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  1. UPDATE: Typical. I post a problem here then find a possible solution soon after! I increased 'Max Physics Delta-Time per Frame' to maximum, and reloaded the quicksave. The ship loaded correctly and continued to do so after several reloads. I honestly have no idea if one has anything to do with the other, I don't even understand what that setting does.
  2. I have just wasted an hour and a half trying to do 3 contracts all on or around Bop. I landed to rescue a kerbal on the surface, and saved. Went away for a bit, and came back. When I loaded the quicksave, the ship spontaneously exploded and flew apart, even though it was rested on the surface. When the quicksave loads the ship looks fine, but as soon as the physics kicks in, all hell breaks loose. No matter what I do I cannot reload this damn ship safely, I cannot resume this game unless I relaunch the entire mission (I still have 12 years to complete the contracts so it is doable, but I can't be bothered atm, I might resort to cheating from the debug menu instead!) . Just what the hell is going on, Squad? Was I stupid in thinking I would actually be able to resume a saved game and control a ship from the surface of a moon? Yes I have 33 mods installed but I really don't see why that would be a problem here. It looks more like a problem with the physics engine to me; the ship only flies apart when the message "Easing in physics..." appears. I tried deselecting "Ease in gravity" in the Options but I don't know what that does, and anyway it didn't seem to make any difference. And the KSP log file records NOTHING pertaining to this error, from what I can see. I had this exact same problem with a manned lander on Tylo. A simple ship with landing legs would literally bounce into the air and fall over when loading the quicksave, and on Tylo there's no chance in hell of righting it again! And again, it only did this when it was easing in the physics. KSP seems to be making a habit of this, and I'm pretty sure it isn't my fault. Not this time. KSP v 1.2.2; 16GB RAM; 2GB video RAM (Crossfire enabled); Windows 7 Home Edition 64-bit
  3. Usually KSP generates a bug report and stashes it in a folder, but it doesn't do it when this error happens. It seems more like a Windows problem, or maybe just a 'out of memory' issue? Since the beginning of October this error has occurred 6 times, and each Windows error log report is exactly the same: Faulting application name: KSP_x64.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x57c0c942 Faulting module name: unknown, version:, time stamp: 0x00000000 Exception code: 0xc0000005 I have 16Gb of RAM, 2GB of dedicated video RAM, as well as 40GB of virtual RAM. I have 33 mods installed (through CKAN) and I'm just wondering if I've hit the limit. The last mod I installed was MechJeb and up until that point I didn't get any crashes at all except maybe one or two, but they generated bug reports. This one doesn't. It tends to happen switching scenes, for example going out of the Tracking Station to the Space Center, usually after I have finished a contract and recovered vessel and crew. Gameplay itself is pretty smooth, although I do get lag from time to time. KSP has been AMAZINGLY stable for me since it moved to 64-bit, and I thank Squad for taking the time to make it happen! I just wondered if anyone else has had this crash. Do you think I need to check my memory? Or maybe it's a mod? Here are the mods I'm using; CKAN reports no conflicts and all are uptodate and compatible with my version of KSP (1.2.2): 000_Toolbar BoulderCo Chatterer CommunityResourcePack ContractConfigurator CrowdSourcedScience DecoupleFromHeatshield DistantObject EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements GCMonitor HaystackContinued HullCameraVDS JSI KerboKatz Kopernicus MechJeb2 ModularFlightIntegrator NavBallDockingAlignmentIndicatorCE PlanetShine ProceduralFairings ProceduralParts ReentryParticleEffect SCANsat scatterer Squad StageRecovery SVT TextureReplacer TooManyOrbits TriggerTech TweakScale UniversalStorage VesselView I guess I need to try to reproduce this error in a vanilla, unmodded playthrough. I'll let you know.
  4. I'm playing v1.2.2. Sometimes I really, really hate the contract system, it's so infuriating. I have just wasted 4 hours doing a contract worth over 800,000, 55 reputation, and which includes the following 4 objectives: Flyby Minmus Flyby the Mun Flyby Duna Lastly, have vessel in sub-orbital flight above Kerbin (this objective must be completed last). I entered flyby and orbit of the Mun; I entered flyby and orbit of Minmus; I then used Kerbin to sling me to Duna and entered flyby and orbit there. I then entered orbit of Ike, landed, planted a flag (another separate contract fulfilled) then got back into orbit for the journey home. Each time the contract system was keeping track with the usual green tick to confirm completion. However, when I entered the encounter with Kerbin on the return, and set the periapsis, all said objectives had been reset. It was like I had been doing nothing for 4 hours. Nothing changed when I entered atmosphere; I assumed re-entry would fulfil the final objective. It did not. I was in sub-orbital trajectory and it said nothing. (Does 'vessel' mean the whole ship, or just the command pod/s containing the crew?) Mission Control said the contract had all but the last objective as 'Complete'. In other words, I have to do this contract all over again with a new vessel, through no fault of my own. There's no guarantee it won't happen again. The game just does not do a good job of keeping track of completed objectives. Sometimes it treats identical objectives in separate contracts as complete, even though each contract specifies it must be done with a newly launched vessel. Sometimes objectives reset when entering solar orbit and only return when you enter an encounter; this can be confusing and concerning as you aren't sure if all your objectives have been saved. In this case, they weren't! I have over 12000 science points; 42million credits, 92% reputation. I love doing contracts, but either I am missing something, or the system is just broken.
