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  1. merlinux

    [1.6.x] Kerbal Alarm Clock v3.10.0.0 (Dec 31)

    I am having a weird issue with KAC. I am running ksp 1.6.1 with latest KAC and a bunch of other mods including most of roverdue's USI mods. Now my issue: I set abunch of alarms and suddenly the alarms run out way before their expected time(some hundreds of days some years ahead), one after the other. This happens in a single game session(within 15 min of playing the game). So I have to reset my alarms, 1 per 1 only for the same thing to happen again. Alarms are of different kind as well, some are SOI changes and some are set through the transfer window planner. Anyone has ever encountered that? Been using KAC for years and it has never happened to me before...
  2. merlinux

    Bases sliding on the surface

    I see you use Konstruction mod from roverdude. If you also use MKS, any main base part (duna and tundra modules) can be 'anchored' (basically stops any velocity) by right clicking. A real life saver, when I think of all my now defunct bases.
  3. merlinux

    Why Don't A Lot of People Use Making History?

    Read quite a few posts here and wanted to add my opinion (which it seems many share). Couldnt care less about mission builder, bought this DLC solely for the parts (engine plates are neet),the new launchpads and to give some bucks to squad as this game has been in my life since 2013... Actually missed buying it in alpha by 2 months (bought it aug 2013 when it came on steam) and I was happy to purchase it. But in the end I'm still playing this game like I used to 6 years ago, in sandbox with heaps of mods and I don't think I will ever use the mission builder. I havent even finished a career mode yet (I mean the tech tree). I tried I just could never get into career mode... I'm pretty sure I will never try the mission builder. Its only worth the money because I know the thousand of hours Ive spent playing that piece of software. But I'm sure some people might enjoy the mission building, like some enjoy career mode...
  4. Cant see them beat their deadline. It's all about budget and the number of changes to NASA's goals and budget in the last 15 years doesn't help to think they could do it. I'd be thrilled if humankind just leave LEOin the next 5 years tbh Cant imagine how I would feel if humans actually land on the moon... And just a thought, I know China has its eyes on the moon for quite a while, although they are probably some 15 years away of landing a manned craft on the moon. It would be amazing to see China and the USA working on that goal together. But I doubt China is the partner NASA is looking for, they most probably thinking of spaceX, Boeing (and other US companies) and ESA. And China probably wants it alone.
  5. Ok I thought you did
  6. adding some info to @goldenpsp 's answer. @Kilo60 check the KAS thread... Apparently KAS 1.1 needs a recompile to run on KSP 1.7 but it compiles fine from what I can remember reading on that thread. On KSP 1.6.1 Konstruction +KAS 1.1 work out of the box
  7. merlinux

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Hi and thanks DStaal, found that the hard way Its been a couple of years that I haven't played. Anyways looking at the KAS thread, they say the legacy stuff shouldnt be used as it is known to not work well in recent KSP versions. I plan to use KAS just for MKS's flexotubes. Are they still safe ? or Am I placing a timebomb on my base?
  8. merlinux

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    hello people I'm back to KSP and MKS. Just been trying to make a base on the mun but I cant link flexotube like I use to. No option to link at all... Im on 1.6.1 KSP and 1.1 MKS and using KAS/KIS Are flexotube broken in this release? or am I suppose to know something else that has changed in the last year? EDIT: KAS was the culprit. the latest version 1.2 doesnt work, using version 1.1 and everything working as intended.
  9. merlinux

    Where still to go?

    Moho is the only stock planet I haven't orbited nor landed yet. Did a fly by a long time ago (think it was in 0.22 or 0.23). Insane DV have always put me off it. I've sent at least probes and landed on every other planet/moon. But I have never played with RSS or OPM.
  10. @TriggerAuThanks mate! Been checking this thread and the related github page every day since the pre-release came out. It's so hard to be patient sometimes... But thanks to KAC being updated so early it made it a little easier to wait-a-while And to make it even better I just knocked off-work and I have the next 2 days off YAY
  11. merlinux

    [1.7+] Surface Mounted Lights - v1.13

    Yes I am glad this is living on! Thank you @IgorZ
  12. merlinux

    [1.3] The Malemute Rover [0.2.0]

    YAY Didnt see that one coming! Thank you roverdude!
  13. @not-working-at-work Water is used in UKS. It is a ressource used to grow plants to make supplies. You can mine it like any other ressources.
  14. Isn't this a stock issue? stock has got the same bug happening when you burn retrograde and the retro / prograde markers change positions...
  15. merlinux

    1.1.2 really good for me

    I have been really happy with 1.1.2 myself. The work done since the prerelease is enough to get playing and enjoy on my setup. I read about constant CTD from other users but I have only encountered a CTD once since the first day of the pre release(on windows that is). I cant say the same for the linux binary unfortunately and I hope U5 will get updated to fix those issues But it doesnt really bother me much as I have no choice but to load windows for prepar3d or FSX.... Anyway I believe those CTDs to be linked to hardware architecture somehow, maybe a few could be software related but it seems weird that people'sgame either crash all the time or not at all... About the numerous bugs I can live around them as I always have done in KSP anyway. 1.1.x is what I wanted when I first started KSP on 0.20. Give it a few more months and it will turn up a very good brew