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  1. Maybe this is more of a coding/programming question, forgive me but I didn't know where else to ask. I'm just trying to modify the noise the Mainsail Engine makes, but no matter what I do to the Squad\Parts\Engine\liquidEngineMainsail_v2.cfg file, it makes no difference. I'm no programmer but I'm assuming these lines of code control the sound: EFFECTS { Thrust { AUDIO { clip = Squad/Sounds/sound_rocket_mini volume = 0.0 0.0 volume = 1.0 1.0 pitch = 0.0 0.0 pitch = 0.0 0.0 loop = true } } } So why is it no matter what I change here, it's never reflected in the engine sound. I F5, reload F9; I even save and quit the game, it makes no difference. Sometimes changes in CFG files appear immediately after an F9. Not in this case. I've always hated the default engine noise, it repeats too much (or am I the only one who hears it repeating?). So I edited the Squad/Sounds/sound_rocket_mini.wav file - making it longer, playing with the low/high frequencies etc - and it still doesn't make any difference, even though the WAV file sounds so much different in Wavepad (where I modified it) than in game. No changes I make to these files is reflected in the game, and it's driving me nuts! Just what the heck do any of these lines of code actually do? It's possible I have screwed up the precise formatting of these lines of code, but the only changes I made were to these values. I also checked the file against the default version before over-writing it, they looked identical in Notepad++. Yes I am a noob, at least when it comes to Unity, programming, coding, etc. :)
  2. Ever since playing 1.12.2 I've noticed that vessels slide down slopes, even shallow gradients. Whether it's a 5-man vessel or a 100-tonne mining ship it would slide down a slope at maybe 0.1, 0.2 m/s. Duna, Ike, Mun, Minmus, it didn't matter. It was like the legs had no friction. So I opened up the part file for the LT-2 landing legs and looked for anything friction related. I had no idea what I was doing. I changed a few values (in bold) but the one that seemed to work was "autoFrictionAvailable = false". If you set it to "True", a friction slider control becomes available for the legs on your vessel (I'm talking about the heavy LT-2 legs but the other legs might be the same). I then tested a vessel by landing it on Minmus on a heavy slope. With the friction slider set to 0, the vessel kept sliding. With the slider set to 1, 1.5 or 2, the vessel eventually stopped completely. FYI Here is the section where I made the edit/s. MODULE { name = ModuleWheelBase wheelColliderTransformName = wheelCollider useNewFrictionModel = true wheelType = LEG adherentStart = 0.01 frictionAdherent = 0.5 peakStart = 2 frictionPeak = 1.0 limitStart = 7.0 frictionLimit = 1.5 // setting this to true will override the radius and center parameters FitWheelColliderToMesh = False radius = 0.12 center = 0,0,0 mass = 0.040 autoFrictionAvailable = True clipObject = piston_collider TooltipTitle = #autoLOC_502076 //#autoLOC_502076 = Landing Leg TooltipPrimaryField = groundHeightOffset = 1.37 } I was reading the patch notes for 1.12.2 and Squad claims they've finally fixed the landing legs. Well, they haven't. By fixing one thing they seem to have introduced another issue. In all my time playing KSP I've never had this persisent sliding problem until now. All they had to do was turn this value on by default and there wouldn't have been a problem. Yes I know this setting is meant for wheels but in the part file it treats wheels and legs the same. Both wheels and legs still need friction! In 1.12.2 they (at least the LT-2 legs) don't have friction! Anyway I hope this helps anyone else having this issue. Come on Squad, add this part edit to the next final patch. Prettty please! Was this an oversight? Did you miss it? Did you intend to fix this and forgot?
  3. So it now looks like ports are glitched in v1.12.2. I have a station in orbit of the Mun, with a ship attached to a docking port on one end. I've just tried to undock it and the options to undock and dock aren't there. The options are also absent from the port it's attached to. This station has been left in orbit with the ship attached for over 40 in-game years. And no the ports are not locked. Other ports on the station don't seem to be affected. It's reminiscent of an old glitch dating back to 0.23 I think in which the only solution was to edit the save file, or try to dock another ship from the other end and then re dock (Kurtjmac encountered this during his let's play). However, I tried both (not sure if I edited the file properly) and the ports are still jammed. This is the first station I've built in 1.12.2 and if this is a glitch, then it completely screws station design or using stations. I just can't believe Private Devision have reintroduced an old glitch from years ago while faffing about with new and unneeded things like docking port alignment!
