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  1. Hi there! Long time i havent posted in the forums, but this made me come back to say i will be giving it a shot! Stock tho, i never really got into mods too much Also wanted to say I actually found out about this via the news, and i think it is great that NASA and KSP are helping each other, and more importantly bringing people closer to space and science in general. Ionstorm, you sir are a gentleman and a scholar! Keep it up!
  2. PMSR-I: Roving the Mun for 48 years! Time to bring this poor $deity-forsaken soul back EDIT: Thread moved to... fan works? :/
  3. I'm wondering the same thing here
  4. From 1 to 3 lol It's only purpose now is to see how many parts i can add until i am unable to dock on it anymore. Well, that and, you know, science! -> Pic
  5. These 4 take most of my KSP time lately: -Learning to build, fly, and land SSTO designs, which i totally neglected in previous versions. And it's going pretty well! I can get into orbit, dock, refuel, go places and come back, and LAND, which was unthinkable to me a couple months ago lol. -Continue building IKSS Olympus, my eternally growing space station. Started as a fuel depot, and evolved in a utterly pointless monstrosity just for show. Currently 1770+ parts, housing 75+ kerbals. And still growing. -Mission to the Joolian system to visit as many moons as possible, store experiments in t
  6. Yeah, the typical old fashioned Apollo design lol
  7. Make a legendary grand tour ship (and i mean legendary by your standards ) and go see how many planets you can land on before returning home! (without Kethane for bonus voyage epicness )
  8. Just downloaded 1.1.1 and it doesnt seem to work on .23 Anyone knows of some other version, or addon, to let me assign my derelict solar panel in it's corresponding action group?
  9. 3mon


    Hola! Si, creo que hasta que no tienes 5 posts o así, no puedes hacer ciertas cosas y tus respuestas tienen que ser aprobadas por los mods antes de publicarse. No recuerdo exactamente cuando te quitan las restricciones, pero pronto.
  10. LIES! All lies! Poor ol' Grissom did nothing, the hatch blew up magically by itself!
  11. Has to be the IKSS Olympus. Sitting in LKO, housing 76 kerbals with 1778 parts, it serves no real purpose other than to drop FPS to the floor and melting the rocket CPUs of the daring kerbonauts trying to dock with it (also explodes occasionally, but that's another story heh ) Just docked that trasversal axis in the middle with the 2 science labs and it nearly took me an hour lol
  12. I only add abort procedures if Jeb, Bill or Bob are going in the ship. Everyone else is deemed expendable
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