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  1. Okay, thanks. I hadn't realized that they included things like those pushbuttons with the covers over them.
  2. Looks nice. What version of ASET Props and / or Avionics are you using?
  3. Looks very nice so far. I think the green CRT screen should probably be replaced with one of the black LCD screens, though. To me, it seems rather jarringly retro in an otherwise thoroughly modern cockpit. The procedure manuals should probably go somewhere else as well. As it is, they are perfectly placed to fall out and whack the poor pilot in the face during high-g maneuvers! :-)
  4. Well, but that actually makes perfect sense. Military applications are a lot more forgiving of poor efficiency than commercial products can ever be, as long as the item in question works fairly reliably and gives an improved capability. Also, the way trends in science are going these days, there's a substantial possibility that this will be part of the Chinese war machine, rather than the American ...
  5. Just before reentry, the warheads on a Minuteman III ICBM can be going as fast as 15,000 mph.
  6. ... which is actually a pretty short distance, even by solar system standards. And at that size and distance, even if it reflected no light whatsoever, it would regularly get noticed as it occluded other celestial objects, not to mention what it would do to the trajectories of various interplanetary probes ... Sadly, Ralathon's conclusions are spot on. :-(
  7. Oh, okay, sorry. I misinterpreted 'pre sited' in your OP. That'll teach me to post before being fully awake from a nap ... :-)
  8. There's probably two reasons for that - most artists aren't rocket scientists, so there's a tendency for the rockets to come out looking like whatever high-performance non-rocket vehicle happens to occupy the public's fantasy at the time; and perhaps more importantly, it took a while to develop a decent way to steer a rocket, and the first thing they tried was big fins in the airstream a la the V2.
  9. Universal and likke_A_boss --- have you tried installing the lo-res texture pack that comes with B9? Full-res B9 over vanilla was enough to give me a CTD, when I tried it with the current version, but the lower resolution mod fixed that.
  10. Unless the tiny supermassive star is going to wreck the sun, too, it would save a lot more people to build a bunch of space stations in solar orbit instead. If you can build the life support system for a generation ship, planets are redundant.
  11. Hey, I'm just talking possibilities. Considerations of why you'd want to do it or what it would cost are not relevant in this case. :-) ETA: Since the shuttle used an adapter in the cargo bay to dock to the ISS in any case, the weight and volume lost are unlikely to be an issue at all, although development cost might be if NASA did it.
  12. *shrug* Put an adapter in the shuttle's cargo bay. No big deal, as long as there's room for the shuttle at that port ...
  13. With unlimited funding, why restrict yourself to a single LV? Build a whole family of them, optimized to various tasks ...
  14. Interesting ... I had heard many years ago that the main objection to 'black hole' came from the *Russians*, since the term apparently had obscene connotations in that language. Never heard about the French ...
  15. Well, Elon Musk claims that he wants to retire on Mars. A landing or three on the moon would be a reasonable training effort towards that goal.
  16. See this post, 2 below the one you looked at: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/25241-0-22-B9-Aerospace-Pack-R4-0c-New-pods-IVAs-engines-fuselages-structures?p=865511&viewfull=1#post865511
  17. I think he meant the wings on the actual aircraft, not the KSP model of same. Certainly the pictured aircraft appears to have swing wings ...
  18. In order: 1) Not sure, maybe with a large but low-gravity world? 2) Should be possible with a high-gravity world that has either lost most of its atmo, or never had much of one to begin with. 3) Probably not, due to the Roche Limit. 4) Technically, the answer would be "we don't know;" theoretically, the only way to get significant amounts of O2 is to have it continually be produced by life. Initial supplies tend to get quickly used up by oxidizing the local rocks and such like.
  19. Just how far away is the black hole from the planet, anyway? If it's more than, say, a million miles or so, then the planet is in no danger whatsoever from the hole's gravity, although it might well get fried by xrays if enough stuff is falling into the hole.
  20. Is there a way to move the icon around? Currently, running in 1920 x 1080, it's stuck in the middle of my screen. Also, on the space centre screen, there's a little black box at about the location where the icon would be on the flight screens. Both these issues are new to this version for me.
  21. Sorry, not going to happen. The planet (if one could form) wouldn't have enough time to cool down and lose its initial heat of formation before the star went supernova!
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