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  1. Granted. It is really hard to see when your eyes are invisible, no? I wish for a passing grade on my Chemistry final
  2. I have done 2 of those three things. I have woken up to find cat vomit dried on my bed. I have never been to another continent. I have not recieved a driver's license.
  3. They would just push through eachother, basically flowing from one side to the other. Nothing would be destroyed, it would be like a ghost passing through a wall. The immovable object would not change tempurature as it doesn't have any molecular movement, staying stable at 0 Kelvin.
  4. A video by the Fine Brothers had small children react to Beatles music and Beatles Fever, and one of the small children said "Why don't they just not go to the music and get it on their Ipods?" Yeah... they had Ipods back then... As a life long fan of The Beatles, that was the first time I acctually felt anger towards a child.
  5. I just play Toon Link and spam up-b and down air. Also, c-stick is all I use. I typically just run away from others and down air them. I have played N64, Project M, Brawl, and SSB4 demo at gamestops. At my school, we have a WiI set up for playing Project M, and I typically play that. The guy who owns the wii is in a video I posted about yesterday. Go check it out! It's a horror short film.
  6. So, some of my good friends from school have made a short horror film call "The Lamplighter" with only about 150 views so far. I think that everyone on the forum would really appreciate the hard work put into this! Give these people some love and spread this around! WARNING! Horror themes and graphic images and language! (14+) Enjoy, nevertheless! General discussion below.
  7. I'll probably be able to post a few satellites soon. I'm working of the cryosat as we speak...
  8. Granted. You return to work to seeing that everyone is dead, and the only way to have prevented it was if one more person was sitting in a cubicle. I wish for Gamecube
  9. Doing this mission again. Using a better craft this time... And the air intakes exploded. Great.
  10. I've been trying to make an F-15 replica for a while now, and this did it! It would be cool to see some more F-14 replicas around here. Hmmm... I might just...
  11. Interested to see if this could get to Jool with heavy cargo! Looks great! +rep
  12. For a second I thought those sepetrons in the last picture were the ones launched at the tank. Nice craft!
  13. I would say you should decrease the amount of monopropellant, which will then allow for less launch power needed, so it should be light and cheaper. Overall is looks great! Welcome to the Forums!
  14. Damn I remember watching that film maybe 5 years ago... I should watch it again, shouldn't I? All I remember is something called an omegasomethingorwhatever.
  15. Original: George Washington (February 22, 1732 [O.S. February 11, 1731][Note 1][Note 2] – December 14, 1799) was the first President of the United States (1789–97), the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.[4] He presided over the convention that drafted the United States Constitution, which replaced the Articles of Confederation and remains the supreme law of the land. After many translations: Mfkdhtzba Continental Eretz States (1789-1797) , commander of the First President - George Washington (14179922 ÙÂبراير ديسمبر 1732 [OS 11 ÙÂبراير 1731 ] [Note 2 ] [Note 1 ]) Hiamlhmh United States, and the United States Founder, [ 4] rules EU legislation and changes ostajevrhovni and Constitution of the United States , Eeyore and "rhamnh, raised . I'm no language major, but I'm fairly sure that this isn't entirely english even though Google Translate says it is.
  16. He stares into your eyes with the power of one thousand burning Scouts. Please. Put dispenser here.
  17. To yeah I do uhuh ooh oakay i do yeah yes no maybe idk what How do I get pootis?
  18. 262: A new mission for the rescue on Duna is launched. The mission is slow, as the technology of the debug menu was brought on the first mission, which is now destroyed. The mission will take well over a year. On Kerbin, the revolution between the fly boars and the Kerbals rages on, with many political and porklitical world leaders being executed and consumed by the opposing spieces. Imagine a bacon-wrapped chicken wing. That's how the wing of Sir Porkinstien the 3rd tasted. On Duna, the stranded Kerbals play cards to pass the time until they are rescued. Luckely, they have infinite oxygen regardless of the debug menu being destroyed. The cabin feever drives Dudrick Kerman mad, and he one day walks to the top of a tall hill and jumps, blasting his jetpack upwards, and is never seen again... Yeah, Dudrick was on that craft. As well as Sidi Kerman. They just kind of snuck in and were discovered about halfway to Duna.
  19. Granted. It doesn't seem random, though. Like back in the late 2000's when fans of Apple complained that the Imusic app randomizer wasn't truely random (even though it was) and seemed to loop over and over again. Steve Jobs directed to development of a less random randomizer and more people thought it was truely random afterwards! I wish for the knowledge to building and flying planes in 1.0!
  20. The new aerodynamics broke every single one of my planes, and I have only managed to make one plane that doesn't even fly that well at high altitudes! Are the Centre of Mass, Lift, and Thrust nodes supposed to be in a different position? I am fed up with it! Even the most simple planes with lift and mass in the same point don't fly! They just flip over and stall right after launch! Having some pictures would help loads. I don't just want to play this game with only rovers and rockets.
  21. Doing this mission as I speak. Gotta love the Spirit of St. Louis! I'll keep posted as I reach new goals.
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