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  1. It is on GoG. GoG does not have DRM. GoG won't have DRM. So as long as KSP wants to remain on GoG, it won't have DRM.
  2. Bacon cubes for that good ol' astronaut feeling.
  3. Well, given that she has all her hair bunched up in a bun, her hairline would be pretty even.
  4. I'd absolutely love playing a game like that.
  5. Absolutely terrific parts, I pretty much exclusively use them for my spaceplanes now. Although I'm wondering, are you planning on making a shorter cockpit?
  6. You're welcome. I find your particular rendition of kerbal society (or perhaps I should use the plural) a very interesting one to read about.
  7. I had some spare time today and I decided to do a little bit of fanart. Here's my rendition of a Kermol: I don't think this is the best work I've ever done, but I hope you like it.
  8. Yes. That is just how complaints work. You have some people pointing out errors and suggestions for improving on said errors, and you have a lot of people voicing their displeasure without pointing out errors. Thus, the issue is brought to the attention of the developers which can then separate the actual criticism from people simply voicing their displeasure. While the second group is larger and more annoying, they are vital to the success of the complaint as the sheer number of them convinces the devs that this isn't some minor issue only a few people care about, but a major thing lots of people dislike and needs to be changed. Sorry if this makes it sound like I'm talking down to you, I'm just trying to explain my stance on this thing.
  9. Exactly. Hence the response on this thread, to point out the errors in hopes that Squad will fix them.
  10. Just because everyone has a different vision of what T1 space center should look like does not make up for the poor quality of the textures and models released in the preview. As I said, I'm pretty neutral on whether or not your starting area is a bought farm. Whatever it is, it should look good (no sloppy texturing and modelling) and consistent.
  11. Wow, that actually looks really good. The textures need work (as you pointed out), but it's a good start! - - - Updated - - - I believe you misunderstand what being facetious means
  12. I am a european and I cringed when reading this. 1. You do realize that europe is a congregation of many nations and many barn-building practices some of which don't even remotely involve the colour red. On a less facetious note, I have no problem with the idea of starting in a barn and having trailers, but the texture and model work is, to put it mildly, sloppy. I would elaborate, but i'd just make the thread sound like an echo chamber so I'll just link the excellent critiques posted on Reddit and imgur.
  13. Is there a version of this mod that supports the near future pack fuels?