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  1. Thanks some good tips...I will play around with fins a bit. I had heard they made heat an issue...something I need to pay attention to. Most of my rockets get to about 20K and then start what you say makes sense. Back to tinkering :-).
  2. I decided to fire it up since the game was 1.0.5 and curious about what had changed. I updated it and was raring to get off the launch pad. Except my rocket designs suddenly don't get into orbit :-(. Okay that's no big deal I can use old reliable mechjeb which I had come to depend on like an old friend.. Except the latest version 2.5.5 doesn't seem to work with KSP. Is there something I am just missing with mechjeb (rockets don't turn when getting to orbital heights)or am I borked? Help me Obi-Jeb help me. Thanks.
  3. I tried it for a few hours last nite. Got bored and went back to my sandbox save. I'm sure there is a fun game in there but the real appeal (to me) is the open world and doing things because I can...not because I need to earn my points to get to the next bit. Guess I'm just a sandbox player.
  4. Look what I managed to pull off last night. I'd like to thank everyone for the encouragement, tips and ideas. I actually self-built this remote lander and it took 4 tries (yes there are three others floating about the sun) but I finally hit the transfer window correctly with enough fuel, power and a parachute to get to duna. I did use a tanker that I downloaded (brilliant design). My next project is to assemble a decent rover (which I have begun toying with) get it to the mun then to duna. Anyway thanks a lot guys you were all very very helpful.
  5. Thanks for the advice guys...raised my moral a lot. I'm not really struggling with putting vehicles in space or into orbit. It's really the rocket science behind inclinations and mission planning beyond the mun. I have probably put 50 kerbals or so in orbit around the sun trying to hit transfer windows....once in the deep dark they are lost due to anything from poor fuel planning to forgetting little things (who knew you could run out of mono ). I will poke around with some of your suggestions and get back at it. Thanks again.
  6. ... I admit I am about to give up. I am beyond frustration with it. Had it about a month and I cannot successfully sustained a mission past the mun. I started landing on the mun fairly routinely about two weeks ago. My first shot at minmus was so easy it was mindless. Now I can't get a rocket into orbit of minmus. Suddenly, I feel like the Soviet space program and can't get to minmus, never mind anything beyond that. I admittedly am a causal player, but only recently did I resort to mechjeb and I have been using that mostly to get into orbit. I have tried everything to get past the mun, slingshots, refueling in orbit with tankers, etc etc. How are you guys making this look so easily...I admit I'm no rocket scientist, but it shouldn't be this hard. And it's driving me nuts (I have spent way way too much time with Kerbal since I got it). Any tips for getting past the mun would be greatly appreciated.
  7. After 3 weeks, of misses to the Mun and kerbalnaut deaths, This is the hardest game I have ever played in my 30 years of gaming. I hate it. Yet, I love it.