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  1. Would it be possible to make a universal launcher bypass to replace all Take-Two, 2K and PD launchers that would work on other games too?
  2. If 2K/Private Division has their way, just give them time. This is just a re-skinned 2K launcher, and in they've been "fixing" some of these workarounds to force people to use the launcher.
  3. Edit: I backed up my existing game, uninstalled it, deleted the PD Launcher directories in AppData Local and Roaming. I re-installed KSP and recorded a video. _______________ Original Post: This new update added a launcher which now renders the game unplayable. I have verified the game files and they are all validated: When I start KSP from Steam, it takes about 2 minutes before I finally see this loading screen: Another minute or two and it changes to this: Then another minute or two goes by before it finally crashes with this error:
  4. You mean the out of date 3 year old article? I remember Steam going back on some of what it considered off topic, and added an option to disable the filter. Just go look at the reviews for yourself. KSP does not show a period of off topic reviews. I just checked, and made sure that I don't have the filter disabled and KSP shows no period of off-topic reviews. Neither do any of the other games I mentioned.
  5. After backing up KSP, I allowed the update, and as I feared, this is just 2K's launcher with a different skin. It crashes exactly the same way and fails to launch the game. Yes, for now there is a workaround, but how long until they "fix" that? They fixed some of the workarounds for the 2K launcher in other games. This is what happens when I start KSP from Steam: If the launcher doesn't immediately crash without an error, it takes about 2 minutes before the launcher loading screen pops up. At the bottom of the loading screen it shows "updating local cache" for a while, then "parsing contents", then it crashes with this error: I have verified the game files, and they are fine. 2K knows about this problem with their launcher, but they don't care to fix it and keep pushing it out to more games. I personally have submitted a dozen support tickets, from when they first added it over a year ago, and with every update since. Steam filters out "off topic" review bombs. Negative review bombs relating to a EULA change and adding a broken launcher are not considered off topic as they do relate to the game. Look at the review details for KSP and notice there is no period of off topic reviews. If there were, it would have a * indicating reviews are filtered out. The same goes for the 2K games that have received a lot of negative reviews due to this same launcher being added to them. Look at XCOM2, Civ VI and the BioShock game reviews. All have been review bombed due to the launcher, but Steam has not filtered them.
  6. From the screenshot posted, it looks just like a re-skin of the 2K launcher that has been added to most of their games (XCOM, Civ VI, BioShock, etc.). I have a lot of 2K games I can no longer play unless there is a way to bypass the launcher, because the launcher just crashes. I have vowed not to buy another 2K game until it is removed. Sadly, this now includes KSP2, unless it is released on GOG, where they don't allow these extra launchers, then I will not be buying it.
  7. The only true Kerbal way to redirect an asteroid is have Jeb get out and push it off course.
  8. What are these spinoffs? I haven't played a career game since 1.X, which I had to abandon because of stability issues. I've been wanting to get back, but I've been playing the waiting game for mods each time KSP updates. I really want to use KCT or something similar.
  9. I just started playing KSP again after a long time off. I don't like the stock fairing's confetti deploy, so I always set them to 2 sides and clamshell deploy. With clamshell deployment, having too low of an ejection force causes the fairing to not clear the craft and either get stuck or crash into it upon deployment, destroying it. I've found that the default ejection force of 100 is not enough to eject the other size fairings, so I have been using an ejection force of 500 without problem, until I built a craft today using the 5m fairing. I tried a simple test to make sure it wasn't something wrong with my craft. I used the tallest 5m diameter tank, put a 5m fairing on top and a probe core on top of it. I created a simple fairing with nothing is inside it. Set the fairing to 2 sides, clamshell deploy and ejection force of 500. Sitting on the launch pad, deploying the fairing causes the fairing base to explode every time. I lowered the ejection force until it no longer explodes and it seems fine at 400 and below. I put engines under it and launched it. I stuck to an ejection force of 400 and tried deploying it in different situations. Deploying the fairing works fine sitting still or when not under accelerations, but deploying them them under acceleration they still explode somewhat randomly. Edit: Oops, I thought I was in the support section, can a mod move this?
  10. No, we don't. KSP is not Steam exclusive. Having mod Workshop would be a big [snip]to people buying it outside of Steam.
  11. What a coincidence, I was just looking for that post and my bookmark wasn't working.
  12. I did a brief search and didn't see this suggested, but I would like to see a stock part that can be put on rovers that lets you take remote soil samples. I haven't found a mod that does this either. I remember there was one a long time ago in the alpha days. It even had an animated scooper thing when it took a sample. Sadly, that mod dropped out of existence a long time ago, and as far as I know, there are no mods that add remote soil sampling function.
  13. Unless they add an option to turn these off, I didn't like is that it limits control of probes when not in contact with the KSC. The way I see it, I'm the probe core carrying out pre-programmed commands when out of contact. You also can't add or edit maneuver nodes when a probe is not connected. Maneuver nodes should be something scientists at the KSC are doing, not the probe core. That's why I use AntennaRange because it gives me the option to stay in control of my probes.
  14. Thanks for the mod and everything you've done (also VOID and TweakableEverything). I watched some of the KSPTV preview streams and it looks like they took some inspiration from your mod. I somehow don't think this will be the end of this mod. There are some things I saw that I wasn't too crazy about the stock 1.2 comms, so your mod might live on tweaking the built in system. Thanks again for your mods.
  15. It showed up on CKAN, so you either fixed it or didn't need to do anything.
  16. I almost didn't say anything since this mod has been out for 4 months and no one else mentioned it. I thought maybe it was some kind of inside joke that I wasn't getting.