  5. I'm playing v1.2.2 so I don't yet know if this issue has been addressed in the latest version. I do a lot of rendezvous and docking so it helps to have the target highlighted. However I have found that sometimes "Show vessel labels" in the Settings has been spontaneously turned off and deselected, meaning vessels I am docking with are no longer highlighted in yellow or show 'distance to'. Often I have no idea this has happened until I am actually trying to dock. I played for 2 hours straight and found this setting had somehow been turned off during gameplay; I had not turned it off manually. I had to save and quit and reselect it in the Settings menu. This has happened four times so far and it gets a bit annoying, especially if I'm docking at night. It seems to happen randomly, whether I am docking in space or setting a target on the ground. I have no idea why actual gameplay would randomly deselect this option in this way; no other settings - including "Always show closest approach" - are affected and all other changes I make in the Settings menu are saved (yes I do hit Apply>Accept when exiting the Settings menu!). Anyone else encountered this? Is it a bug, or maybe something I am doing? Here are all the mods I am running; is it possible one of these is doing this? I don't see why. 000_Toolbar BoulderCo ContractConfigurator DecoupleFromHeatshield DistantObject EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements HaystackContinued HullCameraVDS Kopernicus ModularFlightIntegrator PlanetShine ProceduralFairings ProceduralParts ReentryParticleEffect SCANsat scatterer Squad SVT TextureReplacer Trajectories TweakScale
  6. I've gone from being completely indifferent to ion engines, to absolutely loving them. I thought I'd do a little tribute to Cassini (Kassini with a K, obviously!) as it approaches its Grand Finale. So I put together a little probe (yes I know it looks nothing like Cassini, artistic license!) and sent it to Jool. I honestly had no idea if this thing would even do anything around Jool, but to my utter amazement it did. In fact this little thing had enough delta-v to do a flyby of ALL of the moons in the Joolian system, as well as get into a circular polar orbit around Jool with enough fuel left over for a final de-orbit burn when the time is right! It worked out so well, I strongly recommend ion engines to any fellow Kerbonaut who, like me, never gave them a second thought. Yes they take FOREVER, and you have to use physical time warp A LOT, but their delta-v puts the nuclear engine to shame. Kassini
  7. I'm running v1.2.2 This is so frustrating! I had a contract to mine 1050 units of ore from Minmus and return it to Kerbin. I have tried THREE TIMES now to complete the contract and it only ever gives me 3 out of 4 criteria: Acquire 1050 units of fresh ore from Minmus COMPLETE (I collected 1065 units, but does this matter? It says it's complete!) Have 1050 units on your vessel COMPLETE Maintain stability for 10 seconds COMPLETE Land your ore on Kerbin INCOMPLETE Right now, this second, the damn ship is sitting in the sea, ore intact! If this isn't "landed on Kerbin" what the hell is? What am I missing?! I have tried jettisoning the ore once landed, I have tried landing on both land and sea, I have tried Recovering the Vessel, I have tried going into the Tracking Station and reloading the ship from there; and it still won't give me it! This was my first 'mining ore' mission and I was pleased it worked, but I am not going to waste another 2 hours designing and testing a ship if the game's going to behave like this on mining contracts. The contract gives me over 500,000 credits, and I spent more than that on this mission! I want that money back. EDIT: Could it be it literally means I have LAND the ore, on a lander, with engines and parachutes, back on Kerbin? If so, HOW WAS I SUPPOSE TO KNOW? Sometimes these damn contracts can be so ambiguously worded!
  8. I had a tourism contract - something I've done zillions of times before - and when I got to Kerbin orbit I noticed something was missing. THE TOURISTS! Doh! it was just like that moment in Home Alone when she's on the plane and notices something is missing... In the end I sent Jeb up with the tourists to dock with it. The problem was neither craft had docking ports and tourists can't do EVA (even though they get XP for some reason), so I put the grapple on Jeb's ship and docked that way. I don't know whether this is a bug or by design but if you dock with the grapple you can still transfer any crew, even tourists who can't do EVA and there's no docking port! I bet the Kerbals have invented a teleporter and no-one's told us... God I love KSP. I have lost so many hours of sleep to this damn game!
  9. Sorry to be so dense but which sub-forum is it now on? These mods are so confusing. Scatterer config only seems to mention Laythe and not Kerbin...even though evidently Scatterer affects Kerbin; EVE only has a bunch of DLL files, no config files. I'm convinced that BoulderCo clouds.cfg holds the key - if I remove the entire BoulderCo folder and relaunch KSP both Kerbin and Laythe have no clouds, only atmosphere.
