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  1. Looking to get into contributing to the sound improvement but i lack an understanding of how the sounds are handled in KSP. Its apparent that some sounds are looped. So after I've crafted my desired sound, would i need to write my own module to handle that sound and its looping? Is it handled internally? Could i choose to write my own module to handle the looping? I'd like to be able to control the rate of looping to reduce some of the phasing issues that comes along with that.
  2. FINALLLLLYYYYYYY. Now my roommates can't use the lame "there's nothing to do" excuse.
  3. My first stable atmospheric jet flight. Explored the terrain north of KSP. Home sweet home after a successful docking and return. The aftermath of a failed docking attempt with a space station. The impact exploded all the individual panel pieces around space. It was definitely a beautiful disaster.
  4. I cant seem to get my terminal window focused. So while I'm scripting, the hotkeys will set everything off. like T or S or spacebar. Most of the other mods I use just autofocus. help?
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