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  1. Say, I'm having a problem with your centrifuges from SSPX. I'm making an interplanetary ship with aerobraking capabilities, but heat shields won't protect them, I've tried the large 10m, procedural ablative ones, and nothing works. Other parts from this mod do, but why not the centrifuges?

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    2. Dnarbnellih2


      You did make a large part of the mod though right? I was figuring you would have a good idea why this would happen (you had to debug and such) and at least if you weren't aware of it, you could now try to fix it.

    3. Nertea


      I made the whole mod. I don't have a good idea of why it happens, and it's very hard to keep track of and discuss problems and bugs via forum status updates. If you post the issue there, you can take advantage of not only my knowledge, but that of a large number of very knowledgable forum-goers that may be able to pin down the problem.

    4. Dnarbnellih2


      Cripes, fair enough though, I'll head over to said thread, thank you!

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