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  1. ÃœõýѠтþöõ! ÃÂðúþýõц-тþ! Great work!
  2. Congrats Squad, congrats... But... Why the hell I read this announcement as devnote and where is actual devnote? There only one single picture and not a single word about actual devnote. What about 1.0.3 testing? What about Unity5 progressions? ...?! To put is simple: almost anyone from KSP fans here wants to read devnote and not announcement. I don't know why and who put announcement in devnote section, but it was not smart decision. Don't make this mistake again. If you want to announcement something - make it separate news.
  3. I don't understand why developers of mods even try to compress their icons. They have a size just a few kilobytes! it doesn't make any sense!
  4. Um. Does it ok to use this tech tree with contract science modifier? Or should I turn off modifier?
  5. Does this tech tree support Multipurpose Colony Modules for MKS/OKS?
  6. It would be good, if B9 Procedural Parts were included in tech tree.
  7. KSP is _beta_. You know what _beta_ is, right? KSP Interstellar by Boris-Barboris is _developed_. It's not even released. Why the hell you install _developing_ mod in _beta_ game and cry that your saves now became broked? If you don't want this mod, then just install original mod by FractalUK.
  8. Ok. Test case was simple: Command Pod mk1 Rt-10 Solid Buster Mk-16 Parachute 2 x RealChute Radial Chutes Mods Installed(fully reinstalled KSP with mods week ago, all mods are actual with latest versions): Adjustable_Landing_Gear-1.0.4 B9_Aerospace_Pack_R5-2-8 DeadlyReentry_v6.4.0 DockingPortAlignment_5.1 FerramAerospaceResearch_v0_14_6 Interstellar_090_0136 (from develop) Karbonite_0.5.5 KerbalAlarmClock_3.2.3.0 KerbalEngineer- KerbalJointReinforcement_v3.1.1 MechJeb2-2.4.2 MKS_0.22.6 Mod-Oriented_Tech_Tree-0.3.1 ModuleManager-2.5.9 NavHud_1.1.4 OPTV1.5 PlanetShine- RealChute_Parachute_Systems- RemoteTech-1.6.3 SCANsat_v10 TacLifeSupport_0.10.2.15 Toolbar-1.7.8 Trajectories-v1.1.3 TransferWindowPlanner_1.2.3.0 VenStockRevamp-1.7.2 WaypointManager_2.1.2 Active Texture Management 4.3 x86-Basic-Release I would like to tell addictional info, but I don't know what kind of info you expect.
  9. I don't know why, but sometimes parachutes doesn't arm. And when parachutes deployed sound of deployment run twice(Or single time when they doesn't arm). That just strange. UPD. Chutes doesn't arm when in settings toggled predeployment by pressure(0.01). With predeployment by altitude all goes normal.
  10. I would wait until developers officially acknowledge compatibility with 0.90
  11. And please, correct name of mod at curse to actual version(it show "5.2.7", not "5.2.8"). - - - Updated - - - Ok, got it. Thanks for answer.
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