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  1. Very good point. Thanks for catching me on that.
  2. I created a folder called RealismOverhaul in my GameData folder, then put the ROmini.cfg in there (along with the RemoteTech setting cfg, which I also wanted). As long as its some where in your GameData or a subfolder, the magic that is ModuleManagers will find and work. (Sorry for taking a while to respond. Life caught up to me and beat me down again.)
  3. I'm restarting my 10x KSP with RealFuels but not RO. I like the idea of play Kerbals and their system (New Horizons actually). I started to look into ripping just the parts of RO out that I wanted and downloaded the source code zip from GitHub. In the root of the zip there's a ROMini.cfg that mostly does what I'm looking for. Just re-balances the stock parts weights & thrust. I did a quick test last night: Mk 1-2 Pod to 160km orbit. Lower stage has 3 Mainsail engines, Upper 1 Skipper, Orbiter 1 Poodle. ~10k delta-v total. Worked great until I realized I had Kerbalism running and forgot to add oxygen. Jeb, Bob, and Bill suffocated during re-entry. But the changes in ROmini.cfg proved to make 10x feasible without the entire RO package, so I Val counted the test as a success.
  4. You can also use the over-powered stock reaction wheels to "cheat" if you don't have RCS or some sort of ullage motor. Just rock you ship up and down or left/right and use the centrifugal force to push the fuel back to the engine. I've used that several time when I forgot to plan for ullage on probes.
  5. Started a 64k Career a week ago. (Also using TAC Life Support, Remote Tech, Ferram, Outer Planets Mod, Kerbal Construction time, plus others). Finally got to attempt first Apollo style Mun mission with Val, Bob, and Bill (Jeb already sacrificed himself on a Rescue mission). Went better than expected (the crew lived!).
  6. *Slight* miss-calculation with Sepratron placement... [IMG][/IMG]
  7. Can't remember or find the exact quote but when I first started playing someone posted in the "What did you do in KSP today?": Finally got Jeb, Bill, and Bob to [Random Planet or Mun], crashing the lander in the process. KSC declared the exploration mission a success and that Jeb, Bill, and Bob were to start a new colonization mission.
  8. Thanks. I stumbled on this thread but was just thinking a mod like this would be great. I've run into a weird situation in my .90 campaign. I'm need about 3 million credits to upgrade my Research Center before I can research anything that requires 500 Science. Most of the contract available that give big $100k - $300k profit also give 100-150 science. By the time I've got the money I'll have researched all the 300 cost science things and have a huge surplus of science to instantaneously finish a good chunk of the tech tree. Plus I've have only used a Science Jr or Goo a handful of times and only scanned two biomes on Mun and one on Minmus. I've stopped actively doing science at all at this point because of the contract rewards. Just doesn't feel right.
  9. I've only seen Jeb not smiling once... for just a second. It was an SSTO test flight that went horribly bad. At about 22km the craft lost lift and started re-entry at about 1200m/s... with Farren & Deadly Re-entry mods. Parts started exploding and ripping off and Jeb frowned for a second as he went into a lunch expelling spin. Amazingly he was able to (crash) land the craft with just 1 wing (no ailerons), a rudder, and the rocket engine. (Just the cockpit survived.) And yes, Jeb was smiling insanely the rest of the way down.
  10. Taken from the flight recorder of last night's mission: Bill: "Well, after de-orbiting Explorer 1, I was able to transfer the rest of the fuel to our own tanks." "So, we have plenty of fuel for our de-orbit burn" Bob: "Jeb, why are you burning for Minmus?" Jeb: "Taking the scenic route down." Bill: "Via Minmus?!?" Jeb: "You just said we got the fuel." Bob: "Via Minmus?!?" Jeb: "With a return slingshot around Mun too. At a 7km periapsis." Irony: They're now stuck in an eccentric orbit around Kerbal without enough fuel to return to Low Kerbin Orbit. I'm going to try to aero-braking straight into the return tonight. With Deadly Re-entry mod.