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  1. Starwhip's post in RSS-RO save with RP-0, starting probe core is 10x too large. was marked as the answer   
    Solution: Needed to do several things to fix this, and the rest of the save.
    #1, uninstall Ven's Stock Revamp, since the version Realism Overhaul wants is not available and conflicts with ReStock
    #2, install the missing PatchManager
    #3, install the missing TexturesUnlimited
  2. Starwhip's post in Is it safer to land in water now? was marked as the answer   
    Depends on how fast you're going down.
    Water is now safer in general, but it can still be a vicious beast. Experiment a bit. I can't answer for every case.
    EDIT: Department of redundancy department, how can we help you? XD
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