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  1. Looks rather good, but it'd be a lot more interresting if you'd built the thing using stock parts!
  2. I've just finished my most successful mission ever. Nothing that comes to mind went wrong, allthough I could have done a faster transfer, but I didn't mind sitting about. Basically, it was a mission to bring kerbals to my empty space station. I'd bring a nearly full HSC and a full huge capsule to my SBSS(Stupidly Big Space Station) and back. The station was assembled using mechjeb, but I was feeling confident and did it manually. the rendezvous and everything went really smooth, so I took a picture of my approach and then went crazy. No images of the rendezvous being performed nor the launch, though. Here are the images! (how do I make it show up wihtout a link?)
  3. Ah, the mighty KSP universe! It's full of things for you to do, some things,you can take more pride of than others, but what exactly is your biggest/proudest achivement? Mine has to be... hmm... Either the time I landed on and returned from Minmus , or the first time I managed to actually dock without autopilot(Mechjeb, screw you!) So, what's yours? Doesn't have to be anything too spectacular, just something that made you think: "Man, I'm awesome! "
  4. I got KSP around two weeks back after it having my attention for well over 2 months. Sadly, due to finiancial reasons I didn't have the money to buy the game, untill a friend of mine bought it to me. After that, I've been more hooked than ever. Now, I want to be a part of the forums as well, might not be THAT super active, but I will definetively read a lot on here! So far, I've managed to get 3 victims... err Kerbals to Minmus and back, built a space station(can't really do an orbital rendezvous, so I let mechjeb do it and then dock manually using the dock allignment indicator mod), and run out of fuel while trying to establish a munar orbit after landing. Results were... horrendous, but mission successful! I mean, they didn't make it back, but they weren't stuck on the surface either. Success in my book. This is going to be fun!