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  1. Living in Miami, I completely understand your situation. On a good day you might see Venus here. And of course there's usually a nice thick overcast blanket of clouds, blocking even the Moon. But a few times, my family and I have driven out to the Everglades, and stayed out there for a few hours just watching the sky. In the right spots, you can just barely make out the band of the galaxy, and the stars are so much brighter out there. Someday, I want to get way out in the ocean, away from all the city lights, just to see the night sky like it was.
  2. @SpaceplaneAddict's BadS SSTO descends on Eve. Artist's Rendition. This craft may or may not be able to make it to Eve. Do not attempt to make it to Eve if you are not sure. If you attempt to make it to Eve with this and fail, you cannot sue. @DMSP, if you have a craft ready I can start on it.
  3. Well, from what I know, you might be able to destroy more than just a planet. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relativistic_kill_vehicle Forgoing the Tyranny of the Rocket Equation, say we accelerated a one thousand kilogram object to approximately the speed of light. Say, 95%. Equation The result? 3.12x1020 Joules. That is equivalent to approximately 50 Gigatons of TNT. What if, in the spirit of xkcd, we tried more power? The Result Accelerating the object to nearly the speed of light yields an equally ridiculous amount of energy. 2.84x1060 Joules. The sixtieth. Equal to 6.79x1041 Gigatons of TNT. For some more perspective, here's a handy table. http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/usefultables.php According to it, the Big Bang was estimated to be around 3.0x1069 Joules. Which gets our number up to 0.0000001% or so of the Big Bang, with a single metric ton. Perhaps someone else might refine on this. I have not the slightest idea what all this energy would do, nor what fraction of it would be yielded in detonation, or through impact, or whatever an object going so incredibly fast does. Now, perhaps some more reasonable numbers. 1,000 metric tons at 0.7c 1,000,000 metric tons at 0.5c Neither of those come close to touching the massive power previously achieved, but they are a good perspective.
  4. Whoops! I'll try to remember that. Might not change the filename though. Hmm, well, I should be able to do Eve. Reentry is tricky. I can probably do some research on the effects, and I know a hacky way to do it.
  5. This was scary for a second. Turns out it was Tantares. Removing it fixed the problem. Things can proceed as planned! Any ideas for a background scene, @SpaceplaneAddict? Or would you rather be surprised? EDIT: The texture and scaling crazies are completely normal, don't worry.
  6. Yeah, that sounds interesting! Whenever you've got the chance.
  7. Weird, that's not showing up on my screen. Managed to get to the image though, looks really cool!
  8. @DMSP Well, it isn't playing nice. Tried all I could to fix it but no progress made. On another note, I guess I can take a few requests again. So if you have some stock craft you like that you want rendered instead I can do that, no problem. Goes for anyone else, too. I'm bored, help me out!
  9. Hmm. I can try it. Mod craft should work, but I've never done them before. EDIT: Looks like it's not going to work, unfortunately. Import failure. I'm going to make sure the mod is installed properly before calling it, though.
  10. Thanks! I thought about brightening up the background a little, but the node setup wasn't perfect for that. The "silhouette" isn't caused by light on the other side of the model, more the lack of lighting from the environment in general. With a bit of tweaking it should be easily doable, though. Well, esinohio said it better than I could have done in this post, but I'd add that it takes an eye for your final intended result, some headbanging with Blender's node setups, and a lot of persistence. Don't give up when something's not working quite right! Take a step back and try something else if you must, but then keep fiddling with your work until you like it.
  11. There are numbers? I've been scaling them by eye. :/ Tip! Select the part, then hit spacebar. Type "Select all of this part." If your transform origins are set to "Individual Origins", with this setting he..r..e. Alert! You can paste screen-captures directly to the Forum, apparently! Nevermind. False alarm. Anyways! This lets you fix all the scaling issues on parts of that type at the same time. I'm a bit astonished by how nicely that image with the PT boat merges with the render. I'd have thought the perspective would be off, but it's pretty good.
  12. It is the CG bit that I created, yes. How about a two-fer?
  13. I don't care how good of a render I can throw together, a well-put-together drawing will beat them any day. All I do is hit a button and poof, art. These take much more time. Very nice work.
  14. I surprise myself more often than I like to admit.
  15. This looks really great! I love the reentry fires, and the model is really nice as well.
  16. If someday KSP could present that level of detail while running like it does now, it would be absolutely amazing. However, I am not sure that such detail is within the realm of the game. The art style is much more cartoony, and while it has been transforming into something more realistic, total realism like those shots is not the intent.
  17. Ah, the good ol' 0.25 days. XD I like this new format as well. It looks cleaner, and is more organized. While there might not be an easy way to find the information you're looking for, the information as a whole is denser.
  18. No fair, I was asleep! Nope, by the way. (The lack of the online/offline pip makes this tricky.) Sampa?
  19. Tags are failing us it seems. I will get @Endersmens with them though. Eventually.
  20. Based on replies to this topic it appears that somewhere above 914 and below 2395, five dots come in. I'd wager a guess at 1000 or so. It is also so that two dots are evident at 92 posts. We could do a point graph, post count versus dots, and with enough data we could guestimate the threshold.
  21. This is anarchy! Quick, everyone, shun the devolopers who stay in touch with their community. You guys are the best. Any day the devnotes come is a good day. Now let's just hope it doesn't get my schedule all confused.
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