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  1. I know that this thread is a bit dread at this point, but I had a dream last night that I couldn't not share on this forum. In the dream, there was a rocket that was about to launch and for some reason I thought it was a good idea to sneak up close to it (which I don't regret). I replicated the rocket in Space Agency (a cool IOS game), it looked something like this: The rocket's mission was to launch a rather prestigious mission to put up an interplanetary communication satellite, and it was evidently a manned mission. When I got close to the launchpad, I saw a strange woo
  2. "Are you telling me that it was not a seismology experiment?" I send a manned mission to Gilly.
  3. You know your a nerd when you regularly wake up in the morning and think something like this: "Here I am as this particular person in this particular scenario at this particular time out of the infinity of possibilities and I have no idea why. I am just percieving a bunch of stuff and remembering a bunch of stuff that I can't confirm to be real, I don't even know what consciousness is. I don't even know why anything should exist at all. I literally know nothing."
  4. You can't get back into space because of the thick atmosphere and high gravity. I launch a probe to explore the underground ocean of Europa.
  5. You know you are a nerd when you stalk space probes online.
  6. You mis-spelled "refinery" and the engineers packed a "reminery" which is aperently an actual thing. I send a space plane full of crew, trash, garbage, junk, refuse, and science back from the space station.
  7. You know you're a geek when you can't go an hour without making a science fiction reference.
  8. This is a lot like the you know you're a nerd when: thread, except it's about being a geek. I'll start: You know you're a geek when you wish you could change Siri's voice to sound like Hal.
  9. I work at the power plant, and the acid and plastic explosives are for as hence demonstration I am doing for some students. You are pulled over near a government building with a sword, a ninja suit, and a few smoke bombs.
  10. Did you know that most "moons" and some "planets" were thought to be smudges on the telescope when they were first discovered? That's because they were. The other "planets" don't exist.
  11. Does our insurance cover bailout fees for insurance fraud? You accidentally hit the space bar while in orbit, jettisoning your service module.
  12. You know you are a nerd when you are playing a sport in your Physical Education (PE) class and you start to wonder how your knowlage of physics could give you an edge, and when you realize that calculating the ball's trajectory is just simple classical mechanics that is basically common sense you think "what kind of witchcraft is this?". This actually happened to me. Quantum uncertainty, special relativity, the gravity gradient, Earth's curvature, tidal forces, and spacial expansion are all negligible. Physics is not supposed to be this easy!!!
  13. You forgot to align the center of thrust with the center of mass of the irregular bases. I launch a manned mission to Duna.
  14. In space, no one can hear you fart. The rocket exploded because of _____.
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