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  1. Is anyone else hoping the planet gets named Rupert? But in all seriousness I'm hoping they call it Persephone.
  2. I'd say this was pretty good I was also the first to do a duna Ion lander SSTO which are now broken in 1.0
  3. Welp, Apparently the changes the ion engines and solar panels in ksp 1.0 just barely broke duna ion lander VTOL SSTO's. Hopefully we can get an atmospheric isp change for the ion engine or a solar panel buff so we can continue to build these ultra light flyers. Here are some pics of the fun while it lasted.
  4. I honestly never thought this would happen... Welcome back Macey! Also wasn't HatBat planing on finishing Macey's series at one point? Well, either way we now get even MORE epic ksp military stuffs!!!
  5. Welp, almost already have 2 new 1.0 ships nearly ready for release! Going to probually finish up some bigger ships before putting up anything but for now have some pictures! Got a nice SSTO fighter that can drop its jet engines to shed weight (and potentially hold more fuel in their place) and has a nice range upon reaching orbit, front bit could use some tweaking though. And a flying wing bomber that will be needing a BD armory pass when the mod gets updated Got a few other concepts/updates in the works but hopefully I can get a nice little 1.0 updated fleet up soon! Also another random question, will kethane station remain kethane as we now have stock resources?
  6. Whats your plan for the future and 1.0? NERVA's now only use liquid fuel and well... a lot has changed in general (mining, new aero model, etc). I'm assuming your probually going to finish your current series with a previous save before jumping into anything with the new update so should we submit new craft from 1.0 for future use?
  7. Working on a Nerva-Turbo jet SSTO atm, should be ready by the end of the day!
  8. I still can't believe we're only a few days from release!! Squad I can not thank you enough for making this game.
  9. Ksp has taught me that even though your space-plane looks cool its probually not going to work
  10. Here are a few of mine: My first Mega station which I launched way back into a duna orbit And Here is what succeeded it Was the first to make a duna SSTO with pure ion power(literally the first thing I did in .23.5, Actually I did the math before I even made the craft) Don't know if I was the first to do this but this was my second priority after the ion lander. Only an A-Class but considering how hard it was to make a vehicle that picked the asteroid up right this was a miracle of design! I also have my mega carrier with a functioning mainsail powered launch tube