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  1. I justed wanted to say that I have written games in c# before and have run into this very issue. It is certainly quite an acrobatic act to do updates per every game frame without creating any garbage! It takes a great deal of planning and a very good understanding of the JIT code generated by a wide range of language constructs in order to pull it off. I don't envy the rewrites that have to be done on what are likely large parts of the game engine to fix this issue. For the games that I wrote, I eventually designed a resource pool system where objects could be requested and recycled by storing all immutable values separate from mutable ones, and then recycling the mutable containers without ever releasing the reference. This eliminated a massive amount of GC, and allowed the values where a GC event simply couldn't be avoided to be as small as possible, while shrinking the foot print of the game considerably. It worked very well, but was an enormous effort to build and debug. It also required that many advanced language constructs be avoided or eliminated entirely since they would create disposable lists, which are a massive GC issue if done every frame. I will say that I am really hoping to see it fixed, as it is a very frustrating issue for me when playing the game.
  2. Thanks for the updates! I really want to check out the changes you made, but I haven't had much time to play with the kids sick. I'll hopefully have some time later tonight. Thanks for being so quick with the updates!
  3. Majiir, I'm curious your thoughts on this direction. Is it worth considering you think?
  4. Sorry for the delay, but yes, that's much better! For the color indicating what is in it you could just put a ring at any height or in the center of the outer band. I think it would look pretty cool if you did have very soft glowing rounded rectangle lights spaced every quarter or eighth around the outer band. Sorta like the reactors in the KSP Intersteller mod. I think they call it a 'new year' glow.
  5. Seriously??!! Finally an in game welding tool? I'm so gonna test this one out! Explosions, here I come!
  6. What I was going to say, only 10x better. I'm very happy for the MODEL nodes. That's what makes it possible to run 48 mods at once!
  7. I would like to see something like this. The EL ore scanner is interesting because it is huge (over 2.5m), forces the end of stack (if placed there), and heavy (4 tons). I had quite a time building something that could scan at 1000x and not miss a hex. But it was fun trying. I'd love to see something that big for Kethane that could scan maybe four times better (and maybe even wider) than the current large scanner, as long as it was a real challenge to deploy any number of them. Make us work for the privilege.
  8. Agreed. In fact, I've held off on updating this mod solely because I like the old textures better. If someone would texture them well, I'd upgrade right away. I'd love to see the old yellow and black caution tape still on them.
  9. You need Actions On The Fly. You could then set up the action groups in real time so you can fire them both at once. The interface is a bit wonky, but it gets the job done.
  10. I was in such a hurry to get back to it when KAS updated, I forgot to say: Thanks for updating this so incredibly fast! This really is a very handy plugin! Also, a minor request: I would love to have a very small horizontal bar with four stats: EC in, EC out, Bat %, Bat Time. The current window takes up way too much space for the readout. Would it be possible to offer a smaller view, possibly with just a square button to expand it in the corner? That'd be perfect!
  11. I actually really like the many menus of PartCatalog. It's just what it says: a detailed catalog. If it had a text search (something I very often need), it'd be nearly perfect. I hope the compatibility issues in this plugin are resolved, because it would be the perfect companion to PC.
  12. In my tests, it always seems as though placing reaction wheels in each stage caused a higher variance between the top and bottom of the rocket's angular adjustments. The net effect that the top would start trying to shift left while the bottom was still pushing right and the rocket bends in half. Perhaps I just didn't have enough control authority. What is the formula for that anyway? I guess I'll have to go do some research. Did you have more than two reaction wheels in the lower stages?
  13. I have also had this issue. I eventually abandoned my variable stance mobility truck due to these issues.
  14. That thing doesn't just shake itself to bits? I've taken to building out instead of up, which looks horrible but flies true. How'd you pull that off?
  15. Hey RatZap: You don't appear to have any fuel tanks attached to your kethane converters. How do you get the converted fuel deposited elsewhere? Do pipes now act as fuel transfer lines?