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  1. This is just a rant about KSP's memory and GPU/CPU usage. How good/bad do you think it is?Can it be improved? KSP isn't, by a long way, the most graphically taxing game out there. Compared to the kinds of graphics demands we see in other modern games - even on their lowest settings - the graphics demands in KSP are minimal by comparison, especially in vanilla. Which makes it so frustrating how this game can grind to a virtual halt just because you wanted to install one or two mods, or because you happened to have been playing for 5 hours straight. Even though my PC is at least 7 years old (2GB video RAM, 16GB of installed RAM, an i7 multicore processor) it still more than meets the game's current MINIMUM specifications as set by Squad. The fact an old bucket like mine can still run this game fairly well, even with many mods installed, says it all. But do I sound like an entitled little gamer when I say that if I have 7GB of RAM available (as shown in Task Manager) I expect the damn thing to be able to access it, and it can't. Even in 64-bit! Or perhaps this is still more of a Windows problem than a Unity problem? Or both? I just get the feeling that KSP could and should be able to run at least 60fps even with many mods installed, and it's frustrating that it doesn't. Depending on the scene I can get maybe 24-30fps (in v 1.6.0), but that depends heavily on how busy the scene is. While docking with a moderately sized station it can drop to 9-12fps (I thought 1.6.0 was suppose to improve multicore rendering for multiple ships, but I really can't see any difference); in maximum time warp I've seen it drop to 6fps and then shoot back up to 20 then back to 8. Indeed the framerate can be VERY inconsistent with frequent lag, and again I can't tell if it's my PC (toggling V-sync makes little difference, nor does setting a frame limit) , the mods, or the game engine. And please don't tell me to stick to vanilla; mods have defined this game just as they have defined SkyRim. Even Squad members themselves (Nova Silisco for example) contributed mods to this game. KSP just isn't appealing to me any more in vanilla, because I KNOW KSP can do so much better. The forums are always full of players suggesting or requesting new mods, especially visual enhancements, which says to me the community wants this game to be as good as it can be, and we really need to be asking if it is. Even after Unity5 and 64-bit mode were introduced. I'm not a programmer but I can't help feeling that despite the move to Unity5 and its undoubted improvements, KSP still isn't running at its full potential; and it feels as if it never will as long as it's still using Unity. Programmers, mod-makers feel free to disagree. My suggestion to Squad-Private Division: stop producing DLC and focus instead on continuing to improve how this game already uses available resources. No point in creating more 'stuff' for the game if in turn the game becomes so bloated and slow no-one can play it. No-one should need a StarCitizen-type setup to play this game satisfactorily, it ain't Star Citizen!
  2. I was just going through the available contracts and saw...this. I swear this is not a Photoshop job. https://ibb.co/02t9ZLx I guess this kind of thing was inevitable!
  3. Does anyone know if the latest free version of Unity, Unity Personal, has writing disabled? All I want to do is create a 2.5 m nose cone; it's all there in loaded in Unity ready to go, including collision mesh, texturing, materials. I followed this tutorial to the best of my ability, including others. Except, after installing the KSP Part Tools there is NO "set data directory" option or "write" option for my object (these options appear in every tutorial...except when I'm actually using Unity!). Either I am doing something wrong or the damn thing won't allow me to write the object; there's no other way to export what I have created. This is so damn frustrating! What version of unity was this tutorial written for? A paid unlimited version? The Unity site just says "limitations apply" regarding Unity Personal, but doesn't say what they are. Limitations indeed.
  4. OK, I'm new to this so here goes. I created a simple 3m nosecone in Lightwave 9 with a texture (LW doesn't export .DAE so I had to find a workaround involving exporting as .OBJ, importing that into Poser9, and then exporting out of that as .DAE). I downloaded and installed the free version of Unity 2019, and successfully loaded my .DAE file. Then I had to find and download the KSP PartTools package. Everything seems to work as expected...except for the fact that once the KSP PartTools are installed there is no "write" option. Nor does it ask for me to choose a KSP installation directory. Under "Part Tools (script)" all I have are "Model name", "File Path", "Production", "Texture format". No "write" option, no file format options, either. So basically I am stuck at working out how the heck I manage to get this model out of Unity - without that "write" function I can't do anything. I've been sitting here for 2 hours wondering where I went wrong following a YouTube tutorial. Any ideas where I went wrong?