  17. I did still have 1.0.2 on my backup drive and repeated the experiment. I put a Stayputnik core in a 30k orbit and left it running for an hour. It still happens, but it's not as bad. After an hour the orbit had only dropped by 10m.
  18. I know part clipping can cause phantom forces, which is why I don't clip parts in my own designs. The stock craft does have clipped parts, so I threw a Stayputnik core in the same 30k x 30k orbit and left it running for an hour. To rule out any torque forces I disabled the reaction wheels and drained the battery in the VAB before HyperEditing it in orbit. This time the Ap began rising and the Pe lowering, but after an hour the Ap and Pe were ~100m lower than where it started out. I just remembered while typing this that I may have 1.0.2 on a backup drive. I'll check that out later and see if it happened in 1.0.2, but I'm pretty sure it didn't because I would have noticed it when fulfilling satellite contracts.
  19. Is anyone else having problems with orbits changing and ships not having electricity when switching to them? I started this career save in 1.0.2, but I didn't have this problem until a few days ago after 1.0.4. I'm playing career mode on a custom hard mode setting, which means things are going quite slow. I am running mods, but I have re-produced this in stock KSP without mods. I finally managed to orbit the Mun for the first time in this career. After the burn to intercept the Mun, I set myself up to have a 25k Pe when I arrived. After crossing the Mun's SOI my Pe jumped to 50k. I made a correction burn to bring it back down to 25k, then circularized at 25k x 25k. I EVA'd my scientist to grab the experiments I collected in high space and reset them to collect low orbit and gathering low orbit biome science. This mission completed 3 contracts, so before I left the Mun I switched back to the Space Center to check and see if any new contracts were available that I could complete with this ship. I was in the Sun and the batteries were full when I left, but when I switched back it was out of power and was all of the sudden in a 48k x 30k orbit and both the Ap and Pe were dropping at a pretty fast rate. I was on the opposite side of the Mun for the exit burn, and only had just enough fuel to make the return burn. The orbit dropped down to 32k x 26k while waiting to be in position for the return burn. Today accepted some new contracts, one of which was to gather science from space around Kerbin. I already had satellites in orbit from previous contracts, so I could easily knock that one out. I switched to an existing satellite to transmit science and it was out of electricity, but it was in the sun and immediately began charging up. It was in a stable 500K x 400K polar orbit and fully charged when I left it, but its orbit began dropping just like the ship in orbit around the Mun. I decided to install a fresh KSP and start a new sandbox game to see if it was mod related or my save, but it is still happening. I installed one mod, HyperEdit, so I could quickly throw a ship into an orbit. I loaded the stock vessel Orbiter 1A and placed it in a 30K circular orbit around the Mun. After almost an hour, its orbit has dropped to 29.1K x 28.7K, and is still dropping.
  20. After trying out the other LS mods, I've decided this is the one for me. It does fit the Kerbal "theme" and doesn't require micro managing a lot of different resources, and I'm also using MKS/OKS. I've been playing with this on my career on a custom hard mode and I've finally unlocked the tech I need and raised enough money to finally set off and start exploring the Mun. I don't want to have to bring extra parts just to store a few supplies for quick missions to the Mun and Minmus, plus I can't afford to upgrade the VAB right now and that 30 part limit is making it hard. I realize Kerbals go without supplies for 15 days, but that feels cruel to send them off for several days without snacks. I also seems a bit odd that they can't stuff a few days of supplies in the command pods and passenger modules, so I decided to make a module manager config that adds supplies to any part capable of holding crew: Supplies_Settings { Add_SPC = 5 // Number of Supplies to add per crew } @PART[*]:HAS[!MODULE[ModuleLifeSupport],#CrewCapacity[*],~CrewCapacity[0]]:FOR[LifeSupport] { SPC = #[email protected]_Settings/Add_SPC$ @SPC *= #$CrewCapacity$ RESOURCE { %name = Supplies %amount = #$/SPC$ %maxAmount = #$/SPC$ } } It will add 5 supplies per crew to any crewable part. Of course you can edit the "Add_SPC = 5" to add whatever you find is reasonable. Five supplies gives about 4.5 days worth of life support and seems reasonable for me.
  21. I got hit with this today and I did not change anything from the last time I played. Every time I started KSP today my settings reverted. I searched and found this post and indeed it is the joystick that was the problem for me. When I played yesterday I setup my gamepad to use for flying planes, but I had to unplug it to plug something else into that USP port. Plugging the gamepad back in caused the game to load my settings again. I generally don't leave my gamepad plugged in unless I'm using it and I only use it in KSP when flying planes, so this is a big annoyance.
  22. I'm getting back into KSP after not playing since version .24. It's nice that there are stock fairings, but I don't like them after having previously used Procedural Fairings. My one tiny complaint is that the Procedural Fairings placement in the tech tree isn't consistent with the stock fairings. You get Procedural Fairings before the stock fairings, which seems kind of cheaty.
  23. Shouldn't the placement of the different sizes (small, medium, large) be moved in the tech tree to be consistent with the stock game's small, medium and large gear? All three sizes of the adjustable gear are currently in the landing node of the tech tree, which contains the stock small gear. The stock medium gear unlocks at advanced landing and the large gear at heavy landing.
  24. I was having memory crashes after installing some mods and starting a new career game. My KSP is sitting right at 3GB of mem usage, and if those damn temp gauges popped up I could expect a crash very soon. I'm not using nearly as many mods as you, my GameData is only 700MB (including Squad's stuff). I tried the -force-d3d11 option and it saves about 500MB, but I get messed up fonts in some places.
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