  10. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, it's not really a bug or fault in a modded install, just a how-to question about mods. Feel free to move it to the right forum if you disagree.I'm running v1.2.2. All I want to do is swap atmosphere textures so that Laythe looks like Kerbin and Kerbin looks like Laythe (See image). But no matter what I change, it doesn't work. I'm useless at this sort of thing, does anyone know code and know which file references I should be changing and/or copying? Nothing I do seems to work. Here's the mods I am running. The only relevant references I've found is in the 'BoulderCo/Atmosphere/clouds.cfg' file, but maybe this is handled by more than one mod. I tried copying exactly Laythe's settings and pasting them over Kerbin's, changing its name accordingly (using a backup as reference). Whatever I'm doing it's either incorrect or not enough. Even after I save the files and quit and relaunch KSP, both Kerbin and Laythe remain unchanged. It's driving me nuts, I prefer the way Laythe looks, and I'd rather Kerbin looked like that! How hard can this be!
  11. The New Monoliths (Spoilers)

    Is it true these monoliths unlock new tech? I found a monolith on Minmus and the "milestone" message said in pink letters "Experimental motors". However, when i checked the Science Tree (which is complete) there was nothing unlocked, no "Experimental motors" branch visible. I'm running v1.2.2.
  12. Why the hell didn't I start using this sooner. I've seen Scott Manley using it and I never got around to trying it myself. Only just started using it, still figuring it out, but it looks like CKAN will make handling my mod-installs SO much easier! Thank you!
  13. Here's a pic. https://ibb.co/cj2Hva That lander-can is lighter and has a greater heat tolerance than the other one-man capsule which I could have used. I'm wondering if I put the shield in the wrong place - instead of placing it at the bottom of the science bay I should have put the science bay and other parts above the landercan and just put the shield on the landercan directly.
  14. One mundane mission turned out to be anything but. Here's how. FYI I'm running v1.1. In one mission that turned out to be extraordinarily epic and took me at least 8 hours to finally finish (contracts to get science from orbitting Duna and Ike) I just couldn't get him to survive Kerbin re-entry, so I let him escape Kerbin and go into a parked orbit whose AP was just past Duna. Actually this was my first attempt at returning from an interplanetary mission in v 1.1; I thought I had planned ahead. I was wrong. Because this pod had over 1000 science on it I wasn't going to give up easy. I also try to never, ever let a Kerbal die or go MIA. So I devised an interplanetary rescue mission (which worked first time to my amazement!) to salvage the pilot and his science. However, thinking I had learned my lesson from the last attempt at re-entry I had put several airbrakes and retractable radiators on this rescue pod, thinking it would work. But it didn't. On several attempts, at various altitudes, they burned up on re-entry. To be honest this was my first time using airbrakes and radiators of this type, I just didn't know how to use them. Regardless, they heated up way past their tolerances and quickly burned up. I then realised I had enough delta-v in this final stage with its lv909 engine to slow down sufficiently to get into a parked Kerbin orbit. And I did. However, even at Kerbin orbital speeds none of my radiators or airbrakes survived, so I let them burn up in the hope they would bleed off enough speed to let my pod survive. And it did. The pod landed safely, after what was for me a totally exhausting mission, and I got over 1200 science from it. So what the heck am I doing wrong here? How do you survive interplanetary re-entry?I know I could 'bleed' off speed but how do I do that when I burn up the moment I hit the upper atmosphere? Even if I try an aero-capture I have to survive long enough to do that, and I don't; I start encountering heat at about 58km and it just gets worse. I don't survive long enough to get captured. Believe me I tried everything, at all altitudes. It just wouldn't survive. For a one-man pod with a small tank and an lv909 engine there really isn't many options. I did think about using the 2.5m heat-shield...would that work better? Not only at deflecting heat but creating drag too. Prior to aerodynamics and re-entry heat being added proper to KSP I've done countless interplanetary missions; however, now that I'm playing v1.1 it's meant I have to re-evaluate and even scrap my previous designs. I'd love to hear what the more advanced KSP players do to deal with this problem! All advice welcome. Cheers, Tim UPDATE: After I wrote this, I tried recreating the entire mission in sandbox mode, this time using a single 2.5m ablator shield on my final stage, with no radiators. It worked brilliantly. Even with a Kerbin PE of 30km none of the instruments or other parts of the final stage experienced ANY heating at all, travelling at 3500m/s. My only issue now is working out the best way of incorporating the 2.5m shield into my 1.5m final stage design. Also, does this mean that if I want to send more than one Kerbal, and use a 2m pod, I will have to use an even bigger ablator shield? In the same way the 1m shield was useless, I'm guessing the 2.5m shield will be useless too. Unless the larger pods have a greater heat tolerance....
  15. I installed KSPRC to find that it messed up my save file, meaning I couldn't access any part of the KSC. The interface was unresponsive, and I got error message boxes saying some of my in flight missions couldn't be loaded. Then I installed SVE and it seems to work great, though the Mun has clouds on its surface which just look silly! The Mun is a lifeless rock, it has no atmosphere! I tried removing all Mun references in the configuration file, but the clouds/dust are still there. What do I have to do to remove it? What files, config file entries should I delete? SVE works great if it weren't for this little niggling thing that's bugging me! Just for future reference, could mod makers please stop adding dust and atmospheres to lifeless rocks, such as the Mun.