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  1. **link removed by moderator** for latest community based fix regarding the stock legs.
  2. Adding **link removed by moderator** while we wait for SQUAD to make an official patch.
  3. Is that some Barney parody?? If so... Man... that's .... just...nvm Anyway about the legs. Thanks to the community we have found a way to band aid the situation. The Git Hub has a fix and / or u can just edit the files ur self. Below is a complimentary video. Lets no forget to support KSP via the OFFICAL KSP BUG TRACKER. Sincerely, Respectfully, Without prejudice UCC 1.308
  4. Raising awareness of issues. That's great Can we do that with Lyme Disease too? Oh wait... that's a different subject. Ahem, yes ill be checking these links out. I'm afraid all i could do is vote them up. and attempt to encourage others to use the bug tracker as well. For now there is a "BAND AID" that some have talked about, which fixes the fragile landing gears. Though on the console log 4m/s for us is 30 -38m/s thus why the legs are breaking (guessing its the physics). So some basic .cfg files were adopted.
  5. This is a temporary home made fix, but works wonders Please be sure to use KSP BUG reporter. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/18286
  6. Works for me. any way to get it to stop saying its not compatible on the load screen? Mod list: [x] science v5.13, Chatterer, KER v1.4.5, Final Frontier.
  7. Sadly i don't know much about modding or developing. A guess in the wind would be.... figuring how ksp loads the texture of the images and then trying to reproduce the effect with the mod. In good faith, Sincerely, respectfully, & regards Oh& many thanx for "FINAL FRONTIER!" P.S. I may not be to mod savvy but if there is a way i could be of help pls advise.
  8. so jrbudda took over the mod? https://github.com/jrbudda/KerbalEngineer/releases Im new to all this stuff and learning on the go. In good faith, sincerely, respectfully, regards
  9. This guy... The KERBAL HERO! Must have KERBAL HALL of FAME just for him. thanx for the help with mods
  10. KSP_x64 (bug) Just an FYI. I have played in earlier versions of tha game both in x86 & x64, which worked just fine. Today after the update (0.25), i decided to play in x64 version (64bits). All worked well, unitll.... I tried to enter the VAB, SPH, and any other building.... It does not highlight nor does it let me enter the buildings... I am stuck viewing the Kerbal Space Center. This means that i cant play. So I tried in the x86 (32bits) version and it works just fine. I hope this helps. Take care & my regards, Julius Validus P.S. I have an Acer Aspire 5740G. Specs: 'I3 (1st. gen.) CPU' with 'ATI HD 5650 1GB GPU'. . . . . . . . Advertisments: Join the 'Jungfaha Corporation [JungC.org]' [JungC] Online gamming community.