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  1. All the engines I have available are real-world analogs, and I don't yet have the engines to make Juno I or an R-7 yet, so it is difficult or even impossible to get anything to orbit so far.
  2. I have been fighting against the rocket equation in a Real Solar System/Realism Overhaul career mode save. This design is 4x heavier than my launchpad can handle and would take several years to build and still cannot make it to orbit. I'm probably going to need to do some additional science experiments and contracts to get the necessary technology and facility upgrades to get up there.
  3. Solution: Needed to do several things to fix this, and the rest of the save. #1, uninstall Ven's Stock Revamp, since the version Realism Overhaul wants is not available and conflicts with ReStock #2, install the missing PatchManager #3, install the missing TexturesUnlimited
  4. I have recently started a masochist install with a full suite of realism overhauls, and I'm having an issue with the starting probe cores, and probably some other parts that I haven't found yet. They are supposed to be 0.3 meters in diameter, but they're 3 meters in diameter. Am I missing some kind of dependency? UPDATE: Image included. Seems like the correct 0.3m part is there but the mesh for the SAS unit is also added. Where would this conflict be coming from?
  5. While I've been away, I've given Blender a fair shake. Check these renders and models out. I'm sure I've done other works, but these were what I've felt were done enough to upload somewhere Procedural Earthlike with Rings More angles at https://imgur.com/a/VreBjiU Mechwarrior Locust cockpit Procedural Marslike PBR test - Rubik's Cube
  6. I may have installed approximately all the mods
  7. What's it been, 3 years? I might poke around here again, figure out what people have done in my absence. Might even give the game another go around and see what's changed before I inevitably mod it into the ground.
  8. Here's a Laythe test. FINALLY got water working properly, and definitely some better atmosphere setup. EDIT: I know the shore is a little funky. I need to poke the bump map a little. It's also not the same resolution as the color map, so some issues may arise there.
  9. I would need to know what mods are installed first. And even then there's no guarantee that it'll work properly.
  10. Well, is there a way to get the entire maximum resolution map at once? I have only ever gotten chunks or one low-res image.
  11. @Pine, sounds like a plan! Need an ice field though... should not be too hard. I hope. Still need a Laythe model for @spacebrick3's render. I think a friend linked a mod with some nice big planet textures, and if anything else I may be able to make my own. Perhaps even with Blender.
  12. @DMSP's Sahara vehicle ascends above Kerbin, awaiting sattelite deployment. Well, I'm going to grab some higher-resolution Kerbin textures, methinks. And figure out how to do water better, though it kinda looks like that in-game. :/ With the new GPU, this render only took five minutes instead of an hour or two! It is so strange.
  13. Aaaallllright! I have a new computer, with a proper graphics card, GTX 960M! I tested it this morning on that Blackbird render, took 1:57 instead of 45:00+, at 600 samples instead of 300. Once I get everything all set up, I'm hitting these requests again. ^-^
  14. Yeah I'm not getting any issues either. :/ Are you browsing the forum on Mobile or something? It may also be the fact that your monitor's aspect ratio is bizarre, if that image is an accurate representation.
  15. Since I've already got a thread for showing mine off, I'll show off a little bit of the process I used to make my last, which you can find here: You may be wondering how I did the shiny dish on the satellite. A few months ago I was poking around in the node tree on the part shaders, and found a node that plugged into the part's glossy material output. Setting that node to small numbers, such as the dish's 0.01, makes the related part very reflective. It's great for metallic-looking parts. In the second picture you can see the initial state of the render. In Blender I used a spotligh
  16. Oh wow! I absolutely love these things! Really nice work, great style.
  17. This unmanned probe sets down on the Munar highlands, kicking up dust with its main engine as it transmits telemetry back to Kerbin. If you like the craft you can get it here: Mun Lander by @KerbalOmmex I've gotta say, I really love this one. I think that's my best hand-drawn fire/dust effect to date.
  18. Aaaactually, there's a code error in the KSPBlender addon, which I haven't actually checked if it's fixed in the actual plugin yet. But! This was how to fix it on your side.
  19. Okay... I'm still alive, folks. I know I've been AWOL for... wow, a month and a half? It was a bit lot longer than I anticipated, and I apologize. I really lost my art touch for a while. It's a lot like having writers' block, except for rendering. On top of that I had fallen off of KSP again, in favor of a bunch of other games, but as usual I've found my way back. I think that this time, for real, I can at least finish the requests I've got in queue. The other issue had been school wrapping up, but that's been done for a good while now. Immediately after it ended, though, as usual I was u
  20. Wow, sorry guys. I've been doing waaaaay too many things lately. I think I've cut down enough to pop back here for a while. I have not made any progress since I last got back to you, but I know how to fix the problem I was having before. There really isn't a scale up time based on part count. It depends mainly on the whole scene complexity: What's shiny, what glows, what has volume distortion, what has bump maps, all sorts of background things. It also is highly variable when you change the render quality. A 100x100 pixel render with 10 samples per pixel takes a lot less time t
  21. I would have to say no. Hardly ever is it a good idea to change an aspect of a game (especially a single-player sandbox game where there is no "cheating") when there's a large amount of disapproval for said change, especially when the people who feel it needs to be changed have been given the (very easy to use) tools to do so themselves. Really. The devs have gone out of their way to make this game easy to modify to a player's own liking.
  22. Lovely render! I like the ion trail especially. The sun bugs me a little though. Lens flare in Blender is a tricky beast, which is why I usually do that in another program.
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