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  1. From my testing this is a bug caused by Sigma Dimensions, the root mod for Rescale, whenever you approach the boundary of a PQS grid. I have not seen a fix for it so far but you might find more help in the Sigma sub form.
  2. yes, update the included Kopernicus to the new version for now. Im in the process of working on the next update for K-365 which should update to the newest Kopernicus and extend OPM support to the new planets.
  3. Most of my plans for this mod are outlined on the front page in the Planned Features section at the bottom, but one thing I'm focusing on now is making Environmental Effects packs work with this mod by creating a re-scale config common to all EE packs. Aside from that I'm thinking of supporting more planet packs, but before i do I need to know which planet pack you guys think I should work on next.
  4. The new OPM should work with the current version of K-365, but the new planets will still be in their original orbit. When I update to the new version of K-365 I will include support for the new planets in OPM as well as a few other features I have planned .
  5. Version 0.4.1 is now live! This is a simple patch that fixes a few syntax errors and makes Kerbin 365 playable without OPM, as intended. Thanks Tater for bringing this bug to my attention!
  6. Heat effects are increased from stock due to the changes in both atmosphere size and the higher orbital velocity. This makes re-entry more challenging, pushing spaceplane parts to the high temperature warnings in normal reentry. As for the effects the generate the same as stock, with the same temperatures and speeds marking the beginning and end of the effects. For your spaceplane issue that is also part of the base game, as the speed/temp. values for effect generation are the same, but I will look into changing this in the future. Finally for Deadly Reentry, it currently only does G-force death and should be fully supported. As for future versions Kerbin-365 should be compatible out of the box as is but I will make sure it is fully supported in the future. Hmm this shouldn't happen. I will have to go through and figure out what I left ticked to force OPM dependency. If I had to guess I would say its an if-than command I mis-coded. I'm busy at university with midterms so it may take a while for the update but for now just delete the OPM config if you are not using it. Also I repackaged the file structure with a Gamedata folder for easy instalation, just drag the Gamedata into the base game or drag the internal files into the Gamedata folder in the KSP file. Thats all for now folks! I will be here to answer any questions and as always please report any bugs! It helps me fix this for the upcoming full release and make this mod better for those who use it.
  7. New update guys! Version BETA 0.4 is now Live! Change Log: - Re-coded entire mod to run more efficiently and be better compatible with other planet packs. - Added Outer Planets support. - Up-scaled atmosphere heights on all applicable planets by 16%. - Up-scaled temperature curves on all atmospheric planets by 16% as well. - Fixed solar heat curves for all atmospheric bodies for new atmospheres. - Changed file structure to be easier to install. - Updated to Kopernicus BETA edition. - Removed KSCSwitcher dependency. - Removed PQS changes (temporary until I sort out better values) - Edits to Norah's description (Refinement will come later) - Added 90% more freedom.
  8. Good news everyone! I finally got the OPM support configs to work. It required a complete re-coding of my mod (again ) but it works! Next update is shaping up to be out within the week, probably on Friday. I still have a few major things to get set first (moving to GitHub, finalizing my KerbalStuff version, etc.) but the next few updates are shaping up nicely and I should be able to get them out quite quickly, barring another overhaul.
  9. This is a simple suggestion. In the Mk3 cockpit there are four windows on the rear of the pod to allow the pilots to look back into the cargo bay or the rear of the craft. Unlike all other windows in KSP these windows cannot be double-clicked on to focus the view through. I suggest that these windows be select-able to allow the player to focus the camera through them. In a side note this issue also extends to the windows in the science lab, as these also don't seem to be select-able.
  10. Were back baby! Version 0.3 is now live! This is a complete overhaul of the mod, replacing the core dependency of RealSolarSystem with the new Kopernicus mod. This update should make this mod more dependable in the future as well as allow for better control over the new stock system. While there are still a few bugs and features that need work I feel the mod is in a state where I can release a working update.
  11. Good news everyone! I have managed to make progress regarding that misplaced KSC glitch. With the use of KSC Switcher and a lot of experimentation I have managed to finally get K-365 in a semi-working state. Now that I have found a way past that game breaking bug I can now polish up the new build and get it ready for release within the next week or two. So for those of you patiently waiting at home for the next update scooch a little closer to the edge of your seat because it is coming soon.
  12. Its been a busy few weeks at university so I haven't much time to work on K-365. However in the time I do have the rebuild to Kopernicus has been going well. Except for this one bug which completely breaks the game. once I get the KSC peninsula resealed and the KSC moved off the water I can focus on finalizing the other planet rescales and get the next update out.
  13. This is much appreciated! It would seem that is is possible to move the KSC with Koernicus, as it uses a similar PQS loader to RealSolarSystem , however I can't seem to get the code set correctly to actually move it. Until then I will look at integrating this into the mod bundle and hopefully be able to update sooner.
  14. Ya about that..... Bad news, with the new 1.0 Realsolarsystem is no longer supported (just yet at least) and word on the grapevine is that it will work differently in the new update. The good news is that I have moved to make this mod based around Kopernicus instead of the Realsolarsystem plugin. The transfer is a longer process and has introduced its own brand of fun bugs. One major bug that is keeping me from releasing the new update is that with Kopernicus i don't seem to be able to relocate the KSC; which, do to the resale, is currently in the ocean. Once I find a way around this I will send out the new update so you guys can all play-test it and settle all those ants in your pants.
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