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  1. When it throws the error, if you hit details, the first line in the exception box will tell you what mods require it. Uninstall those via ckan, manually uninstall module manager, then reinstall the previous mods. MM will be installed as a dependency. I had to do just this tonight. - - - Updated - - - Kerbal Engineer and Contract Configurator say they are up to date in Ckan, but when I start KSP, I get a message that there are newer versions. How do I get ckan to see these new versions so I can install them?
  2. It was user error. I haven't use CKAN before now and didn't actually install the mod, just checked the box. Once I installed it everything shows up correctly. Thanks for the help.
  3. In career mode, when do I start seeing RT Contracts? I've unlocked electrics and probe cores so I would think I should be seeing them now.
  4. Can someone tell me what issues RT has with MechJeb?
  5. Unlike the more common Unplanned Rapid Disassembly that normally happens in KSP, Jeb had to perform a slow unplanned disassembly to reduce the weight of his lander to get enough delta-v to get back into orbit. https://jarmenia2.prizmshare.com/view/slow-unplanned-disassembly#
  6. Well I've heard them referred to as a planned hold, which is why I am confused about them. If they weren't planned, what you suggest would make sense.
  7. Why do they stop the count down for say 20 minutes as a planned hold? If the launch is scheduled for 9:00 and at 8:20 you are at T-20 and start a 20 minute hold, the launch is still 40 minutes away. Why don't they just keep the countdown going and just not have any activity for those 20 minutes of the countdown?
  8. Thanks for the response. Its not the flipping I am worried about but instead the rocket exploding because of DRE and FAR if I'm flying too fast in the lower atmosphere.
  9. Is there a way to tell when using FAR when I've hit Max Q so I can go full throttle with my engines? Currently I keep the TWR at about 1.25 until I get to 7 KM but this seems inefficient at times.
  10. That's what I was afraid of. I have solar panels but it seems like I never have enough batteries for when my ships are in the shadows. I haven't unlocked generators yet.
  11. Is there a tool to show me how much electric charge my ship will use? I've tried adding it all up by hand but it never seems accurate. I thought Kerbal Engineer would do this but I haven't found where it displays it if it does. Thanks,