  5. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, I don't know where to put it. I've been playing v1.6.0 for at least a couple of months now; I've been playing Career Mode and unlocked the whole tech tree. And I have to say, that I am really impressed by the improved stability. I literally have not had a single crash - memory related or otherwise - in that entire time, even after playing for several hours (touch wood!). And my PC is 7 years old! Admittedly, I probably have fewer mods installed than before, but not by many (still all the visual enhancements etc). I've also noticed a huge improvement in FPS: in 1.2.2 I'd often see the FPS drop to maybe 10FPS or lower when doing EVAs on the surface. But in 1.6.0 I'm amazed to see it holds up at around 30FPS, even with similar ship builds. So whatever you did, it worked, and I'm darn grateful. It really was worth it, and I think I speak on behalf of my fellow Kerbonauts when I say we appreciate it. EDIT: my only caveat here is that I have noticed considerable lag, frame rate drop, when placing or using manoevre nodes. I don't know if this is the game itself, or one of the mods causing it, however. I just don't recall ManNodes being this laggy in 1.2.2.
  6. Any idea when/if Scatterer for 1.6.0 will be ready? I've seen videos on YouTube of people in 1.6.0 using 1.5.1 versions of environmental mods including Scatterer, but I don't know how they did it because I cannot get any of them to work at all. KSP just keeps telling me "not supported in 1.6.0, use 1.5.1" even though that's what I'm trying to do! I miss my environmental mods; KSP looks so naked without them.
  7. Recently I went from v1.2.2 to v1.6.0 to see what it was like, and started a new Career. I've been playing KSP since 0.18, I know how to land a ship. But when it came to landing on the Mun it took me 4 attempts, all because the legs either kept bouncing and flipped the ship, or the legs got 'stuck' in the ground and exploded. It didn't matter if I set SPRING and DAMPEN to AUTO or changed them manually, the effects were often the same. I even tested a lander on the Launch Pad (just loaded in from VAB) and while it was stationary I changed the leg DAMPEN/SPRING settings and they just spontaneously exploded. Frankly I never had this issue in 1.2.2, I don't even now what the difference is between DAMPEN and SPRING; in my head they do the same job. They're just absorbing the impact. Why have both? My landers usually consist of the Mk1-2 pod, and have over 2500 m/s of DV. They use the heaviest, most robust legs. I was landing with 30mm/s of horizontal speed and 3m/s of vertical (manually), and the legs still didn't like it. Just what the heck is going on? It's got to the point now where I dread having to land anywhere. Has anyone else experienced this?
  8. I'm running v1.2.2, and I have 31 mods installed. I've encountered a bug that seems to be mod-related as it doesn't happen in a vanilla version. Basically, every time I land something on the surface of a planet or moon, save, and reload that quicksave, the lander (lander, base, etc) suddenly jumps into the air, flips to one side and crashes to the ground. At first the ship is on the surface, but as soon as the physics kicks in (with the message 'physics easing in progress') it leaps off the ground. It doesn't matter if it's Minmus, Mun or Tylo, it doesn't matter how big or small, simple or complex the vessel is. I had an ore miner on the surface of Duna that I wanted to use to supply the station, but I can't even fly it because of this glitch. It just will not load correctly. I tried it in a vanilla copy of the save file with no mods and it seems to load fine. The problem is, if this is a mod, how do I pinpoint which one is to blame? 000_Toolbar BoulderCo Chatterer CommunityResourcePack ContractConfigurator CrowdSourcedScience DecoupleFromHeatshield DistantObject EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements GCMonitor HaystackContinued HullCameraVDS JSI Kopernicus MechJeb2 ModularFlightIntegrator NavBallDockingAlignmentIndicatorCE PlanetShine ProceduralFairings ProceduralParts RealPlume ReentryParticleEffect SCANsat scatterer SmokeScreen SVT TextureReplacer TooManyOrbits TriggerTech TweakScale VesselView I guess any of these could be causing it, except maybe the cosmetic, visual mods? Any ideas? Anyone else experienced this?
  9. Well it did appear on April 1st and I haven't seen it since, and I do have MechJeb2 authored by Sarbian. Seems like the mystery is solved...?
  10. Can anyone tell me what this is? Am I going crazy? Is this a new loading screen I've never seen before, or is it malware? A cat scrolling across the screen with a rainbow trailing behind it?! WTH? I don't know whether to be concerned or amused. If this is malware then why have I only seen it when loading KSP? And this is the first time I've ever seen this! I scanned my entire PC and it didn't find any malware, adware or viruses. Squad?Anybody? LOL https://ibb.co/h9XrfS Squad?Anybody?
  11. UPDATE: Typical. I post a problem here then find a possible solution soon after! I increased 'Max Physics Delta-Time per Frame' to maximum, and reloaded the quicksave. The ship loaded correctly and continued to do so after several reloads. I honestly have no idea if one has anything to do with the other, I don't even understand what that setting does.
