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  1. I shall destroy you both with my Spitfire!
  2. I downloaded KSP 1.0 fairly recently and now the 1.0.1 patch is here and I would really like to download it. I've kinda sorta ran into an issue along the way, I don't exactly know how to rectify this issue but the Patcher highlights 'Unable to authenticate with the server: Received malformed data from the server: File not found.' in red. Any fixes? Thanks in advance.
  3. This has got to be my most successful military CAS jet I've ever made. Hands down. This is just something I like to do in KSP, anyone else?
  4. Dildred Kerman, sounds mildly suggestive..
  5. I was more going along the lines of Neptune.
  6. Heck, I don't know how to make the Planet work, I'm making the model with Blender.
  7. @ximrum Thanks a ton, any way to saved one of my own and use it?
  8. It's far from finished, I haven't tried it on KSP yet.
  9. I have decided that I want to model a planet to my liking to add to KSP.. May I present to you.. Herrous! No promises for a DL link, I'm not even sure if I can get it to work, but we'll see what happens.
  10. @astecarmyman I love your ideas, those tanks are really cool. Not to be critical or anything, but the PaK 36 gun isn't flak!
  11. Banned because it slipped your grasp and you dropped it on your own foot.
  12. Apparently I'm missing something, I always see these posts about hype. Hype trains, hype planes, what is this about? What am I missing?
  13. Welcome back, and thank you for your service.
  14. I would like some reworked x64 bit support, make it a bit more stable and optimized.
  15. I think being able to return some valuable rocks and minerals back to earth would be exciting, it would be an expensive undertaking but it would most likely pay for itself.
  16. I like Jool personally, my favorite moon is Pol.
  17. montyben101 thought a Minmus snowcone would be a good idea.
  18. megatiger78 was crushed by a liquid fuel tank that fell through a collapsed scaffold.
  19. super took a boat to Jool.
  20. As for me, definitely the new explosions and sounds, it makes dropping bombs so much more fun. What about you guys?
  21. Gas Planet 2 won't happen for a while. Words highlighted in green are things that are in development but are far from finished. Quote from wiki: "Entries in green are already in development but are not expected for the next update or are that huge that there are multiple updates incrementally adding that feature."