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  1. No, but @Endersmens is gonna come now.
  2. Oho! It is indeed, thanks for reminding me. I like the new thread idea better as well.
  3. I am nearly certain that it's a quote from a movie or show or something. In any case, I think the previous LGG should be put in a spoiler, and the new one taking over the OP.
  4. I wonder what causes the holes shown here. They're quite interesting, almost like raindrops, or smallish meteorites. And the stretched-out tracks are weirder. Maybe there are winds in the atmosphere pushing small clumps around? Whatever it is, the result is awesome.
  5. Ah, the good ol' smack-the-nosecones-together trick! Never fails to make somebody scream. I have approximately eight hours to go. But sundown's early here. P:
  6. Welcome aboard! Glad to see that we still look so friendly from the outside, too.
  7. Also it seems the view count isn't updating on threads. All of the new threads here have 0 views.
  8. That was very weird. For maybe the last 10 or 15 minutes, the reply box was seemingly broken for me, clicking it would do nothing. Nor would clicking the "Reply to Topic" button at the top of the thread. I also could not change account settings, nor edit existing posts. If that was a forum bug, and not just a client-side error, it's pretty serious.
  9. Honestly I've never heard of such an experience before, not that I don't believe it. The KSP community is usually so docile... well, that's not the right word. A forum full of individuals with several hundred tons of steel and explosives sailing through the sky is hardly docile. XD I've (very) rarely seen users acting like you describe. Hopefully it won't happen again, though things like these are often inevitable. It's odd, really, how much some people fail to grasp the concept of etiquette. At 17, it is something I find myself thinking of quite often. I have often found it best to simply leave these folks alone, since encouragement from arguing with them (As heating up an argument seems to be their goal) won't help the problem.
  10. I love how the avatar seems to be dumbfounded by it. XD Definitely a keeper.
  11. Hmm. @steve_v Okay so it seems to be a little dialog box that pops up when you type the @<Something Here> message. Does it go through without a confirmation? Testing: @steve_v EDIT: Looks like a no on the second.
  12. Thanks for the tip, esinohio. Some more fire testing.
  13. /*green reputation pips*/ .ipsPip { font-size: 10px; color: #5f7a47; display: inline-block; } More or less self-explanatory. Other colors you might want to try: 1F9100, 008E3B, 2AC400 EDIT: Or, for bigger circles... /*green reputation pips*/ .ipsPip { font-size: 15px; color: #2A9700; display: inline-block; }
  14. This, the "autosaving" and "quicksaving" messages, and the overlay status messages are the bane of many screenshots. I also support this getting a look at.
  15. I've been doing a bit of personal tweaking, and this is still great. Personally, I'd change this part of your post... To "Please DON'T complain to the forum admins if MY stuff doesn't work with THEIR forum!" Not that the message intention isn't clear, just that it could come off as impolite.
  16. Both the vBulliten version of the forum and this new one do not seem to support transparency on avatars. Is there any particular reason for that?
  17. Oh my! This is wonderful! The excessive amount of vertical space was my largest qualm with the new layout, and this whacks that nail right on the head.
  18. Really? I've been having a much nicer time with the new search engine.
  19. Noticed this as well. It would make updating the group a pain, if not impossible, regardless of being a good or bad thing.
  20. Interesting! Also interesting, hovering over highlighted text brings up a "Quote This" button. Guess what that does.
  21. I used a noise texture hooked up to a color ramp node which was then fed into the diffuse shader, like so:
  22. Okay a few positive observations. The new "conversations" feature is a huge plus, much better than the old PM system. The notifications tab is more useful now, what with message quoting detection. The search tool is MUCH MUCH better. Hopefully the list will grow.
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