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  1. I would guess that you would be fine up to 1.7.3 as long as the supporting mods are appropriate, but you might have trouble from 1.8 onwards, since 1.8 changed the way graphics were done. Really, though, "try it and see" is never bad advice. Good luck!
  2. Well, there was at least one mod that used both RPM and MAS in the same IVA, but I do have to wonder what would happen if the both had separate IVAs for the same cockpit / pod / whatever ...
  3. @The White Guardian Aryll has a biome map, but biomes do not seem to be called out in the config?
  4. SVT only modifies the textures of the stock system, it should be indifferent to OPM. For clouds, you need EVE, and then you need SVE, which will give you clouds for both stock and OPM. OPM-VO might work, but I don't think it's been updated for recent versions of the game. GPP also has cloud configs for stock and OPM, in addition to its own.
  5. It doesn't sound boring at all. Talk to us!
  6. Yeah, I just noticed that myself. On a VERY quick first look, it appears to be working fine. On a possibly unrelated topic, I have noticed a small visual (glitch?) that has persisted over Scatterer 053 and 054, on BH 1.1.0, whereby when examining worlds with shiny textures (eg Janus or Tau) at high zoom levels in the Tracking Station view, a very faint whitish ring appears, overlaid on the planet, about three quarters of the planet's diameter. The ring looks like it might be lens flare. I haven't included a picture because the effect is almost impossible to see unless you drag the view from side to side, and I don't have video software. This might just be the flare effect working as designed, but I'd appreciate it if you could take a look. Thank ye!
  7. Okay, thanks. The install instructions text file included in the BH 1.1.0 download only speaks of Scatterer 0.052, and 0.053 came out almost simultaneously with your update, so I thought it best to ask.
  8. Have to say, I really like your gas giant planets.
  9. SVE gives you rings around Jool if Kopernicus is installed, though it is mostly for giving you EVE clouds in the stock system.
  10. Module Manager gives you Nyan Cats on April 1st (All Fools Day) and February 22nd (National Cat Day in Japan).
  11. My apologies. I've actually just gotten into it myself fairly recently, and I don't really know who all the "players" are yet. No harm or insult was intended.
  12. Fair enough. The Kopernicus wiki has a nice explanation, it shouldn't give you much trouble once you get into it. Have fun, and thank you for refreshing this mod.