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  1. I kinda did that with a big habitat module I was sending to the Mun. I had got all the infrastructure, and built this huge ship that would lug about 30 kerbals to the Mun, and had them all filled. I flew the module to the Mun only to realize that I never bothered to look down at the Kerbals in the pods, and it was being piloted by a single one.
  2. How is something as mind bogglingly big as multiplayer not a core feature of the game? If you mean resources, you are still completely wrong in the fact that resources will directly influence changes in career mode and that you will need to sell/buy things that increase revenue for your space program. To say something like that is completely wrong. EDIT: Meta, things may seem to be getting really bad now, because you joined at the start of it all happening. 0.19 was the update in which the developers officially stopped delivering content.
  3. You want to go at terminal velocity at all times, that way you aren't shoving against the atmosphere, but aren't letting it keep your speed low (rockets are more efficient when they are moving fast)
  4. This is honestly the most toxic thing you can say to a developer. This statement alone builds them up to ignore valuable criticism and to just follow through even if they are making a huge mistake as they are now. For some reason you think the developers are building KSP out of the kindness of their hearts and are giving it to us for free. Defending the developers from criticism is not only harmful to the game, but detrimental to the community as it arises arguments.
  5. I'll tell you this. SQUAD struck a goldmine with KSP, and are not running out of money for quite a long time.
  6. The community has been a cesspool for a long time. People still make battle-esque craft, but that's not a bad thing. Some of them look very cool. I do agree that squad is shooting themselves in the knee and ultimately succumbing to the vocal majority's whims. I wouldn't really call multiplayer a cancer either, as it could be fun, for a few days maybe. It's more like an extra finger. Sure, it's okay to have and may get you some attention, but in the long run it really does not help you any and just causes problems for you later on.
  7. It's not cutting wages, it's transactions. Giving developers money for things they already developed is the proper way to go about this, not give them your money and say "we trust you" and blindly putting your faith in them.
  8. I ask you this as a question, and not to be hostile in any way. What would you do in multiplayer that cannot already be done in singleplayer? Again, I ask this simply as a question because I respect you, and you make quality posts.
  9. In this case it's like the chef is cooking the food a quarter of the way, stopping, setting it out on the counter, and saying "Hey, let's do something completely different!" and then doing that halfway and repeating the process. The KSP devs weren't always like this, long ago before 0.19 they actually gave us completed features and stuck with their original plan.
  10. Please do not simply dismiss someone's argument just because their idea is different then yours. He made the thread because FEI told him to.
  11. I'm guessing they stopped right around 0.19. There were many announcements and then they just stopped, and NovaSilisko went on leave.
  12. This isn't going to be answered because SQUAD doesn't want us to know. We are customers, money, and numbers to SQUAD.
  13. Hopefully have fun and not be dissapointed, then remind myself resources were cancelled.
  14. Considering how bad the SABRE-esque thrusters look, not really. I suppose tweakables will be a pretty cool development, but I probably won't get to use them unless the terrain on planets is as non-laggy as said to be.
  15. I'm excited because of optimizations, which I've been needing badly. Sadly the news of resources has lessened my excitement as a whole for KSP.
  16. Yeah sorry FEIchinger, I have to agree with this as well. This is a broad discussion, and many things, including our ability to influence the game by being investors, is part of it.
  17. Even with your Mun race idea, multiplayer has almost no effect on that. If the craft aren't going to be within 2.5 KM of each other, there is no point to even coding multiplayer. You could just race across different computers.
  18. Kethane, C7, ORDA, and many other mods have directly influenced KSP. KMP is just the next one in line.
  19. Then don't use resources and just launch rockets from the kerbal space center. The vast majority however will use resources.
  20. <reaction image="" removed,="" text="" added<removed="" reaction="" image,="" added="" -="" mods="">{{reaction image removed, text added - mods}} I would humbly recommend that if you are of age to access that you check out http://boards.4chan.org/vg/res/55347179</reaction>
  21. You keep using the term community developed when we already established that it isn't. It's community led, not developed.
  22. The thing is, why did squad not tell us? They tried to silence us with multiplayer but snuffed out resources in the process. Maybe it was a big PR thing in the event they tried to cover up resources being canned while multiplayer was up next. I'm aware of resources not being touched up on during that time, and it's for the reason everyone is complaining now that they waited for a big feature like multiplayer to be announced so the whiplash isn't as bad from cancelling one the biggest developments for KSP to ever be created. It seems resources were sent on a mystery cruise from 0.19 to now, and they've just now announced why. There is no reason as to why they waited until now that they announced except for the fact that they were afraid of the community's reaction to it.
  23. So mod developers, yes? They have greatly introduced new developments to KSP. Only an update after a docking mod was developed was 0.18 a dedicated docking update. The same for now but with multiplayer.
  24. The evidence that they said KSP resources were on the backburner permanently and that multiplayer was now top of the development thing. Why would they announce the two together and not make it seem like they were being swapped out? That's one hell of a coincidence, which it isn't. So much for transparency huh? What about that new PR model that squad talked about last year. Hell, KerbalCon 2 was all about resources, and for Kerbalcon 3 they are being taken away?
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