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  1. I don't think this would be something to do with this mod, that part is a pretty basic, boring part. Check all your dependencies and try a clean install. Well, looks like KSPIE in there. When using that mod, NFT warranties are all void. KSPIE has its own power manager you should probably be looking at.
  2. Nice! Yeah I can think of only a few very advanced cases where this would actually be useful. I can't remember who asked for it, but in hindsight it was a lot of work for a very minor feature. But it looks sweet! There's no patch, as I don't understand MKS mechanics enough to create such a one. I believe radiator temp status is actually current loop temperature. Can't recall off the top of my head what that would show as with no load on the loop.
  3. That's not a lot of information to go on, but I haven't heard of this before. KSPIE question, KSPIE thread. Those two are the ones who would know, perhaps Knight has used these but I don't think many others have used the Event controllers before, they might be broken. The real problem you have is that neither of those engines pictured use Waterfall plumes. They both use stock FX
  4. You can already do this in configuration by using a ModuleSystemHeatRadiator with the convective fields adjusted: https://github.com/post-kerbin-mining-corporation/SystemHeat/blob/master/SystemHeat/SystemHeat/Modules/ModuleSystemHeatRadiator.cs#L37.. Yeahhhhh... I'm done so no.
  5. Well, we're not using any of of mod parts, though there is likely to be inspirational crossover.
  6. Yeah unfortunately not doing anything more on this project.
  7. This video is a great example of the how the whole content team works together to bring things to life for KSP 2!
  8. Under NFE model: send a Level 5 engineer on EVA. There is a limit to how far it can be repaired to, and a maximum repair level Under SH model: send a Level 5 engineer out on EVA with repair kits. Each kit repairs some %. This is extremely low priority to update because everything can be updated separately. If there are other reasons for a release then I will usually update the bundled version but I'm not updating a bundle for a dependency update unless there is a critical reason. This seems to working fine with me, I suspect another mod may be screwing this up.
  9. As mentioned over 10 thousand times in this thread and clearly enumerated in the FAQ, the IVA spaces are not part of the default install. If you want them, you need to follow the instructions in the readme, if installing manually, or install the appropriately named package, if installing from CKAN.
  10. Restock 1.4.3 has been released Restock KSP 1.12.3 Incorporated 1.25m Engine Plate into ReStock base to account for Making History 1.25m Engine Plate addition Fix Communotron 88-88 starting extended in the VAB (#965) Added a depth mask to the Communotron 88-88 Fixed Reliant boattail grey option being the old pre-1.12 one Removed extra rescaleFactor from Swivel Restock+ KSP 1.12.3 Added Japanese localization (kzm4269) Added flag to 1.25m Engine Plates for Making History inclusion Deprecated previous 1.25m Engine Plate and added new 1.25m Engine Plate for craft file compatibility
  11. Never seen that at all. There's in fact practically nothing in SH that can cause explosions. Please create a reproducible test case. I don't support that part so the dev of that mod will need to look into what they are doing wrong.
  12. Can't reproduce. Check to see if you have anything that changes textures and materials. Post logs and modlists.
  13. Yeah the old part is hard to replace and this will probably not be resolved. You can make an issue for it if you want.
  14. Kerbalism and KSPI both do things to my mods. You have them both installed, which creates even more things. I wouldn't expect it to work
  15. SSPX update Fixed functioning of 5m lab's airlock Fixed missing backside of 1.25m docking port replacement Fixed skinning error on Doughnut centrifuge Added Stress support to the Snacks patch Added SSPXR-TAC-ScienceDisableFix.cfg that disables TAC patches on the science labs to resolve TAC bug
  16. I think that's right. NTR heat production is the 'excess' and a solid core NTR doesn't create a lot of excess. It is realted to the bit where the scylla has a power generation loop. KA 1.3.3 Updated CryoTanks to 1.6.4
  17. CryoEngines 2.0.6 Updated CryoTanks to 1.6.4 Fixed VAB on-ness of Tharsis/Pavonis glows
  18. Waterfall 0.8.1 is up Fixed an issue that would cause the mod to not be compatible with KSP < 1.12.
  19. Waterfall 0.8.0 is up Significant rewrite of controller and controller UI code. This resulted in a change to how generated configs look, but existing configs should work fine (thanks ArXen42 for all the hard work for this) Improvements to UX for controller selection and configuration Added an error notification when you try to add an effect with an invalid effect parent Some refactoring of UI code in various areas Redid color picker for significantly better UX Added the ability to save (within a game session) color swatches to copy/paste between effects and materials Shader bundles can now be loaded from anywhere in gamedata (anything with a .waterfallshaders extension) Shader bundles are loaded alphabetically and replace existing shaders in the order loaded. e.g if xyz.waterfallshaders contains a shader with the same name as abc.waterfallshaders, the one from xyz.waterfallshaders will be used Shader improvements Additive (Volumetric) shader: fixed excessive noise bug the _Noise setting is now 5 times more sensitive (divide your old _Noise setting by 5 to get previous behavior) you may need to slightly increase your _FadeOut setting if your old setting was below 0.5 start and end tints will no longer depend on Fresnel or InvertedFresnel settings (so your old color gradient may need some readjustments) added FresnelFadeIn setting so you can gradually fade in the Fresnel effect starting from the nozzle exit. Echo (Dynamic) shader: echo spacing (_EchoLength) setting will now properly scale with the mesh scale new _ExpandLength setting stretches the individual echos
  20. This is not a realism mod and trying to tune things based on jet power is going to fail miserably every time. Things are done for balance, not realism.
  21. I don't want to do this at the moment but it's something I've considered for the future.
  22. It may be some general weird issue with the ground anchors. Every time squad added a new mechanism I had to spend ages retuning the thermal system so it wouldn't go screw itself, I haven't done that with those parts (and I don't intend to which is why I wrote SH)
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