after all those hours spent here. Oh and I'm very bad when it come to introduce myself. And.. English is not my first language so if I make mistakes don't hesitate to correct me. That's all, I think..now back to crashing rockets OrionArm
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