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  1. The habitual zone, where nail biting and knuckle popping thrive.
  2. Pokemon Go

    You would know :-) That's clearly the rocket park at JSC lol.
  3. Bad Science in a game!

    This exact thing happened to me lol. I learned about KSP from a member of my MWO group and never looked back :-)
  4. Bad Science in a game!

    I had such high hopes for this game when it was announced. I was a Legendary Founder and part of the closed beta. I just gave up on it after about a year and a half of drama and monotonous game-play :-/
  5. Bad Science in a game!

    MWO is still alive?! I haven't played in 2 years but I'd recognize the city art anywhere.
  6. Anybody play an instrument?

    I played trombone in jazz band in highschool. same as pTrevTrevs though, probably forgot most of what I knew and I wasn't that great anyway. I, on the other hand, owned my own instrument so I still have it. Sort of. I live in Seattle and it's at my sister's house in Houston. $1200 (when new) Olds trombone with one trigger.
  7. A "Scott Manley" Joke!

    So confused...
  8. Nostalgia thread

    Possibly. I never played the Hero series. HoMM and MM are different play styles altogether.
  9. You won't believe this...

    youtube ads have ruined it even further than the fact that it only plays when you navigate to the tab. it was so much better in the early 2000's :-(
  10. Ask a stupid question, Get a stupid answer back.

    um...yes. a set ALWAYS contains itself.... why can't i count to infinity?
  11. Atlas V 411 - Just why ?

    Agreed. Symmetry only matters if you can't counteract asymmetry.
  12. I still can't believe Johnson Space Center in Houston didn't get a real shuttle...
  13. Those were epic. Thanks for sharing!
  14. LEGO Ideas Saturn V

    In the process of designing this with the two original creators, I wound up building one in order to test the fit and stability of the parts. Flickr Album
  15. What hobbies do you have besides KSP

    RC planes, scale models, LEGO, handwriting/calligraphy, fountain pens