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  1. That could be true for anything by that logic. Stop playing strawmans please.
  2. Well, since resources have been announced to be cancelled and multiplayer to be up next for the big development subject, many people have been complaining. I know you can't stand it either Sal, you were here from the beginning. It must be pretty sad to see KSP go this way, especially from a moderator's standpoint where you can't really post your true opinion for fear of getting fired.
  3. Considering multiplayer has been taken out of the trash can and put up for development, and resources have been placed in the trash can, I would say that it's definitely a swap out.
  4. You know why resources were never asked for? Because squad always said they were under development and people knew that. Multiplayer was requested because it's been told it's not a high priority. Resources have been a long awaited and anticipated thing for KSP, and now they are cancelled and swapped out with multiplayer.
  5. So the developers are going to just quit because they made a mistake? They've made mistakes in the past. Also, before you go throwing out random, unbacked statements like you just did, take a look at this. 10 times the number of people want resources over the sham that they know multiplayer will be. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/61714-Multiplayer-or-resources
  6. Squad is directly taking ideas and letting the community define what squad should work on. Saying that the community if left to run KSP would drive it into the ground is a statement which has no backbone to it, because there is obvious proof that the Developers can not think for themselves and require the community to help them. They said they had a plan in the beginning and would stick with it, and is obviously not showing now that they are developing one the features that was told would not happen ever since the beginning of KSP. All of the sudden, KSP is now oriented to multiplayer. Hell, they stopped career mode while it's a 1/10th of the way done because of the community backlash on it. Multiplayer is a silencer to the community, one last big bust for the devs to get as much gold as they can get out of this mineshaft before it collapses.
  7. Resources is in the planned changes for KSP, and has been since the beginning Sal. Saying I'm "spitting acid" is because this was my last straw for squad's incompetence. They've been doing "back changes" ever since 0.19 and have had no progress to show for it except a mediocre, boring, point and click career mode system. Get a developer in here to answer are questions, because judging by your posts you have no interaction with the devs and therefore know about as much as we do, but your moderator status elevates you to have a higher voice then the rest of us. Resources are 70% done, ask Claira, Mu, or NovaSilisko. It could be done in the month, but that won't pull in nearly as much revenue as multiplayer, will it? If Squad didn't get rich off of KSP then I will eat a whole sock. KSP was a goldmine and HarvesteR was lucky enough to stumble upon it. But I guess what they say is true when money corrupts anyone. It's all that they seem to care about anymore.
  8. We may not make decisions, but the developers make decisions based on the community and how it will benefit them the most. In the beginning of KSP, so many people were personally telling HarvesteR not to pull a Notch, and he specifically promised that he wouldn't allow that to happen, as did Maxmaps. This goes in direct contradiction to what they have done, completely disregarding a community's hopes and deciding to do something that purely benefits them. Now they are ever-so-painfully obvious pulling a Notch, and going for what the seemingly largest (Vocal Majority) want. These people may talk the most but they do not represent the vast majority of KSP. The only reason KSP is where it's at is BECAUSE of the community. We provided the funds and ideas for the next steps in development. >Kethane = Resources idea ("Resources will blow Kethane out of the water!") >C7 = Spaceplanes (No, it wasn't always there) >ORDA docking mod in 0.17 >Hybrid engines = Bac9 Aerospace
  9. You're right. It's not really a decision at all. It's SQUAD going against their original plans, lying to the community, and deciding to ditch it in order for one last haul of cash.
  10. This definitely. When people say "The devs don't owe you anything, you already paid and got your money's worth. Stop complaining you entitled baby." This drives me up the wall for the fact that we put our trust, faith, hope, and important for the devs, money into KSP. Now, they've turned around and spit in their playerbase's faces for the hopes of doing one last big jig for a truckload of money and attracting even more of the minecraft audience. Maybe this turns out well for the devs, but I sure hope it doesn't.
  11. Honestly I don't. I know how the developers love money, so we figure if we let them have their DLC, we can have actual game content that people will enjoy. It's a bad deal, yes, but you gotta make sacrifices for what you love, especially if you already gave them your money.
