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  1. The filter extensions mod does that, although I feel simply right-clicking and picking a size variant is still more intuitive than that.
  2. I seem to recall that a long time ago, someone suggested a simplified part selection UI. The gist is that instead of having to pick from tens of different but similar-looking fuel tanks, you just pick any fuel tank, right click on it, pick the length and radial size, and the part changes accordingly. Kind of like tweakscale, but the part actually switches to another part instead of simply altering the size of part. It's also not procedural parts, because it uses the parts already in the game. Now that part variants are a thing, I think this is not too far off. It could be like that, but with size instead of color. This could really save some time when designing a rocket.
  3. Are there mods to add more aspects to KSP's management? I feel like the budget system in KSP was just tacked on and never fully explored, and I hope some mods could change that.
  4. How much resource can a simple fade in/out take, anyway?
  5. It's a small thing, but I think a fade in/fade out for whenever the scene changes (for example, when entering VAB/SPH from the space center view & vice versa) could do very much to give the game a polished feel, as well as masking the loading times.
  6. Let's say space travel has become so common and cheap, the average Joe/Jane can just buy a spaceship. If you were to participate in an underground orbital obstacle course, how would you trick out your vintage 1986 Soyuz to make it 400% cooler while still maintaining performance?
  7. 1. Can airlock and docking port be a single part? 2. How good is a grappling hook gun to move around in space? 3. Why don't spacesuits have a flexible neck? 4. Why is the ISS made of cylinder shapes, instead of boxes? 5. How far can you get from the sun until solar panels aren't practical anymore? 6. And what determines the practicality of solar panels? 7. Related to the ISS question, why do realistic spaceship concepts look... the way they do? Long pipes with stuff attached to it?
  8. Let's say that asteroid mining gets big and it's gold rush all over again. Lots of people, individuals and corporations, set out to make a fortune in the asteroid belt. People live there and work there for a significant amount of time. They need vehicles to get from place to place. And it's cheaper to make spaceships using materials mined from asteroids. Assuming the technology used in making it is not too far from today's technology, how would such spaceship look like? (And please don't say "it's all going to be automated anyway so why do you need people working in space.")
  9. What if... KSP goes The Sims route? The base game is there, rough and ready to play, but instead of updates, you purchase expansion packs, which is essentially standalone major updates with a bunch of thematic new features. Want robust life support with all the part that comes with it? There's an expansion pack for that! A story mode with FMV, 100+ characters, and Kojima-level of dialogue? There's also an expansion pack for that! Want to design your own KSC building and decide where to assign each one of your kerbal staff? Another expansion pack! You can just install one or a few, or you can install all of them!
  10. How do other similar space exploration games make their planets interesting? Also, I'm wondering, is there anyone in Squad whose job is explicitly "game design"?
  11. How would you monetize it? Which stuff are free and which stuff players have to spend money on? What would the game do to incentivize players to get other people to play it (apart from good reviews)? How would spending money make the game easier? Is there a grinding mechanic that players can bypass by spending money? How can the game get players to compete with each other? Is there some sort of leaderboard? What does it track? Etc.
  12. Also, wouldn't it be funny if a mod makes Kerbin the center of the system (Kerbin system?) with the sun and other planets orbiting Kerbin?
  13. On the ground, the closer you get to the edge, the steeper it would be, to the point where it feels like you're climbing vertically. And think about Kerbinrise from the Mun! It would be like watching a coin flip in very slow motion, depending on the orientation. While we're at it, why not a ringworld Kerbin?
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