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  1. Of course, if the entire bloody western world would refrain from running for the shelter of Uncle Sam's coattails every time some angry Third World village idiot said "boo", America might be able to give up that hobby. Alternatively, if America could get control of its own entitlement spending, it could easily afford a world-beating military AND a ginormous space program. But I guess those options made too much sense, or something ...
  2. I dunno ... IF the ARM stays on-time and on-budget, then MAYBE it will survive; but the US is heading for a massive economic meltdown sometime soon. When that hits, all bets are off. (See, for example, Russia after the Wall came down ... )
  3. I suspect that your major problem in this scheme would be finding a material that doesn't almost immediately lose all the stored energy via radiation or internal friction. A more practical solution might be to pump up a flywheel.
  4. Well, circular orbits are easier if you're trying to do a rendezvous, and an object in a circular orbit moves at a constant speed at a steady altitude, which can be important for certain applications. Still, there are also times when you don't actually care, and others where you actually want an elliptical orbit; see, for example, the Russian Molniya commsats.
  5. 100 is seriously pessimistic. Given the accelerating pace of technological progress, it's a good bet that the first generation of immortals has already been born. (Assuming that we don't go and blow ourselves up or something equally stupid, of course ...)
  6. Well, the smart-ass answer would be Earth ... :-) If that was not the answer they were looking for, I would say the atmosphere of Jupiter, on the the grounds that it has the largest volume with the widest variety of environments, thus maximizing my chances of getting lucky somewhere along the line.
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