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  1. I have also encountered this in normal IVAs. It depends on where your camera part is facing compared to where you are actually facing, Scatterer seems to draw things from the perspective of the main camera and not take into account RPM cameras.
  2. I listed this as fixed because your report made it sound like the problem was just with the 'c' key. I changed the behavior of the 'c' key. It used to be that typing "c" into a textbox caused the room to activate, now it works like any other hotkey. Additionally, I tested mechjeb. When I open maneuver planner and type in a number when in PCR, no action groups are activated. Your bug report needs more information. I cannot reproduce it. Perhaps the problem is related to the props issue? Like maybe some prop you added which caused things to break also caused keys to not be captured?
  3. No. The best way to accomplish this is currently being investigated.
  4. Bottom left button if using the RPM (non-ASET) screens. You currently need to build ScanSat from the dev branch as noted above (https://github.com/S-C-A-N/SCANsat/tree/dev). I will be looking into this issue shortly. You also need to scan the planet, of course.
  5. Demo video of less glitchy first person walking: Floating (EVA) mode free controls demo video: This mod allows you to control EVA from the perspective of a kerbal. To enter first person mode, press the 'c' key. Additionally, you can disallow external view of both kerbals and regular vessels in the config file. Requirements: None. Download/Source: https://github.com/Virindi-AC/Through-The-Eyes/releases Changelog: -Update for KSP 1.3. -Oops, found a problem with switching kerbals 5
  6. Could you explain exactly what you mean by mouse running? Because different control methods are not ruled out by the way KerbalEVA has been overridden...we could basically do whatever we want, including different modes. FPS style mouselook+turn is quite possible. Edit: New thread:
  7. released. All the above mentioned issues should be fixed. As for DeepFreeze causing you to get stuck "inside the pod", that can still happen...in fact, it can happen with no mod installed but DeepFreeze. This happens when you go IVA then freeze the kerbal who you are viewing; you stay in that IVA but the room disappears. If PCR is enabled and you just froze your last kerbal, you can then start PCR normally...or it would be properly started for you if you have force PCRIVA enabled in the config.
  8. Do you mean that stuff gets highlighted through a RPM camera? Or just stuff that is invisible getting highlighted? I haven't seen this, how can I reproduce? The keypress thing I see the issue, easy fix...unless I am missing something nonobvious.
  9. This happened to me while testing with no other mods enabled. I was able to cause the outside view by doing nothing but going to map view and going back. The mod should be much more robust against that now, but the best way to know is to check I have not yet tried it with DeepFreeze. I am looking at this kind of thing right now. I discovered that it is currently causing glitchy IVA sun behavior...it disables MOVEMENT of the sun in IVA but never reenables it at all. I am also working right now on force disabling vessel labels while in the control room. Oh and by
  10. Added a bunch more fixes to my PR to deal with the stock problems kerbals have when walking in low gravity (it is especially glitchy on steep slopes). If you would rather, I would be happy to take over maintenance of this mod
  11. The map screen works as normal. If you want to disable it, the Through the Eyes mod has an option for that
  12. Since the most recent maintainers seem to have decided not to continue this mod, I have gone ahead and updated it. This mod adds a "Mission Control" IVA to unkerballed vessels. -Supports either standard RasterPropMonitor MFDs or the ASET versions. -Configuration option to force control room only for probe vessels (no external view). Requirements: -Module Manager -RasterPropMonitor -[Optional] ASET Props -***NOTE*** If you are using ScanSat, you currently need the dev version of ScanSat to avoid a problem with RPM displays going unresponsive. ***NO
  13. I suggest the Kerbal Hacks mod. It features "bubble" style replacement helmets to give you a full view of your surroundings without unrealistically removing the helmet entirely.
  14. @Ser When I saw your "G-Effects" mod I had another idea: when in "force iva" mode, and the craft is still initializing, overlay the entire screen with black and some text like "loading". Once IVA is set, remove it. That way, you don't get to magically see the outside of your ship when switching vessels. I'd want it to play nice with probe craft with the probe control room mod as well. That mod is the perfect companion to this one. I was thinking RPM external cameras on probes should go dark in probe control room when your craft does not have a connection, too. Hrm...
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