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  1. There is no need to create a thread now before the server runs out of thread numbers or something, depending on the type of column the thread ID is stored as we could have millions of more threads possible.
  2. Looks like you can mark this one off as already take? I think we have it covered now? Since Sniperlrsw wanted to take the lead, would you want him to create a new forum thread for the engine calc?
  3. Yup, updates are a simple git pull, and when the repo gets changed to a group, I will just update the remotes and all will be well.
  4. Oh, I didnt realize you were looking for someone to take over hosting as well. No worries I will gladly host it! Edit: I just bought a domain kerbalenginecalc.com and spun up a small droplet on digital ocean. I will get nginx and varnish installed and then pull the lastest version of the code in.
  5. Understandable, I am in the process of setting up a multi-slave, multi-platform Jenkins cluster for mobile phone app building, so I feel ya' on the PITA factor.
  6. Have you considered setting up a github hook of some kind to automatically upload new releases to Kerbal Stuff? It looks like it would be easy enough to do with something like travisCI or Jenkins and Kerbal Stuff's API
  7. I would be able to take over the engine cluster calculator. I am a web developer, and work on/with GitHub all day. That being said, I would also love to see someone who wants to learn more about web development (or development in general) take a role. Blizzy, have you considered making a group on GitHub, so someone like Sniperlrsw would be able to take the lead on maintaining the project, then other members of the group could step in if they needed help triaging a more challenging issue?
  8. I've gotten mine back from a suborbital (Ap @ about 70) with no issues (DRE and FAR)
  9. Psht, way to make a college drop-out feel good about themselves. Best of luck finishing up "dat masters degree"!
  10. I would also say that just increasing the cost of a part doesn't really balance it, reducing the amount of science gained or making them use more power for their analysis would be much better as far as balancing goes.
  11. That MAY be an issue with FAR itself. I have had the same issue and have never used this mod. Maybe take a look over at the FAR thread?
  12. While the main site is down for its server migration is there any way to download the main game?
  13. Why would you remove part recovery? I understand you would want to allow the use of cheap disposable boosters, but you are then killing the possibility of more complex recoverable boosters or SSTOs.
  14. Broken record here, but source? I'm sure the community at large would love to see some of this work put against this issue on Github https://github.com/MuMech/MechJeb2/issues/187
  15. No that mod just cuts the funding by 99.99%
  16. Make sure you delete the Squad folder too, its the same way. God the nerve of those guys putting their own name in the GameData folder.
  17. I just copied the default Guid and changed the last character. Worked fine for me
  18. I have my own MM files that tweak the specs of the station parts to fit how I want to play. I would suggest doing the same.
  19. Thats why they all share common textures to massively reduce memory usage, so from a memory perspective there is pretty much only one module.
  20. I've had no issues with the latest version of the mod, and it you have issues with it just delete the DLL's and leave the parts and you will be fine!
  21. While it may be outside of the scope of this mod, how hard would it be to make a mod that "maintained" the orbits of craft?
  22. Just a FYI, I trashed the link to the far plugin. I was copying and pasting a lot. . . oops
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