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  1. You can adjust resource consumption to your liking. As to the what the EU actually is spent on, I have no idea if it's too high or low EU/day. I think it's supposed to represent internal operations like waste handling and O2 balancing.
  2. ' Would like to point out that the vessel dupe bug is still there. I don't know if I updated correctly, but the way I did it was to paste the Gameplay folder and overwrite all 1.3.3 files.
  3. Why not both? Career for when I want to be more "realistic" and semi-RP. Sandbox is for doing whatever I want. Career is more "gamey" Sandbox for testing things. I had more arguments, but they kinda bailed my mind.
  4. Gnipu

    Ike's core

    So, I did a temperature scan on Ike and "near Ike". I think it measured around -70 degrees (celsius?) on the ground (can't check now and I didn't write it down). What does this indicate? I did not expect the temp scan to work at all. As I'm neither a geologist or seismic person, I can't do any educated guesses - but I'm thinking hot core. What do you think? (should I put up a lame poll? heh)
  5. Suggestion (is that OK?): For the Rover window, how about adding checkpoints? I.e. first go to X, then Y. Maybe even different speeds? Main use would be to avoid terrain.
  6. d) Either core-melting render distance or exclusive constant rendering of Moon Moon.
  7. Ah, come on... On a side note, I don't think that a lower case nickname is suited for a forum!
  8. One way is to let the player choose everything. I.e. put the actions (?) in an "undefined" stage.
  9. Hey, I love this concept! Any progression? Haven't tried it yet as it seems to unfinished to bother (yeah I'm a snob), so I'm paying close attention to development