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  1. On 3/30/2016 at 7:34 AM, Panichio said:

    Whoops, got distracted again for a few months there! :P Great replies everyone - this was fascinating, thanks. Still recognize some of you, actually! (@sal_vager @TheCardinal @White Owl, for example :)).

    Yeah, I remember writing a long post about how I thought research and development should go (before there was even a Mun, I believe) and got a nice long response from HarvesteR who said he'd keep it in mind. Made my day haha! I feel like that part of the game, the campaign, could have turned out better, or at least I had bigger/impossible expectations of what it might become. How about you, @OtherDalfite? What did you think could have turned out better?

    I really think Resources could have turned out way better. Their original plan with NovaSilisko's parts looked way more fun than todays.

  2. 0.7.3 represent :D. I loved this game up until about 0.19, got mad at how it was developing, and left for a very long time and still am. I just happened to brush by the forums in light of 1.1 releasing. I'm glad the game is still around, but think it could have turned out better had the developers kept a more open line with the players. I miss the old times :( of talking to HarvesteR right here on the forum.

  3. Heh, of 1609 members currently online, if they were all in disagreement we'd know it, same for reddit and elsewhere, Steam forums are doing fine by the way.

    This kind of backlash isn't just limited to this announcement from Squad, I've yet to see a dev announcement from any game not get a small portion of the gaming community salty over it.

    Fact is we get tons of info from Squad, haphazard as it may be, and by now people should be used to the shotgun nature, complaining about it doesn't change it :)

    Oh and ObsessedWithKSP, it's better than inside out characters or guys with floating heads like we saw in a certain other game not too long ago ;)

    Funny you say this sal, since most of the posts in this topic are either saying that they do not care or complaining that this is the devs "incredible update" as described by Maxmaps. See, the thing is we don't care what next big cash point you guys are pushing for. We care about the game that you are providing to your loyal fans. We sure as hell once cared for Squad but years of lying, coverup, hushing of the masses, and promotion of a dumber, non-critically thinking fan standpoint has destroyed mine and many other people's faith in the company.

  4. There is an ever-widening gulf of understanding between the developers and community. Has been for awhile. I think I know how this happened. The one developer who most likes to communicate has repeatedly demonstrated he's very very bad at it; totally clueless about how any given message will likely be received, and unwilling to do any damage control afterward. You should probably let somebody else do more of the talking for you. That would be better for everybody.

    The funny part is that Maxmaps IS supposed to make the smooth transition from developers talking to customers, but the guy clearly forgot that the PC audience could not care less about a poorly made PS4 port.

  5. Still here after three years, eh?

    i actually only visit the forums every few months because believe it or not, i do care about the game and would like to see it grow, but i got sick of seeing everything have a gloss over it and everyone being under the impression everything is A-OK. Many like me have tried to educate you yet the veil of Squad and niceness seems to be too thick for most of you to see through. Just my two cents on the community here.

    I m told I have trouble detecting sarcasm so I have to ask : Is this thread sarcastic or not ?

    it'd be nice if it was. these threads pop up every three months or so to make sure the community stays nice and in line.

  6. Come on, everyone. This thread has lived far longer than it needed to, didn't it? It's obvious that OP either is trolling or lacks a lot of knowledge about coding, and either way, the message has been sent, over 50 times.

    If people are bumping it, then people are clearly still discussing stuff. If you don't want to look at the thread, then just don't. Even worse, don't make a response like yours.

  7. I agree with the OP. I do find some of the "test this part at x height" contracts fun, but having to haul a first stage engine up to orbit and THEN test it is ridiculous, not to mention that the contracts look like they were spoken from someone who just huffed three bags of glue. Science is almost meaningless, as you can finish the tech tree without ever leaving Kerbin's influence.

    Another thing, cash is practically useless as well. After your first 1-2 contracts, it becomes sandbox with science. Crashing a craft has no negative impact because of the "revert flight" button, and negates the point of career mode all together. This is the first "fun" update I've seen in quite a while, but I'm still really let down by it.

  8. While the devs may consider the game to be no longer part of the standard alpha/beta stages, the actual KSP community is completely blind to it. Trying to argue that it's not in alpha is like trying to tear down an obese, uneducated, pre-pubescent skyscraper with a sheet of paper. But that doesn't really make up for lack of development or more than half the KSP team being PR. Ever since the DLC-spaghetti spill, KSP just seems to have been in a state of decline, no doubt due to "development asymptotes.

  9. One word. FUTURE.

    It'll be different in the future...

    and BTW we've grown stuph on the ISS.

    News flash, the future moves a lot slower than we think it does. In 1968, they thought we would have flying cars and a moonbase by now. And by the "stuff" I hope you mean a few lowly plants grown in special containers to simulate how they react to microgravity, not to test if hydroponics in space is feasible.

  10. squad should release it we all know its alpha, it should just come with a disclaimer use at your own risk we are only supporting 32bit but the upside is many of us would switch and they would have real data to work from

    IMO Squad needs to finally come to the future of 64 bit. If you are still trying to run modern games on a 32 bit system, it's foolish. I imagine the reason to stay with 32 bit is a marketing decision, because if they switched to a faster, better system, they would lose a lot of the teen/preteen population playing on their dad's IBM notebooks from 2005 and earlier

  11. As the title says.....I usually crash after about two hours (Unless I revert....revert=restart game).

    I reverted multiple times, changed ship focus. Only the weird graphical glitch between loads for a frame or two. I hesitate to say it feels smoother, as it may just be my excitement over being able to use several mods I had culled for memory use (B9, KW, KAS, ScanSat) without texture management. I was on the verge of using the aggressive texture management, so I actively tried to keep the memory hit as low as possible, rather than have to live with further reduced textures.

    It got real stuttery just before the only crash. I can see why Squad hasn't released the 64 bit version yet. But hey, we are all voluntary Alpha testers anyway! Crashing is part of the deal!

    My specs:

    AMD FX-8320 Vishera 3.5 GHz 8-core OC to 4.4 GHz

    Zalman 92mm Performa CPU Cooler

    Asus M5A97 LE r2.0 ATX MB

    G.Skill Ripjaws 8GB (2x4) 1866MHz DDR3 Memory

    Sapphire Radeon r9 270x 2Gb GDDR5 Video card

    Sentry ATX mid tower case

    Zalman 600w Bronze ATX PSU


    TP-link USB wi-fi adapter

    Generic Toshiba DVD/CD Burner

    This works well on my all AMD system. I am surprised it was a replacement of merely two files. Amazing.

    Try turning down your OCing. You're almost adding another ghz to each processor, which is quite a bit of stress, even with that cooler.

    Also, it was THIS EASY to figure out how to do 64 bit and Squad couldn't figure out how to do it?

  12. Been here since 0.7.x releases. I'll tell you what, I remember how the forum went crazy when someone built a "flare" part that you could see from orbit after detaching it. Watching it pass overhead in the night sky in KSP was simply incredible back then. Ah, those were the days... :)

    Yeah, I remember when that Tosh guy created the jupiter part and you could watch it rise over the horizon of the Mun or even Kerbin if you had a keen eye. Truly astounding times.

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