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  1. Today, the best scientists and engineers in the KSP reached a milestone: launching the first vehicle to escape Kerbin's atmosphere. The vehicle, known as the A-1, reached an altitude of 110 KM before falling back to Kerbin and burning up in the atmosphere. Many hours of R&D went into this accomplishment, and everyone involved was proud to be a part of it.
  2. You could've double clicked the window and made the pictures even more accurate
  3. It's even better if you have RPM and ASET Props & Avionics installed
  4. Oo, I've always wanted a Pathfinder in KSP. Is there a possibility you can make solar panels that cover the whole side part?
  5. Thanks! And yeah, but I found you can still EVA by clicking on the hatch.
  6. Got the first part of my station in orbit (Bill really likes this MMU thing) De-orbited and came in for a clean, smooth landing