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  1. I just had a look at one of the Mun canyons (equatorial, ~230 degrees E) and that's at least 4km across.
  2. LethalDose, thanks for starting this poll. I'm very happy to see the overwhelming strength of interest shown!
  3. Change of plans. Merry Go Round and the Keg arrived at Bop from Tylo. The ships separated and Keg shifted to a polar orbit to look for the Kraken. After spotting a likely looking dot on the ground, the Keg came in for a landing. While I was adjusting the trajectory in the map menu, suddenly the projected track started spiralling around. I soon discovered the ship had clipped a mountain, broken into bits and the lander can was gracefully soaring through the sky. Fearing imminent explosions, Jedson Kerman bailed out. After flying and bouncing and rolling some distance (it was very dark, too d
  4. Part of my degree was about plasma fluid dynamics in the sun, and it was appallingly complex. I'd've liked five bloody minutes alone in a room with Lev Landau... KSP rocket science is about my level these days.
  5. Do it long enough and you can start eyeballing delta-v. Remember a few log values and can interpolate the rest. If x is close to 1 then ln(x) ~ x-1 ln(1.5) ~ 0.4 ln (2) ~ 0.7 ln (2.71) ~ ln(e) ~ 1 ln (7) ≈ 2 Simples! I usually scribble ideas on paper, but most of my design is done using brute force iteration with a Python program; I give it certain constraints and it runs through every possible combination of parts* within those constraints to find the one that best suits what I want; then I work out how to put those bits together. The familiarity with the various parts and equations i
  6. Are the full stats for the new ARM parts available anywhere? Just wondering if the new big tanks keep the 9:1 ratio.
  7. Alan Kerman, late of the Joy Candle, joined its crew and the Merry Go Round along with the Keg made an uneventful escape from Vall. Merry Go Round and the Keg refueled from the Two Thousand Hamburg Four high above Tylo. The prototype lander Red Rosy Bud also picked up fuel and headed to low Tylo orbit to try a landing. As a prototype it was missing some useful features such as science equipment and a transmit aerial, but the descent was surprisingly death-free. Derbas Kerman's delight at planting the flag is more than enough to overcome any worries about there not being enough fuel to make
  8. Undeterred by the loss of Richfen and the Conciliatrix' lander (and with a much healthier fuel load) the Merry Go Round (background) landed safely at Vall base. Tylo looks down mockingly from the heavens above. It knows who's boss. The crew of Merry Go Round and the staff of Vall base mourn their many fallen colleagues in true Kerbal style, with a big grin. Unfortunately Vall base is a) not much of a base, as there's no rover present and an awfully long way from the henge, so I don't think we'll be going there now. I'm racing against the asteroids.
  9. Although the docking bug persists, I was able to transfer the Michigan J. Frog to Vall and land it safely. Also in Vall orbit, the Conciliatrix had brought a rover / lander module. At the last minute Richfen Kerman decided to fly it down, hopefully to find Vallhenge. Fuel was tight, so I flew a fast descent. I misjudged it. RIP Richfen Kerman, latest casualty of the tour.
  10. At last, progress! After the BSC challenge testing ended, all ships from the last flotilla have arrived at Jool, mostly going where they were intended to. There were some slight problems with unexpected intercepts and intercept angles, and the hab Loyals March which was intended for Tylo orbit had to aerobrake around Laythe instead. The spaceplane Ring of Bright Flame brought a rover/lander combo to Bop, and it made a good landing. The rover set off exploring, heading for a large crater. The vertical relief on Bop is very very steep, and the horizon is close so it often feels like everywher
  11. About looks - I was scoring on aesthetics, but as a minor component. However, I was scoring a bit more on clipping and stacking (ab)use, and when there are bits of parts sticking out of other parts (as on the R2's ram intakes, though the R2 is comparatively clipping free compared to some entries) I find it ugly too. Especially when the graphics engine tries to draw two or more pieces on top of each other and makes that shimmering effect. Yuck; to me a lot of the attempts to improve the looks of a craft by covering it with clipped panels and so on have the opposite effect. (I wasn't scoring
  12. Should make them a more practical auxiliary engine for light spaceplanes. I'll be trying that.
  13. I was sceptical of using external command seats on landers, until I saw this... ...at which point this was inevitable!
  14. Rovers, borrowing* and precision driving, ably demonstrated by Jim Kerman in the spaceplane/rover Yojimbo! *the other rover is a modified version of a design by meyst.
  15. I'm finished my testing. I've flown a complete takeoff-orbital rendezvous-landing cycle with (almost) all the planes and an extended practical flight test (~30 minutes) on the top ten or so. I've got a winner and runner-up chosen but haven't ordered the whole list yet.
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