  4. I'm guessing that 1.12.2 is the final, final, last ever update to v1, yes? That's a shame. Because I've just encountered an infuriating bug that made me want to eat my own eyeballs. I had a repair mission to do around the Mun, repair a satellite. So I loaded a ship, clicked the Cargo icon in the VAB and edited the Engineer's inventory so that he was carrying 4 repair kits, instead of a parachute. I then saved the ship and launched. I got to the Mun, rendezvous'd with the satellite, and put my Engineer on EVA. Only to find that his backpack inventory had reverted to default - a parachute and an RCS pack, instead of 4 repair kits and an RCS pack. You may be thinking I didn't actually save my changes to the ship. I thought so as well. So I loaded the ship again in the VAB, edited the Engineer's inventory to include 4 repair kits, but this time I added 4 repair kits to the Lander Can's inventory as well. I saved the ship, and launched. I checked the ship on the pad, to discover that while the Kerbal's inventory had indeed been changed back to default, the 4 repair kits I had put in the Lander Can were still there. So...it looks like the game doesn't save any changes you make to a Kerbal's backpack inventory in the VAB. Either that or I'm doing something wrong. But all I did was open the top Cargo menu icon in the VAB, and drag-n-drop the repair kits into the inventory from the Cargo side menu. If there aren't going to be any more patches for v1 then this bug report is a little pointless. But I just wondered if I was going crazy or if others had found the same thing.
  5. KSP gives you 5 years to plant a flag on the Mun; 10 years to rescue someone in orbit of the Mun; 30 years to plant a flag on Ike....and yet only ONE YEAR to repair a rover on Moho?! It takes longer than that just to get there! However you choose to get to Moho, with or without a transfer window, it would still take you more than a year to get there which isn't the easiest target at the best of times. You may be thinking that the game assumes you've already got a heavy Kerbal presence on and around Moho, therefore the mission is doable. But I would point out that even contracts that are based on and around Kerbin still give you more time than one year. All these "repair X on planet Y" missions have AT MOST a two year deadline, which just seems ridiculous. The only ones that can be done are on the Mun and Minmus; anything further afield is just crazy. Squad, are you aware of this? Do you even play your own game? I've been playing since 2013 and I've never seen contracts with such absurdly short deadlines. They're just not doable. You need to re-evaluate these mission types.
  6. I've stopped doing those missions because they just seem bugged or incomplete. When asked to attach something to a satellite I always find that there's no satellite there to fix other than the relays I've put up there. The contract never specifies to what satellite I have to go to in the contract parameters. However I'm not sure if I tried this, though I think I did. I might try it next time.
  7. My PC is ancient but I still get a good 30-60fps in most situations. It depends on the complexity of the base or station, and the situation. When I landed my base on the Mun I noticed that when I turned on the lights, the framerate dropped from 30 to 15 fps. (Terrain Shader is set to High, so is the Terrain Detail). When I turned them off the fps returned to 30. It doesn't seem to happen on orbiting stations, only landed bases. It doesn't make any sense considering these new lights don't cast shadows, I don't know why there'd be a performance drop, even with the current terrain settings. Audio Muffler Redux Chatterer DistantObject KerboKatz NavBallDockingAlignmentIndicatorCE PlanetShine RealPlume RealPlume-Stock scatterer SmokeScreen Squad TextureReplacer
  8. Yes it's comical and very Kerbally but it's also a bit annoying. In all my years playing KSP I've never seen this before, it's only happened since 1.11. When planting a flag and the "Name Site" dialog box opens, the flag glitches or jumps and tips over. It doesn't seem to matter which direction the kerbal is facing when planting the flag. The strange things is it doesn't happen all the time, but on the last two attempts the flag did fall over: I picked up the flag, tried to plant it again, and it still fell over. Also, as a sidenote, the message on the plaque appears on top of the plaque instead of actually inside it. Most mods are 1.9, 1.10 or 1.11 compliant. Audio Muffler Redux Chatterer DistantObject KerboKatz NavBallDockingAlignmentIndicatorCE PlanetShine RealPlume RealPlume-Stock scatterer SmokeScreen Squad TextureReplacer
  9. Mine is a simple mod called Audio Muffler Redux. I found it by accident on CKAN for 1.9 and I'm so happy it still works in 1.11. All it does is muffle engine noise the higher you go, until it cuts it out completely in a vacuum. You can also configure it to only play sounds in IVA (works with Chatterer). It was created by Nova Silisco no less, and just adds that touch of extra realism. Especially when used with RealPlume. What's yours? I bet there's too many to mention!
  10. According to my KSP account, I bought the game in September 2013. Been playing ever since. What a ride! It's been fun watching the game mature over the years, to the point where Jeb can now practice his golf swing on the Mun. Four!
  11. Hmm, I love doing the atmospheric G-Force contracts (I call the plane the Vomit Comet) but I've never tried the "pass out while in space" contracts.
