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  1. Fair enough. The Kopernicus wiki has a nice explanation, it shouldn't give you much trouble once you get into it. Have fun, and thank you for refreshing this mod.
  2. Okay, did a little fooling around with it, the fix is to go into the file Cerillion_1.cfg, and comment out the line in the Ring node that says "steps = 10". That gets the circular rings back..
  3. Ummm ... are the rings *supposed* to be a ten-sided polygon?
  4. @MrChumley I was having trouble getting the clouds to work, until I looked into ASCclouds.cfg and realized that I needed the original EVE configs as well as the basic mod. Since there are now a number of config sets for EVE in addition to the original, and since you can really only use one config at a time, perhaps the need for the BoulderCo configs should be noted on the OP?
  5. For framerate, you could try turning off everything to do with oceans in scatterer. For auroras, the file you want to fool with is .../GameData/AstronomersVisualPack/EVE/aurora.cfg. Clean out the /Default and /EnvMap directories in Texture Replacer, and drop the files for the skybox of your choice into /Default.
  6. Looking good! One minor niggle: in the MEM, I'm not sure how appropriate the HUD really is with a 60s style control panel. You could make a case for it, since they were starting to come into military service at the time, but it kind of feels wrong, IMO.
  7. The Jenkins page with the d/ls is here: https://ksp.sarbian.com/jenkins/job/CustomBarnKit/
  8. Yeah, the problem with that is (at least for the Mk1-2 pod), the rename prevents you from using advanced IVAs like the one from ASET unless you do more config diddling.
  9. You need to find the line that says "category = none" and change it to "category = Pods" in the config for the old-style pod. (The capital "P" is important in this case.) Then go into the config for the new pod and change "category = Pods" to "category = none". Oddly, it seems that it is necessary to edit the relevant config files directly, I could not get this to work using ModMan patches. Of course, that may simply be due to my inexperience writing such patches ... Good luck!
  10. LOL, fair enough. It is an absolutely gorgeous render.
  11. You've got the Magellanic Clouds in the northern sky, at least on my install.
  12. The old style Mk1 pod is still included in 1.5.1, you just need to tweak a line in the config to make it show up. (And do the opposite tweak to the new pod to hide it, they don't peacefully coexist.)
  13. I'm running ResearchBodies 1.9.7 under KSP 1.4.5, and I'm getting a static portrait of Wernher overlaid on Gene in Mission Control. Is there a solution for this that I haven't been able to find here? Thank you ...
  14. Yes. The problem is that the Mk1-2 Pod isn't installed in 1.4.5 by default. Copy the following into a .cfg file to bring it in: @PART[Mark1-2Pod] { @category = Pods }
  15. The image appears to be upside-down, ie flipped north-south.
  16. Just a quick note - in the zip file for v1.01, the GameData folder is instead named GamaData. This did not cause me any problems, but FYI.
  17. Rather remarkably, this mod appears to be working in 1.4.5, with the new ASET props and avionics. I can't tell y'all how happy this makes me!
  18. As with OHara, I was trying to d/l v18.1, and getting the same trojan warning. Also as with OHara, I am now able to get v18.1 from all 3 sources with no issues. I'm running Windows Defender under Windows 10, and Defender has been updated since my original report, so perhaps it was just a case of Defender screwing up. ETA: DANG IT! Cancel that last, I am getting the virus warnings again. I unzipped and scanned the files, and everything was fine, but then I tried to move the downloads, and suddenly the warnings were back.
  19. I tried the download from every available source separately, with identical results for each. :-( Unfortunately, I have no idea how to decompile things, so while I do appreciate your making the option available, that is not really an option for me. Fortunately, I had an old copy of 18.0 around which appears to be okay.
  20. @DMagic, My Windows Defender software is throwing a virus warning for files SCANsat.dll and SCANsat.Unity.dll. Could you look into this, please? Thank ye ...
  21. There's a really gorgeous interior for this pod available here: However, that IVA is mostly analog readouts. My personal preference is for heavily digitized cockpits, so more from you would be very welcome. :-)
  22. Ah, I wondered if that might be the case. :-)
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