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  1. Sorry for a very late reply. I haven't tested on orbital logistics part for MKS patch. I would love to help you test on this weekend. I'm quite busy lately. Try to do @Pleb suggestion. Should work fine. Tell me if it's working.
  2. More adjusted stats for new IVA. It's getting better and better! Can't wait for the full release!
  3. Yes. I will do pull request shortly.
  4. Here is something new on the USI-LS patch that I want you to help to test it out. I reduced the supplies production of greenhouses to give the larger greenhouse more opportunity to be used. In compensation of heavier mass than the USI-LS inline greenhouse, I decided to add recycler to them. I also adjust the aquaculture module a bit. So the new stats are. 2.5m greenhouse - 5.94 supplies/hr, 70% recycler efficiency for 2 crews. Total EC usage 6.8 EC/s 3.75m greenhouse - 9.9 supplies/hr, 70% recycler efficiency for 3 crews. Total EC usage 10.75 EC/s 3.75m aquaculture - 81% recycler efficiency for 4 crews, 36.25 EC/s https://www.dropbox.com/s/0rdtnqcn2hlh2ok/SSPXR-USILS.cfg?dl=0 I'm looking for feedback. Have a nice day!
  5. Oh dear. The 2.5m inflatable habs are amazing. It can house higher amount of sleeping bags than I expected! The compact 1.25m centrifuge, however, can't house much. Only 2 hammocks. I have adjusted the USI-LS patch according to the new IVA as well. Both habs are buffed. The compact centrifuge is nerfed accordingly. Patch file if you want to give it a test. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0rdtnqcn2hlh2ok/SSPXR-USILS.cfg?dl=0 About IVA, I'm not sure if the Eclair (large 1.25m inflatable hab) need more beds though. I think it could house 4 sleeping bags. But maybe it gonna be too crowded.
  6. @Fraz86 Thanks for info. I'm looking forward to see more of balance suggestions. I will take care of patch files later, unless @JadeOfMaar already fix it first.
  7. @Domfluff It's probably more fit in MKS patch actually. Since all of the deployable modules come from MKS. USI life support itself doesn't have any. I should ask @JadeOfMaar who currently maintain MKS patch first though.
  8. I have adjusted deflated mass and material kit requirement. It will be 40% deflated mass, and 60% will be the mass of material kit. Right now, the Engineer requirement will be 1. But as @Domfluff said for USI, all Kerbal class should be able to inflate the module for more flexibility. (One pilot only mission anyone?)
  9. Few more updates for USI-LS patch. - Star utility module is now a recycler, 50% efficiency for 2 crews, 0.5 EC/s. - Cut down Eclair extra month to be consistency. It only has 3 beds for 6 crews. - Adjust aquaculture module. It now has 81% efficiency for 6 crews. Uses 54.375 EC/s. Unlikely that you need it until you have more than 12 crews. - Adjust EC usage for Recyclers. - Increase Asylum Multiplier, It's now based on fully loaded mass with monopropellant for better balance. (10.5875 tons) It now has the multiplier value of 2.6.
  10. True. In this case, even hammocks or sleeping bags counts.
  11. @Domfluff Yeah, any type of crew for deployment would be a lot more convenience. And I just saw that it display resources needed, whoops. Reimbursed resources would be more complicated to code. Still weird to chuck your furniture out though, unless you don't have space to keep them. ...And just notice that Eclair inflatable hab (long, 1.25m) have only 3 sleeping bags. Welp. time to cut hab extra time in half for consistency. I still don't know about furniture inside Winston inflatable hab (short, 1.25m) Probably no bed.
  12. I have set up resources requirement. It's working fine. Should be on GitHub now. I have a few suggestion though. - Right now you can deploy the module without a crew. it should need a crew (preferably engineer) on the vessel to "carry" resources to deploy it. - In VAB, it should tell the player which resources and how much of them needed to deploy the module. - Should the deployable module unable to retract back later? If it can retract, it should spit out the resources back to the vessel.
  13. Did the mass of predeployed habs will be lighter though? The way USI balance this is undeployed hab will be lighter than deployed one, then you put material kits for some amount of mass to deploy it. Making it as heavy as original mass. Eg: A deployed hab weight 9 metric ton when deployed. When undeployed it's 1 metric tons. So you put 8 tons of material kits to deploy it.
  14. @Domfluff I'm glad you like it! I will do some real mission test if I have time. Need more data...
  15. I update the USI patch, a bit more refinement. It's on GitHub now. - Slightly decrease Multiplier on inflatables. - Increase Multiplier on centrifuges to be based solely on mass. Extensible (somewhat rigid) one get more multiplier bonus. - Decrease extra time on Pilgrim centrifuge to compensate low bedroom but high common space. The Pilgrim should give more habitation time than PFD-C centrifuge now. The Mercury centrifuge stats are really powerful, 360 extra months and 3.9 multipliers. For now, it will be compensated by sheer size and high EC use (about 50 per sec).