  12. Is it my imagination, or are these repair missions really glitched? I had a mission to repair a communotron 16 antenna on a satellite. So Jeb and Bill went to it, with repair kits (Bill is level 3). He EVA'd over to it and repaired the antenna. I checked to make sure anything else needed fixing, and there wasn't. However, the "repair antenna" criteria of the mission wasn't checked and the contract didn't complete. I tried reloading the save, I tried going in and out of the Tracking Station and the contract still did not complete. I re-read the mission and there's nothing I failed to do. I repaired the antenna as requested, I even extended it. This is getting a big annoying because I've done these repair missions before and they worked fine. I have no clue why this one isn't completing. Sometimes i think these new repair and "attach in situ" missions aren't explained adequately; their success and failure states are unclear.
  13. JNSQ? Forgive me, I'm not a programmer so I haven't a clue what you mean, but it sounds serious and I will be careful. Though, I've done that in the past a few times and can't recall any crashes, etc.
  14. That would sometimes happen to me in other versions.Get into the Scatterer control panel (ALT+F12) if Scatterer has no icon to click on, and go into the Ocean tab and at the bottom select 'Rebuild Ocean'. It usually brings it back immediately.
  15. KSP: Windows 64bit Problem: Massive frame-rate drops when moving from Map View to Ship View Mods installed: Audio Muffler Redux Chatterer DistantObject KerboKatz (a little onscreen framerate monitor) NavBallDockingAlignmentIndicatorCE PlanetShine RealPlume RealPlume-Stock SmokeScreen Squad TextureReplacer TweakScale (Most mods were carried over from 1.9.1 without a problem.) Reproduction steps: I installed Scatterer, tried moving from Map View to Ship View (size of vessel doesn't matter, the issue still occurs), and frame-rate drops from 30-60fps to 3fps. The entire game, UI, menus, drops to 3 fps. Sometimes it recovers, but mostly it doesn't and I have no option but to CTRL-ALT-DEL and end it in Task Manager. When I remove the Scatterer folder, I am no longer able to reproduce this issue, everything behaves as it should. KSP Debug menu and the ksp log file show nothing abnormal during frame-rate drop (the Performance window shows the frame-rate drop). I tried using the default Scatterer folder/settings, and my custom folder/settings. The results were the same. I tried removing other mods to see if they were to blame but I haven't had this problem until I installed the 0.0621b update.
  16. I'm playing v1.10.2917. Twice now my Sentinel Telescope in orbit has failed to find comets in the allotted time. As a result I lose reputation and money and I fail the mission. Having said that I've also successfully completed 2 of these missions with the same Sentinel. So is it possible these missions are entirely random regarding whether I will detect any comets? My probe does meet two of the criteria for each mission: in orbit of the Sun (no specifics given or needed) and have a Sentinel Telescope on board. Given the kinds of long and elliptical orbits comets can be on, plus the relatively short time you have to find them (6 years), it seems the odds are stacked against you. I just hate losing reputation!
  17. I'm a bit confused. In v1.10.2917 when I load the MK2 Lander into the VAB, there is no "Open doors" command on the right-click context menu (see image link). Looking at the Lander in the VAB and in flight it is obvious the side doors are there, you can see them. Another indication that they are there is the fact you cannot place any other part on them in the VAB (see image). However as you can see, I was able to place a Mystery Good inside the doors, which is what I'd expect if that side compartment was actually usable (the Mystery Good is highlighted green, not red indicating that it is not clipped inside). If the doors cannot open, how can you access anything placed inside? The doors were a nice feature on this Lander and I have used them before in 1.6, 1.9. In v1.10 it seems Squad has forgotten to add the "Open doors" command on its context menu to open them. Am I correct? Or have they just decided to do away with that functionality? If this is the case then why are the doors visible, as opposed to a smooth surface like it was before the doors were added? Does the MK2 Lander still have functional side doors?
