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  1. The thing about space travel is there's always the danger of radiation, forward contamination, Kessler syndrome, etc. Space travel in KSP is no exception. I've seen people taking care not to fire NERVAs in atmosphere. I've seen people in streams altering their ascent paths so as not to fly over any major city (forgot who that is). I also see people making orbiters designed to clean up space debris. And then there's me, shamelessly test-firing quad-NERVA units on the launchpad, not caring where my discarded boosters landed, dumping stages with excess fuel on Kerbin's serene oceans, contaminating Duna(badly) by deorbiting the spent quad-nerva unit used for interplanetary transfer... Well I guess the question is, how do you (not) take care of the environment/atmosphere/system/galaxy in your save?
  2. Are you good in image-editing/compositing? If you have the skills in Photoshop or GIMP or any image-editing program, this might just be the challenge to show your PR/marketing skills! The challenge is quite simple. People here have their respective "companies". You just have to design a poster for recruiting unsuspecting kerbals to join your "company". Something like "Sign up now for our very first trip to Eve! [return not guaranteed]", or maybe something like "Uncle Gene wants you!", or maybe "Join the <x company> engineering team today and get a free snack!". MECHANICS: There are no specific dimensions for the poster itself but portrait orientation is preferred. Make it as compelling as possible! Choice of words might just be the key to a more "believable" poster. Quality is top priority. Don't just whip something up in paint... please GET DESIGNING AND POST!
  3. My Wayfarer Mk1 Space Vehicle has just been successfully assembled in orbit. At least 3 more launches are expected. One would be a maintenance/reinforcement mission, second would be a systems testing mission. The 3rd flight to the Wayfarer would bring the final roster of kerbonauts to board the ship to Duna and back. Transfer to Jool is also fast approaching. My engineers are hard at work in developing a multi-probe delivery system. Design would be highly similar to the Wayfarer.
  4. With the transfer window to Eve fast approaching, I decided to start working on the Wayfarer Program. Primary objectives are to land a rover on Eve, put kerbonauts on Eve orbit EVA to conduct experiments. Secondary (optional) objective is to land on Gilly. To achieve this, there will be an orbital assembly of the Wayfarer. Components include a tri(or quad)-NERVA engine unit, supply module, onboard science lab, crew quarters, manned command pod and the rover+skycrane assembly. This might take a lot of planning. After all, it's my first time to do this kind of mission Should this mission be a success, I'll use the same schematics for Duna.
  5. I've recently seen the Valentina thread and I was highly impressed on the sketching talent of some peoole here. You see, I've had this idea for a long time now on what would the KSP community be like if it was an actual building. I can just imagine the guys in "Science Labs" wearing labcoats working and having discussions underground (something akin to Umbrella corp), the "Engineering" guys wearing hardhats tinkering with rockets at topside, various "Companies" having their own booths in a large hall trying to attract prospective clients(Whackjob has his own dedicated wing, Institute of Whackjobian Engineering)...with Vanamonde roaming around in a banana colored suit...etc My drawing however, is PATHETIC. So I'm looking forward to your concepts, how you visualize the community through drawing! Get posting!
  6. Hello! I love the concept of this mod. For some reason though it wasn't working with my install. I dragged all the folders into the GameData folder but no joy. Am I doing it wrong? Do I have to turn on something in game or what?
  7. OMG, its just like that scene from Apollo 13 (movie) all over again
  8. I never thought there was a launch window here. For what though? It's not like they're going for a lunar flyby.
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