  12. I have just wasted an hour and a half trying to do 3 contracts all on or around Bop. I landed to rescue a kerbal on the surface, and saved. Went away for a bit, and came back. When I loaded the quicksave, the ship spontaneously exploded and flew apart, even though it was rested on the surface. When the quicksave loads the ship looks fine, but as soon as the physics kicks in, all hell breaks loose. No matter what I do I cannot reload this damn ship safely, I cannot resume this game unless I relaunch the entire mission (I still have 12 years to complete the contracts so it is doable, but I can't be bothered atm, I might resort to cheating from the debug menu instead!) . Just what the hell is going on, Squad? Was I stupid in thinking I would actually be able to resume a saved game and control a ship from the surface of a moon? Yes I have 33 mods installed but I really don't see why that would be a problem here. It looks more like a problem with the physics engine to me; the ship only flies apart when the message "Easing in physics..." appears. I tried deselecting "Ease in gravity" in the Options but I don't know what that does, and anyway it didn't seem to make any difference. And the KSP log file records NOTHING pertaining to this error, from what I can see. I had this exact same problem with a manned lander on Tylo. A simple ship with landing legs would literally bounce into the air and fall over when loading the quicksave, and on Tylo there's no chance in hell of righting it again! And again, it only did this when it was easing in the physics. KSP seems to be making a habit of this, and I'm pretty sure it isn't my fault. Not this time. KSP v 1.2.2; 16GB RAM; 2GB video RAM (Crossfire enabled); Windows 7 Home Edition 64-bit
  13. Usually KSP generates a bug report and stashes it in a folder, but it doesn't do it when this error happens. It seems more like a Windows problem, or maybe just a 'out of memory' issue? Since the beginning of October this error has occurred 6 times, and each Windows error log report is exactly the same: Faulting application name: KSP_x64.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x57c0c942 Faulting module name: unknown, version:, time stamp: 0x00000000 Exception code: 0xc0000005 I have 16Gb of RAM, 2GB of dedicated video RAM, as well as 40GB of virtual RAM. I have 33 mods installed (through CKAN) and I'm just wondering if I've hit the limit. The last mod I installed was MechJeb and up until that point I didn't get any crashes at all except maybe one or two, but they generated bug reports. This one doesn't. It tends to happen switching scenes, for example going out of the Tracking Station to the Space Center, usually after I have finished a contract and recovered vessel and crew. Gameplay itself is pretty smooth, although I do get lag from time to time. KSP has been AMAZINGLY stable for me since it moved to 64-bit, and I thank Squad for taking the time to make it happen! I just wondered if anyone else has had this crash. Do you think I need to check my memory? Or maybe it's a mod? Here are the mods I'm using; CKAN reports no conflicts and all are uptodate and compatible with my version of KSP (1.2.2): 000_Toolbar BoulderCo Chatterer CommunityResourcePack ContractConfigurator CrowdSourcedScience DecoupleFromHeatshield DistantObject EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements GCMonitor HaystackContinued HullCameraVDS JSI KerboKatz Kopernicus MechJeb2 ModularFlightIntegrator NavBallDockingAlignmentIndicatorCE PlanetShine ProceduralFairings ProceduralParts ReentryParticleEffect SCANsat scatterer Squad StageRecovery SVT TextureReplacer TooManyOrbits TriggerTech TweakScale UniversalStorage VesselView I guess I need to try to reproduce this error in a vanilla, unmodded playthrough. I'll let you know.
  14. I'm playing v1.2.2. Sometimes I really, really hate the contract system, it's so infuriating. I have just wasted 4 hours doing a contract worth over 800,000, 55 reputation, and which includes the following 4 objectives: Flyby Minmus Flyby the Mun Flyby Duna Lastly, have vessel in sub-orbital flight above Kerbin (this objective must be completed last). I entered flyby and orbit of the Mun; I entered flyby and orbit of Minmus; I then used Kerbin to sling me to Duna and entered flyby and orbit there. I then entered orbit of Ike, landed, planted a flag (another separate contract fulfilled) then got back into orbit for the journey home. Each time the contract system was keeping track with the usual green tick to confirm completion. However, when I entered the encounter with Kerbin on the return, and set the periapsis, all said objectives had been reset. It was like I had been doing nothing for 4 hours. Nothing changed when I entered atmosphere; I assumed re-entry would fulfil the final objective. It did not. I was in sub-orbital trajectory and it said nothing. (Does 'vessel' mean the whole ship, or just the command pod/s containing the crew?) Mission Control said the contract had all but the last objective as 'Complete'. In other words, I have to do this contract all over again with a new vessel, through no fault of my own. There's no guarantee it won't happen again. The game just does not do a good job of keeping track of completed objectives. Sometimes it treats identical objectives in separate contracts as complete, even though each contract specifies it must be done with a newly launched vessel. Sometimes objectives reset when entering solar orbit and only return when you enter an encounter; this can be confusing and concerning as you aren't sure if all your objectives have been saved. In this case, they weren't! I have over 12000 science points; 42million credits, 92% reputation. I love doing contracts, but either I am missing something, or the system is just broken.