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  1. Bye Kasper Fly safe and dont forget to drop in and say hello sometimes
  2. Most likely Most of us gave up really large builds when the aero changed (although they are fun to build and launch) Not sure about Whackjob
  3. Be careful what you wish for Unless you mean recent history Two years ago , I launched a Jool-5 mission. Single launch, no refueling, no docking till i arrived at Jool It weighed in at about 26000 tons on the launch pad, And put 2800 tons into a 250 x 300 orbit before heading off to Jool This challenge has been going for a VERY long time And i am not certain if it was the largest launch even then, as there have been some true monster craft designed and launched, so much so, that Ziv placed a limit on the build sizes P.s. I think it had 48 LV-Ns for the transfer stage
  4. Its not exploiting .........Just think of it as a Non-linear reinterpretation of a rule that's more of a guideline. At least until you get called out for it
  5. Check with Boolybooly but the rules used to be You said you are delivering a fuel tank, so...... In general It should arrive at its destination in the same state it launched with i.e. If it left full of fuel, it must arrive full of fuel. one exception is, you could launch with the cargo fuel pod empty (to save weight), Dock in space with a station, fill the cargo fuel pod but NOT your SSTO and then deliver the fully fueled pod to its destination, As long as no fuel is transferred into your SSTO it's ok (you can transfer fuel out of your SSTO) The moment you add fuel to your SSTO that ends the distance it has travelled and the awards are calculated from that If you use fuel out of the pod then drop it off somewhere, it is classed as a staged drop and disqualifies your spaceplane as 100% reusable TLDR: Adding fuel to your SSTO ends its calculations for awards (except Gatecrasher)
  6. Been gone awhile, Thought i would come back and see you all Ship name : Mun-n-bak Funny didn't land on Mun, Messed up my re-entry and couldn't quite get back to KSC
  7. Did you happen to record the names of these so called "tourists" ? More likely you have just been hit by a top level espionage team from a rival space company THEY are known to use this as a means of crippling your fledgling operations into the "paying tourist" industry methinks you may have a covert operative feeding this rival company information you may need to sterilize (read that as vaporize) your entire staff and hire new staff after carefully cross checking
  8. Yes thanks This was one of a series of test craft i made, I probably should have posted a smaller ship, Most of my designs are 2 turbojets and 1 nuke, I was testing different drag models and configurations and had these pictures ready to go
  9. Not very practical yet but it does work Hold 20 AoA , when speed drops kick in nukes, Nuke your way to orbit (Adjusting AoA of course)
  10. Because mechjeb was the first info tool i installed and i am used to it, can't be bothered to install KER and learn how to use it P.s. mechjeb doesn't fly my craft anymore, I do all my own piloting, maneuver planning and docking i remove mechjeb from craft after building them unless its required for info displays on challenges
  11. JOOL 5 challenge in 0.90 Weighs in at 25978.7 tons put 2800 tons into orbit
  12. No Whackjob is a Kerbal God I am just someone who got a bit carried away building redundancy into my craft
  13. Good to see you got your swagger back It seemed to me, you were a bit down about the aero in 1.02 and it made for some unpleasant looking craft But these are beautiful
  14. Hi all, here is a little ship i made for a jool-5 mission 25978.7 tons on the launch pad, 1112 parts 2800 tons to 100x100 orbit....Oh yeah almost forgot it was nearly an SSTO just didn't finalize orbit as i didn't want all that junk lagging my other launches The acceleration of a soggy biscuit,the turning circle of an OIL TANKER and the structural integrity of a snowflake on a hot tin roof All lead to a fun/worrying launch (once in space things improved somewhat) This was done in BETA Craft is now dead as i have replaced my computer because the old ones hard-drive failed (RIP my stupidly oversize craft) Apparently there is a launchpad under all that The complete album
  15. When your rocket exceeds 25000 tons on the launchpad
  16. Asteroid surface Currently have one c class asteroid and one e class orbiting Kerbin and supplying fuel to craft before they leave Kerbins SOI I just send one of my Parasite class refineries to capture an asteroid then use its own resources to re-position it But for moon base refine on the surface
  17. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Orion_%28nuclear_propulsion%29 Would work just a little upsetting to the people left behind
  18. NO. Like everyone else you just need to work out the new "best" flight path "MOAR BOOSTERS :)"
  19. TYLO is hard mode due to the lack of atmosphere But this does sound like fun to try
  20. Ohh well back to the drawing board So ends the SCORPIAN Mk.XI on to the SCORPIAN Mk.XII
  21. ROFL I have a few of those moments.......and then when you finish X hours of building.. On to the next insane creation
  22. You can test anyway you like BEFORE you start the mission, But when you leave for JOOL no more hyperedit, testing or ship swapping From the rules - Unlimited launches are allowed to Kerbin orbit to put the main ship together but this is also part of the challenge and has to be documented well. No hyperedit! - There's funding for one main ship only so all the crew, lander(s) and other stuff has to go to Jool as one big ship. - Beside the nice pictures, you have to show pictures AND data (fuel, deltaV, etc) about the key moments of the mission (launch(es) and the optional orbital building, dockings, moving in the Jool System, landings and getting backs, refueling mission, science points, etc). - No picture and it didn't happen! I will also track back your fuel consumption, refueling and delta-V's and I will need these data from your mission so post pictures where every informative window is open too. - if you just barely did something (like landing on Tylo with a low TWR, for example) then post more pictures about that heroic part of the mission so I can be sure it really happened as you say! If the doubt is strong I may ask for your craft file to test it. So once you think you have your ship all planned out (and pre tested) document every launch, all fuel use Make a really BIG photo album to store EVERY screen shot you take (even quick saves/loads), and then build a Mission report from the best of those pictures ZIV will check fuel usage......He always does
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