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  1. I installed the new version and I still dont have the option to turn off nodes, dont know whats going on there, its SHDI plus its dependencies and Aerojet installed on a vanilla KSP .25.....
  2. I have noticed with the skirts its kind of like there's two nodes in there, a top and bottom but its only like half a hair width below it. If yo hold the skirt at the right place you'll notice it swapping between the two, both showing green but its the bottom one you what, if you time it and catch it just right it will separate fine.
  3. Maybe I missed something but I still get the skirt not separating issue. I've gone over my install several times and I have everything, including SDHI and all its dependencies but I don't have the option when I right-click in the VAB to turn off nodes. EDIT: I should note, .25 32bit.
  4. You can do a pretty close Delta IV/Heavy with the KSLO pack. I did a mock EFT-1 flight with that and SDHI/Aerojet Kerbodyne.
  5. Ok I'll give that a shot thanks!
  6. Getting a consistent crash upon loading a save or starting a new game with FASA 4.96 installed on .24x64. https://www.dropbox.com/s/13t6zu97ngl59fm/output_log_FASA.txt EDIT: Removing FASA loads just fine, only other mod is DebRefund.
  7. How about the faring that was used on the modified Saturn V for the Skylab launch?
  8. First I want to state that I love your Saturn 5, the S5 has always been one of my favorite rockets in history and its fun to fly it! My only issue is that it seams that the engines overheat a bit too quickly, especially the J2s on the SII stage, F1s on the S1C aren't too bad.
  9. Great work so far brother, I love it! Been waiting for a good S5 for KSP and thus is looking great!
  10. Whats he supposed to do, paint it purple?
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