  18. OK, so forgive me for my brutal honesty. You can't grow without honesty. And Squad's love for this game is matched only by my own. These are the bugs, glitches I've noticed thus far in an early Career Mode playthrough: 1)Kerbin's default atmosphere shader looks worse than even in the early days. Scatterer for 1.9.1 works with it, but doesn't over-ride or replace it, so the bright, luminous default atmosphere is always there. Maybe this isn't a bug, just an aesthetic thing which I usually fix with mods. 2) Camera is zoomed very, very far away from ship when going from Map View back Ship View. 3)This may have been a mod issue, but when I was orbiting the Mun, I noticed the FPS go from 60 in Map View (I have it locked at 60) to 3 when returning to Ship View. The game literally became unplayable, the whole interface, everything was at 3 FPS. I have the Mun texture set to High (and I know things have to load), but I've never had this issue before, even on a PC that is 7 years old. Sometimes it would fix itself, other times it wouldn't and I would have to restart the game. The really odd thing was, when I checked Task Manager while it was at 3FPS the CPU usage was at 1-3%. When it returned to normal, CPU usage went back to a normal 10-15%. Which makes absolutely no sense to me, it was behaving as though CPU was overloaded yet I had no other background programs hogging the CPU. I also noticed RAM usage (16GBs max) seemed higher than usual for a new game with few mods. Maybe that caused the FPS crash too, I'm no expert. Everything else seems ok so far. And I love all the extra additions to the game. My main gripe seems to be how it looks and the FPS drop.
  19. Probably a silly question but I'm assuming it will be available to download as usual from my KSP>Account page? It's 1:50PM where I am, no sign of it yet. Yes yes I know I'm too impatient.
  20. I've finally got around to playing 1.9.1 and am happy to report no problems. All mods carried over ok, so did my save file. My main reason for writing is to express how happy I am with the removal of Time Warp limitations by altitude. It is so beautiful to finally be able to orbit Kerbin, Moho, Gilly, Dres, Duna, Vall without them! I really hated the limitations to be honest, never quite understood the technical reasons for them. They would put me off going to places, actually. Constantly having to switch to the Tracking Station just to orbit a little faster got really old. Not to mention the extra strain that put on memory management. So however you did it, we'll done, and thank you! I know we're coming to the end of KSP v1 but I still wanted to tell you that you don't toil in obscurity and your continued work on KSP will always be appreciated. Cheers!
  21. I feel so damn stupid. This is what happens when you go without sleep. It took me 1 minute to realise the 'Terrain Shader' quality was set to 'Low'. Setting it back to 'High' solved the 'problem'. Judas priest, what a noob. Thanks for all input, guys, sorry I wasted your time. Sheesh.
  22. I've been playing 1.8.0 for a few months, and know what the new improved Mun, Minmus textures look like. Then, for some inexplicable reason, the textures have changed, even in vanilla 1.8.0, to low res, low quality textures. And I haven't a damn clue why. The textures are supposed to look like they do in this KSP YouTube video, posted 4 months ago: But instead of looking like this, they all look like lower quality, pre-1.8.0 textures. And what really confuses me is that even after starting a brand new game in a new install of 1.8.0 (after unpacking the zip file) the textures are STILL not what they're supposed to be like in 1.8.0. Instead of how they appear in the video, the Mun texture appears like this: Mun (modless) Am I going crazy? I've been playing 1.8.0 with these new planetary textures for months...and then suddenly they have changed to low res textures. While I am playing the game! What the heck is going on?
  23. Squad did a lot to publish just how much they'd worked to improve the textures of the Mun, Minmus etc for 1.8.0. However, the moment I updated to (I just ran the update patch), I noticed all these textures had defaulted to a far worse state, like they were pre-1.8.0. I thought it was a mod causing it, so I temporarily removed all mods and ran 1.8.1 again. I loaded in a ship orbiting the Mun, and sure enough the Mun texture is terrible: it's heavily tiled, and looks pre-1.8.0. Minmus' texture is just as bad, as though one texture has been used for all surfaces, be they flat or inclined. The point is they are NOT how they're supposed to look since Squad did the work on them for 1.8.0. I also noticed that these texture changes were reflected in the KSP title screen. Again, the Mun texture looks pre-1.8.0. If this is visible in the title screen then does that suggest it is indeed the patch at fault? I cannot see anything in my configuration that could account for these changes. It's as if this patch has literally undone all the texture work in 1.8.0. All these screenshots were taken in a modless KSP build. Mun Minmus Title screen
  24. I just wanted to say thanks to those members of Squad still left working on KSP. You do not toil in vain, your work does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Built-in Delta-v and TWR readout = awesome In-flight action group management = awesome Manoevre node panel and widget = awesome Terrain altimeter = awesome Memory management improvements = awesome New planet and moon textures = awesome (the Mun's texture looks so good I don't want to use texture mods any more!) Everything else I missed = awesome I've been playing KSP since maybe 0.18, not sure, and I still love it to bits. It's been so gratifying to see how much KSP has grown and matured over the years, while still managing to retain its unique and lovable character. Long may it continue! Long live the Kerbals! Here's to KSP 2.0!
  25. I've never actually considered if you can see the other planets from Kerbin in vanilla, never tried. But the Distant Object Enhancement mod does make them visible, and allows you to change their colour and brightness as seen in the sky. It's fun watching out for conjunctions and other rare alignments.
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