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  1. lucky for that guy it was just a digeridoo, in far north queensland we use knifes mate... The kind made to gut crocodiles.... Every [Snip] got one with him....
  2. uhm. Ill give you some clues... there are 2 sentences... written with different font sizes on 2 different lines....
  3. I still have connected bases using USI MKS. Still one of the reason I have never left the USI bandwagon is the wonderful 'toggle ground tether' option on bases. After years of using it it has proven itself to be Kraken proof! You can also have disconnected bases (which I also use) Also I find the best way of constructing bases is using both KIS and Konstruction mods. Just send a konstruction crane near your kerbal on EVA and he can now move an extra 6t using KIS.....
  4. depending how light your ship is, you can try bumping into it with jetpack on. If not that sounds like a perfect timing for a first Mun problem rescue mission heh heh
  5. yes you need storage for that ressource on both vessels. And yes if you connect those vessels with flexotube they will be docked and then be considered only one vessel. You would need only one storage container then.
  6. @nottheboboAnd thanks to you too! Everything I wanted to know is in your wiki article
  7. I don't have a definite answer for you, but how a visual bug can be considered catastrophic? was expecting an exploding ship. Now I dont use DX as I am on linux however if DX11 is not the default library it might well be for this kind of visual bug.
  8. @Terwin Thanks for answering me in your way but I still don't know what W.O.L.F refers to or means? I understand you are trying to develop a new way to do planetary/orbital logistics. Is this for a new mod or is it to be used in Roverdude's MKS?
  9. So I came back to playing ksp a couple of months ago.... And I am wondering what is this W.O.L.F thing I keep hearing about. googled it but cant find anything... Figured out it has to do with management of ressources but thats about it...
  10. A good way to find the culprit mod when you have a huge modlist is to proceed with halving your mods until you have only the culprit mod left. start the game with only the first half of your mods and if the problem is not happening it means it is a mod in the other half. Then halve again your list and repeat.
  11. Just a thought, as information from squad has been very sparse on the subject. But it might be due to the level (and the profession) of the kerbonaut who placed the experiment in the first place.
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