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  1. it sounds like a wmd to me or and atomic reaction. is this close?
  2. i bring Odin's hand back with my false moderator power and allow Fyre Flare to take it Fyre Flare's hill
  3. i relocate "the hill" to the middle of space. i place a sign on the relocation computer that says not to touch the computer of a kraken will eat you. (this is not an empty threat there be krakens protecting the hill from relocation) still Designer225's hill
  4. banned for banning our only medic. (why would you do that what if you cut your leg in the space ship? there wouldn't be any one to help you.)
  5. *pulls out giant air tight vacuum cleaner and pushes start* i have now cleared the hill of the neurotoxin. still nobodys hill
  6. a contract? in all honesty i have no clue but this seemed to fit roughly with the riddle.
  7. you cant stop the torrent machine. yes its even used for justin bieber songs. (this is first image i found that comes up on my computer, sorry)
  8. the store was to big to fail so uncle sam helped.
  9. i reconstruct odin's hand from all the remains of the planets and place you on top of the hill in the middle of the mods hand. Tery215's hill
  10. Time to begin the great crusade and rid mankind of its false gods.(this is a 40k reference for those who don't know.)
  11. i reset the hill to the point in which the planet was shaped like odin's hand. then i set it as the default reboot state. no ones hill