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  1. Pulsar

    [WIP] SeaQuest KSP

    This is great idea! More convinience food source. I imagine that sometime the crew is tired of stale snack.
  2. It's fine, I think it looks better that way. For now, I will use 3.125 meters fairing for adapters. Somehow it can be hidden from staging now. In the past, it didn't work. And I can still cover the whole 3.125 meters stage too. Show in Atlas V core + 2 SRMUs + 3.125 meters upper stage with CT2X 'Tunguska' from cryogenic engine mod by Nertea. I would prefer the Centaur T for Atlas V 5xx though. Shorter, more clearance and more payload space. This one is in the 522 configurations.
  3. At first, I'm thinking of flipping the fairing-base to put 2.5 meters stage on top of LDC first stage. But your idea is interesting too!
  4. What is the diameter of the expanded fairing? I would assume that it's 3.125 meters right? Since the real one is 5 meters. If that is true, I see the application with the LDC.
  5. I would add that the texture on the interstage shroud on both telescopic RL10 is missing textures, I believe. since it showing purple texture.
  6. I have checked the RSE 0.3.0 in a clean install with the required mod. No error here. With the latest patch, the errors are gone in both modded and clean install. Thank you.
  7. I would like to report the bug. MM has an error when loading solid_lower.cfg. The sound of lower stage SRB does not change despite using different SRBs. Errors appear on line 69077 and 69081 in the log file here. I use your latest RSE version and MM 3.1.1 https://www.dropbox.com/s/zok7hfhiobbskxq/output_log RSE Solid lower error.txt?dl=0 [ModuleManager] Error - Cannot parse variable search when inserting new key volume = #$../../../MODULE[ModuleEngines*]/maxThrust$ (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/DebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 51) [ModuleManager] Error - Cannot parse variable search when inserting new key volume = #$../../../MODULE[ModuleEngines*]/maxThrust$ (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/DebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 51)
  8. Swapping 8 H-1 to 4 E-1 work too well. Turn out I went too far and start going for 5 E-1 upgraded S-1C and Multibody tank. Still working great and I like it more than the F-1A. Just don't turn on all the engines at once on the heaviest variant. These are Saturn 1 variants including eye turned skyward one, all swap the engines for The E-1.
  9. Based on the saltshaker patch. The 5m nose cone and Olympus S4-1 5m LFO tank are balanced to have the same volume. So the patch applied to both tanks to have the same amount of fuel capacity. I may have to tinker on the actual math if both tanks are really equal in volume. Edit: It's pretty close, the nose tank when approximate as a cylinder and cone is slightly less volume, I keep the patch stats the same and only modify the name for clarification.
  10. I have modified @Saltshaker patch to make the tank balanced to stock parts. This will increase fuel in the tank. It's definitely OP in the stock game but more balanced in 2.5x and 3.2x rescale. I also reduce the thrust of SRB to 60% for more comfortable G-load and comparable burn time to the stock long shuttle SRB. It will need the B9 part switch to have LH2+LOX tank. https://www.dropbox.com/s/oat8qnwyhwjbnoz/RedirectPatch.cfg?dl=0
  11. 5X for the first stage. 4X is not enough. For short nozzle RL-10A, I think it would work fine in 2.5x. You have to pitch up more though. I can see the use of 2x mounting with the smaller upper stage tank. I would have to experiment more though.
  12. Actually, It can, even in 2.5x, and it look amazing. ...If you use a cryogenic upper engine like 4 RL-10A-4-1. LFO upper stage is just too heavy to comfortably lift. It also doesn't have enough delta-V to lauch in 2.5x. I'm having a blast with LDC, This is amazing!
  13. Ok, Although There is no kontainer mod coming with USI-LS. Current B9 config for storages should be fine.
  14. @dlrk First, thanks for helping rebalance the usi patch. It need some tweak but I don't have time. I have a question, If you are going to use machinery to help nerf the part, what if the player doesn't have usi mks but only have USILS? How they will resupply the machinery? Since I'm not using mks that much.
  15. I'm testing Liquid hydrogen MM config for RD-0120s. Work well on Energia-Buran in 2.5x so far. The config reduced the thrust to 70% of original, but have higher Isp based on the real engine. config file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m1ygecm9kc5su5m/EnergiaLH2.cfg?dl=0