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  1. The v0.3 2D game ought to be a playable easter egg in the admin building (similar to Jeb's fishing game). Loving that kitbashed control panel on the side of the screen...
  2. Very excited about 1.1 but it's finally overwhelmed the memory on my asthmatic old PC... I'm used to the game crashing every half an hour with a dozen interplanetary missions out there after a few game years, but now it's happening by launch 3! A bit disappointing with all the talk of the new platform being less resource hungry but that's life, time to start saving for a new machine
  3. Try Persistent Rotation for that... https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/668/PersistentRotation
  4. I was disappointed to see that the orbit decay bug has returned - sometimes when warping for a long period the orbit decays as if the engines had been engaged retrograde, resulting in either a catastrophic spacecraft/scenery interface or hilariously ending up on a 180 degree inclined orbit if left too long. This has just wrecked my first 1.0.2 Duna shot. Grrrr.
  5. - - - Updated - - - brutal little ship, what's the mod?!
  6. Just been playing with the Beta, which didn't break anything despite having FAR too many mods installed on my game. However, controlling it is something else... After carefully warping to a 300km flyby of the sun I tried to warp myself back to Kerbin and instead ended up on a 65 degree inclined escape trajectory from the system. A little guidance would be welcome. One thing though, despite warping all over the shop trying to fix my course I didn't deplete fuel by a single unit.
  7. when? when?? when??? I'm going slightly mad spending years shipping Karborundum back from the mines of Eeloo and this is going to improve things no end
  8. I finally managed a stock basic modular explorer set up. The two versions below ran science missions to Jool and landings on Pol&Bop respectively using only the fuel they lifted off with. Took way too much fuel for the second run but hey, you live and learn!
  9. quick, someone mod Moho http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/water-on-mercury-photographed-by-nasa-for-the-first-time-in-permanently-shadowed-craters-9801110.html
  10. I saw comment somewhere that they were doing this press release both (a) to get partners in and ( because they are about to file patents on certain aspects. Anyone got a view on point (?
  11. how dare you tease us so! hand over the craft file NOW... I'm feeling all Elite about it, how about Python?
  12. Please help me out here. I have a vision for a KSP mod, based upon a game I played many many moons ago which, if fully utilised, would require: New KSP facility Resources New technologies at the end of the techtree Linear missions I can't program but I can model, having cut my teeth creating buildings for SimCity, if I can just remember some of my chops... So, my questions for those smarter than me: For the facility I have an external model I'm working on but am unsure how to integrate this into the game, can anyone steer me in the right direction? also, can the internal VAB and SPH models be changed?? I was planning on using the Karbonite resource system (if possible) but if I want to add additional resources is this a simple matter of tweaking the definition file or is it more complex than that? For my plan to work I will need a couple of new items at the end of the tech tree. Again, is this just a matter of tweaking a definition file? Whilst the mod would be mostly open ended and you could do whatever you like obviously to progress through the story, such that there is one, I would need linear mission progression. Can I do this just by having a flag of completing a previous mission? is there also an idiot's guide to defining missions? I was thinking of just putting the idea out there and seeing if other people wanted to do it but am determined now to try and give it a go myself, so any help would be greatly appreciated.