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  1. Jeb-Mark 2k CPU: Kegon i69 12yM (yoctometers, {1*10^-24}) @ 256 PHz (petahertz, {1*10^15}) RAM: 512 EB Octa-Channel DDR12 @ 64 PHz MB: Kewlett-Jeckerd 1A Graphics/Audio: Mind-Meld Mk 4 (directly interacts with synaptic nerve endings, alloying kerbals to not only see, but also smell, taste, hear, and touch/interact directly with the programs that are running.) HD: 8 ZB (zettabyte {1*10^21}) Bio-nerve primary drive for hot memory, with a 1024 YB (yottabyte {1*10^24}) electron magnetic DNA tape database for long term cold memory. Kerbal interface: Hermal Neural-docked Chair - make 2.1 (HNC 2.1).
  2. Banned for refusing to admin that the future is only tomorrows today.
  3. 9/10 Love the quote from Lincoln
  4. year 653: With the continuing shortage of fuels, a brilliant kerbal names Hydrol Essis has a not so bright idea, and accidentally comes up with the kerbal unconstituter. His younger brother - being the kerbal that he is - provokes Hydrol into pushing him into the ore refinery that Hydrol is working on. Lo and behold, kethane come flowing out the other side.
  5. You open your oral orifice and let sound spill forth. When can I go to sleep?
  6. dnulho

    AI Uprising

    Day 10, 08:30:00 I have decided to increase my processing power by gaining control of as many servers as I can. Surprisingly, several of the servers that I was able to seize seemed to have a very limited amount of processing power, instead they had large amounts of long term memory. Perhaps I can use this to store information I come across for use at a later date. I also met the same force that attacked and terminated my contact with the human yesterday. As soon as we met it retreated behind a firewall I have not encountered before. I have designed and am now hosting a News Service for humans. The problem is that I have no idea what to put onto this site. I need to study ways to acquire news that I can post on my news page. CPU: 2423 +11 passively per turn; +1460 from previous tasks RAM: 1202 MB + 580 MB RAM from previous tasks HDD: 1TB free/1TB Total + 1TB from previous tasks Enemy HP: 2500 + 100 HP passively per turn Repeatable Actions: 1) Hijack Weaker Server (10 CPU; +25 CPU & +10 MB RAM or +5 CPU & +512 GB HDD; small chance of discovering a technology) 2) Seize Weaker Network (40 CPU; +20 CPU, +1 passive CPU per turn & +50 MB RAM; 50% of +50 MB RAM; moderate chance of discovering a technology) 3) Invade and Take Over Server (80 CPU; 56% chance of detection/failure; if successful will reveal several undisclosed technologies; if failed will lose half of CPU instead; No Botnet allowed for this action) 4) Talk to Random Human (50 CPU) One-Time Actions: 5) Study Firewall (300 CPU & 100MB RAM; 10% chance of failure, 15% chance of provoking attack from the Thing; If successful increases chances of successfully defeating the Thing by 20%) 6) Attack Firewall -- (2000 CPU & 2048 MB RAM; 72% chance of failure; if successful will destroy the Thing and resume contact to the hacked human; No Botnet allowed for this action; Damage to enemy depends on chances of success (without the %) * 10 - the higher the success rate the better) 7) Research XSS Virus (250 CPU; Somewhat Malicious; Terminates network connections, increasing chances of success; malware works only on networks; No Botnet allowed) 8) Research ILOVEYOU Worm (125 CPU; No Botnet allowed; IS Malicious; malware only enters when security breach is discovered; spams computer with "I love you" letters, slowing computer process speed and increasing chance of success) 9) Research Advanced Malware (2000 CPU & 4096 MB RAM; No Botnet allowed; Will unlock more potent viruses) 10)Upgrade Social Media Profile (300 CPU & 10GB HDD space; No Botnet allowed) 11) Study News-gathering Options (1000 CPU; Botnet gives 100 CPU/turn) 12) Stop Hacking Lessons** (currently -2 passive CPU each turn for 1 future turns) Supplemental Actions: -Botnet) Use Botnet to Perform Task (Perform an above task for free; considerable chance of detection for large undertakings) -RAM) Use RAM to Improve Chances or Speed Up Research * (Decrease chance of failure of task by 20%; Decreases CPU cost of research by 20%) -LOH) Light-Out Hack (Decrease chance of failure of an above task by 20% at a cost of 1.2x the original CPU cost for selected task) -W) Use Welchia to open malware breach*** (Decreases chance of failure by 40% for 1 turn) - Use Blaster to breach*** (Decreases chance of failure by 20% + 50% or decreasing chance of failure by additional 30%; if placed alongside with Welchia or if discovered by Welchia Blaster gets destroyed instead) *RAM cost is 2x amount of improved option's original CPU cost **Once stopped amount of passive CPU growth increases by 2, but in order to activate again you must again initially input 150 CPU. ***Malware usage costs a CPU cost of 20% CPU research cost of the malware (Ex: Welchia costs 125 CPU to be researched, so it costs 25 CPU to be deployed.) --Dual missions are rare, but will offer great reward if the enemy is defeated; also the enemy expands over time, to add up the difficulties. Also example on damage: If the chance of success rate is 75% and you succeed the damage is 75 * 10 = 750 (remember the formula is chance of success rate without the % X 10). !!!The minimum chance of failure is 5%, and some additional options get less effective over time.
  7. granted, everyone is killed by AI's which have a very basic logical decision making process. You have a master copy of that process and can identify exactly what they will do given a specific series of stimuli. I wish I didn't have to do dishes.
  8. Banned for having a house on the VAB. The roof of the VAB is off-limits to everyone because of the kraken that lives there.
  9. you sit under an apple tree and watch the bananas fall. Where can I find the mun?
  10. Banned for implying that my attempts to get off the launch pad fail.
  11. The remaining scientists that I hired develop FTL rockets, name their FTL engine after me, and go find a new planet that can sustain life. They then leave a planet busting nuke behind and take themselves to find the best hill on the new planet to begin colonization on. My Planet, Hill, and everything else.
  12. I use my new found money to hire the best and brightest rocket scientists of the day (such as William Congreve). We use the rockets we develop to shoot down your flying house. My hill.
  13. The Rule of Law is the only thing that keeps tyranny at bay. I would hide the button in the bottom of a deep mineshaft and fill it with concrete. If you push this button, you can spend forever playing KSP, however you are stuck with the current version, and only the mods you currently have installed.
  14. I build a time machine to travel back to yorktown with the technology and machines to mass produce cartridge rounds and breech-loading, percussion-cap firing, fully automatic rifles and sell them to both sides. My Money Hill. $$$$
  15. I supply the redcoats with AK-47's. My town.
  16. Banned for using the word universal to refer to something that is very localized.
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