  12. For those of you who would like multiplayer, I'd like to list what that entails. >Docking with someone else >Fighting someone else with a ship >Walking around on a barren landscape with two different kerbals >Derby racing >Launching two rockets Think about how the average part count for a space freighter in KSP is about 150 parts, and that can be hefty on some machines. With something like staging a war with someone (parts counts in the thousands) along with servers having to keep up with all the physics calculations and locations for vessels, I can't even think of a feasible way that Squad could develop multiplayer on an already stressed game and not have it be a laggy, strewn together heap of errors and processor-destroying calculations. Unless .23 is a MAJOR overhaul on performance, there is no way that playable, enjoyable multiplayer will even be possible. Along with the topic of multiplayer, think of the development process involving it once it is "finished". >Alright, we got a better aerodynamics model, let's test it for multiplayer >Nope, ships are acting strange and the game is crashing >Fix it >Well, there is another problem with the docking code now, people can't dock while still in the atmosphere (a realistic problem, I'm talking high atmosphere, the game doesn't like importing spacecraft while still in the atmosphere). >Fix it >Alright, now to test every other feature in the game but still goes into multiplayer. This has to be done for EVERY feature in KSP if actual multiplayer is established. It's like testing two versions of the same game slightly different for the same bugs, except the bugs can correspondingly create more problems, and eventually one side must settle for a worse solution so the other benefits. Multiplayer is by far the worst thing to ever happen to KSP, and I pray that multiplayer does not become a reality for KSP until either near the very end or as some part of DLC, which I would much prefer it be, seeing as how I or many players will never use it.
  13. Perhaps you could get a developer to take about 10 minutes out of there day to say something to us? I'm sure you have some way to reach them. If not you, then I'm sure the community manager does. Well unlike you I've spoken to a developer that worked on resources for a while. He stated that if resources was to be started back up in developing, it could be done within a month.
  14. It shouldn't have to be the community's job to steer the developers towards a decision. They need to work on resources because it's already 3/4 of the way finished. It could be finished, and not be a laggy piece of garbage like I can almost guarantee multiplayer will be. It'll be laggy, buggy, and unplayable and Squad's defense will be "it's an alpha, get over it" even though they already have a ton of merchandise, several ads, sponsorship, and coding a 3D mouse that nobody will ever use. Multiplayer is the last cash grab for Squad, every last penny will be squeezed out of KSP and it will be nothing but a shriveled corpse of what could once be a fantastic, original game.
  15. Know what we can also make ourselves? Multiplayer, Docking, A one resource system, guns, proper atmosphere, more interesting planets, satellite relays, rovers, boats, and entire solar systems. Does that mean that SQUAD should just call KSP finished and let the community keep pulling the weight of KSP?
  16. Resources was the last big thing for KSP that I really wanted besides a proper career mode, and not the sham point and click to win thing we have now. I'd be willing to wait a while for career mode to be fully done, but resources was something that was about 70% done and could have been finished in a month.
  17. So why did Squad all of a sudden drop career mode like a sack of potatoes? Did they realize that they made a mistake and pulled out, leaving us a not even half finished gamemode? Maybe if they stuck with what they were doing, people would have more faith in Squad. There was an article on PC gamer saying that the main focus was now multiplayer. Maxmaps also stated that the game has shelved resources now, even though they are around 70% complete.
  18. Right, back to resources. It seems to me that resources were going to be included, but were cut for the purpose of game completion. With all the merchandise, sponsorships, and celebrations, it seems as though SQUAD is trying to pack up KSP for a final release, supposedly "feature complete". Maybe it came down to "alright guys, we're doing one last feature haul, which will make the most money?" and the developers voted unanimously for multiplayer, as everyone goes bat crazy for the subject of it. If resources stay canned, I eagerly await the day the community ultimately says "Wow, KSP is still boring" and the developers are left scratching their heads thinking "where did we go wrong?" Well developers, this isn't the first thing that went wrong, but it's definitely one of, if not THE worst things you could do to KSP.
  19. This is another thing I'd like to post about. Honestly how will people interact in multiplayer that has any meaning? A race to the Mun? Well okay, but it's really just a matter of flying spacecraft faster then each other, which could be done without having to go through months of work to code multiplayer.
  20. I doubt a moderator would blow smoke without proof to back himself up.
  21. Is it strange that they coincidentally got it within about a month after a modder managed to rig something up? ORDA docking system was around using a special type of decoupler re-engineered to be used to grapple spacecraft together.
  22. Thing is, that is insanely hard to do without access to the source code. Majiir was only able to do what he did because of months of work. The developers could do this at a MUCH faster pace then modders, and could do it better and make it more efficient.
  23. I'm talking about what the community turned it into. Take a look at half the forum and you'll see people praise a bunch of falling canisters exploding on the ground more than someone carefully placing something in a complicated orbit. The community has taken a large role in making KSP take a turn for the worst, and the developers and community managers let that happen.
  24. Kethane exists. It's time the developers stop letting the modders carry the community and actually do some work themselves. Ever since 0.18, they've worked on "career mode" and "laying the ground for career mode" for four updates. Four updates to just can and move onto something else. It seems as though just recently because of the KMP mod and how well people reacted to it, SQUAD thinks that if they can pull it off, it will be the most profitable thing for KSP ever. I'm honestly not going to be surprised if they announce KSP finished after this.
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