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  1. The point I'm trying to make is, Ubisoft is a reputable video game company and it's well known across the globe. KSP on the other hand, is a game that kind of just...surfaced on the internet and became an internet sensation.
  2. How does it make you guys at SQUAD feel? It makes me feel great to see such a good game to get this much attention. I wish I could express how I feel about this, KSP community is the best in the world!
  3. Hey Squad, can you make some more landing gear for aircrafts? Some of us like to make massive planes and small wheels aren't really going to cut it, I know you can attach them to girders and whatnot, but then it starts to look pretty stupid.
  4. Is 0.25 out or something? Have you tried launch clamps? maybe some decouplers on the bottom with metal plates attached for some surface tension.
  5. 10/10 Everywhere. Stop stalking me!
  6. 2/10 I think that I might have seen you before
  7. Normal so I can enjoy the game without it being painfully easy.
  8. Even with the reaction wheels on, it still turns like a brick lol. I had put a lot of RCS thrusters (including the powerful Vernor engines) and it's inertia was managable.
  9. Link VVVV http://www./view/gl5qz9nzind574w/RN__002_I_S_P_M_Achilles.craft It's up to you to figure out how to get this hulking behemoth into orbit, sidenote, the Mainsail engines are kind of temperamental so you might need to tinker with them to make them work right.
  10. 5/10 I bump into you now and again..
  11. 5/10 I don't watch that show so I don't know how to gauge it's level of coolness.
  12. This ship was built solely for Kerbin orbital defense, designed entirely for combat (if you have an imagination). Registration Number 002 Interstellar Space Peacekeeping Movement, Achilles Dreadnought. Edit: The Achilles Dreadnought's armament consists of 3 (Three) Gauss repeater cannons, 1 (One) Kerbal operated dual railgun system, 2 (Two) automated turrets, 2 (Two) Wing mounted 105mm rifled cannons w/ auto-loader. Tactical aspects: Weapon targeting systems and ship shields (Mobile Processing Lab), Long range radio communications and crew coordination (Mk. 2 Command Pod)
  13. Didn't do anything today, busy on my end.
  14. What's up man?

  15. Hey buddy! Welcome to the forums, and congratulations on bringing a Space Shuttle into orbit, that's not an easy thing to do.
  16. Heya qscrew, welcome to the Forums!
  17. I'll see if I can re-size these for you.
  18. I'd love to see some pictures, can you post some pictures?
  19. But anyways.. Granted, you get a 6 inch Jebediah, Bill and Bob Kerman figurine, but they are in bad condition and Jebediah's head fell off revealing a Solid Rocket Booster engine that fired up and launched through your bedroom window. I wish for a Turkey pot pie
  20. Granted, the land is covered in Hydrothermal vents making the reversed landmasses uninhabitable. I wish there was a black hole observable by the Human eye.
  21. Granted. The people have become interested in science, but now people are starting to go overboard on it, wearing everyone out. I wish for Jebediah to stop eating my snacks.